Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 163

Chapter 163
“Help my son! He’s losing a lot of blood!” Levi’s father suddenly yelled,
breaking all of them out of their trance.
Anastasia immediately ran towards Levi and began chanting an incantation.
“Help Daniel too. He’s not waking up!” Heather yelled with tears rolling down

her cheeks as she tapped his cheek repeatedly but he wasn’t responding.
The Queen of witches immediately came running forward and began chanting
an incantation as well.
As Zane glanced around, he noticed there were a lot of them that were dead
while few were just injured. He was sure Anastasia and The Queen of witches

wouldn’t be able to attend to all of them at once.
“I’ve managed to stop the bleeding and I’ve given him some of my strength.
We need to get him to the hospital immediately, there’s not much time” She
muttered and Levi’s father nodded before bringing out his phone to call an
As soon as Anastasia saw Zane trying to stand, she ran up to help him.
“You are bleeding as well. Stay still so I can…” But he just swatted her hand
“I need to find Kiara. She… she must be waiting for me to come get her” He
muttered as he took slow strenuous steps towards the forest.
“At least, let me help you with the pain so you can…”

“No, I can’t waste another second. She’s waiting for me and I have to tell her
that we won” He muttered as a small smile appeared on his face.
Finally, everything would return back to normal and he would get married to
Kiara and crown her as his Luna.
Anastasia sighed as she watched him then she rolled her eyes before placing
his arm over her shoulders.

“You’re not going to get anywhere if you walk this slow. I’ll be back soon,
Queen mother. Please help the others” The Queen of witches nodded then left
Daniel and ran over to help the others while Anastasia and Zane walked into
the forest.

“Kiara!” He called out her name as he glanced around. Where could she be?
He was about to turn towards a corner when he caught sight of something far
ahead. He squinted his eyes as he walked closer and when he saw who it

was, he removed his arm from around Anastasia’s shoulders as he limped
towards Kiara’s lifeless body on the ground.
He was breathing so loudly that that was the only thing he could hear.
“My love!” He called out as his legs gave out and he fell to the ground.
Anastasia gasped as she ran forward to help him but he pushed her away as
he crawled towards Kiara.

As soon as he was close enough, he gathered her in his arms. He immediately
checked if she was breathing and when he heard her faint heartbeat, he
turned to Anastasia with wide eyes.
“Help her out now, heal her if you must!” he yelled and Anastasia sighed as
she walked over.

“I can only stop the bleeding and preserve her…”
“Hurry up Dammit! My love? Answer me!” He muttered frantically as he tapped
her cheek continuously but he got no response back.
“We need to get her back to where the others are before the ambulance
arrives. Give her to me, I’ll carry her. You are not in the position to carry her”
Zane shook his head as he stood up with Kiara in his arms.

“She needs me, she needs to feel my presence so she’ll know I’m here so I’m
not letting anyone touch her” He murmured as he began to walk away.
Even though his whole body ached, the fear of losing Kiara was all he could
think about and it couldn’t let that happen.
“Please don’t leave me, My love”

As soon as they got to the hospital, Levi, Daniel and Kiara were rushed to the
emergency ward while Heather went for a maternity check up.

They couldn’t get Zane away from Kiara so they allowed him to have his
treatment in the same room but at the farthest corner because even though he
wasn’t showing it, his wounds were far worse than hers and he needed
emergency attention as well but he couldn’t stop staring over at Kiara.

“Please Alpha, we need to treat you and close up your wound immediately”
The head Doctor said in a warning tone and even after that, Zane didn’t
comply so they shot him with a dose of Anesthesia but one dose wasn’t
enough to keep him down so they used Three.
Zane’s eyes fluttered open then he glanced down and saw that his whole
abdomen was covered with bandages including his arm and his back.
He almost gave himself a whiplash with how fast he turned to glance at Kiara’s
side of the hospital room.

“Kiara?” He called out her name as he tried to get out of the bed but Anastasia
immediately stopped him.
“The doctor told me not to let you get out of bed yet. Your wounds aren’t
totally healed but with how injured you are, you shouldn’t even be awake so
early” Zane reluctantly turned towards her.
“How long have I been unconscious?”
“Three days” His eyes widened slightly.

“And the others? Daniel?” Anastasia sighed.
“Levi is the only one that has woken up. Luckily, Liam hadn’t yanked out any of
his organs so his injury isn’t that vital compared to yours and Daniel’s. While
Daniel, He’s in a coma but the doctors are watching over him 24/7. His Injuries
were the worst and since the dagger took most of his energy…. The doctor
said he has 50% of waking up” Zane gasped as he stared at her with wide

“What?” Anastasia grabbed onto his hand.
“Don’t worry, Daniel is strong so I’m sure he’s going to pull through and I’m
going to try my best to help him out” Zane stared at her with a frown then
slowly turned towards Kiara again.
“What about Kiara? Did she wake up? Is she in a coma?” Anastasia frowned.
“About her, the…” Just then, the doctor walked into the room and smiled when
he saw Zane was awake.

“I knew you would be okay, Alpha” He muttered as he walked closer to his
bed but Zane totally ignored him as he stared at Anastasia.
“What were you going to say about Kiara?” He urged her.

“I’ll tell you” The doctor uttered then let out a sigh as if dreading Zane’s
reaction to what he was about to say.
“Spit out Damnit! What’s wrong with her?!” The doctor gulped.
“Miss Hart is pregnant” Zane’s eyes widened as his mouth fell open in shock.
“What? How? When? That… that can’t be. I would have heard the heartbeat!”
Zane felt like he was losing his mind. Kiara was pregnant?

“Believe it or not, she’s three and a half weeks pregnant. I’m not sure she
knew as well because she would have never let herself be stabbed in the
stomach twice and because of that stab, her pregnancy is in a fatal state I’m
afraid to say” Zane froze.

“What… what is that supposed to mean?” The doctor’s face immediately
turned pitiful.
“One of them has to die. The mother or the child, both can’t survive it. I’m
sorry, Alpha”…

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