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An Understated Dominance Chapter 1540 by Marina Vittori

The most important thing was to find Donovan and ask him about the truth behind what had happened. “Mr. Shaffer, you should rest up since you’ve just woken up. If there’s anything you need, just tell me any time.” Dustin helped Cinna lie back on the bed. “Your Highness!” Cinna suddenly grabbed Dustin’s arm. He […]


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An Understated Dominance Chapter 1539 by Marina Vittori

“Donovan Linsor?” Dustin frowned when he heard the name. “That name sounds familiar. Who is he?” “You might not be familiar with Donovan Linsor, but I’m sure you know the Prince of Carsonne, Your Highness, “Cinna said solemnly. “So it was him!” Dustin saw red. The Prince of Carsonne, or Donovan Linsor, was the King’s younger


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An Understated Dominance Chapter 1538 by Marina Vittori

“What are you doing, Mr. Shaffer? There is no need for such formalities! Please get up!” Dustin quickly helped Cinna up from his knees. “Your Highness, it was my mistake for failing to protect you and the Princess Consort. I am ready to receive my punishment!” Tears rolled down Cinna’s face. “Mr. Shaffer, what are


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An Understated Dominance Chapter 1537 by Marina Vittori

“He’s awake! He’s awake! Mr. Shaffer’s awake!” Brooke was so ecstatic that he cried tears of joy when he saw Cinna open his eyes. It had been ten years. Ten whole years! The person that he’d been watching over had finally come around! It was a pure joy that was simply indescribable. “Thank god everything


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An Understated Dominance Chapter 1536 by Marina Vittori

“Do you smell that, Max?” Brooke seemed to sense something, and he took a deep breath. “You mean the herbal scent?” Maximus tilted his head curiously. “It’s been there all along, hasn’t it? What’s wrong?” “No, it’s different now. It’s quite special.” Brooke went up to the door of the alchemy room. Then, he crouched


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An Understated Dominance Chapter 1535 by Marina Vittori

Upon returning to the villa, Dustin began to make the necessary preparations. He had finally gathered all three precious herbs needed. The rest of the supplementary herbs were prepared beforehand. Next, it was time for the most crucial step-producing Sanctifix. “Maximus, I’ll be locked up in there for a day. You need to keep watch vigilantly.


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The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 121-123

Chapter 121 Walk to the basement of the human infirmary building, you will find a bookcase and behind the biggest book you can find, lies a keyhole, use it to enter and you will find the place where I used to make the anti–poison potion‘ These are the words that Abel said. Following the instructions, I found the bookcase and also the keyhole behind the biggest book he mentioned. Click! CREAAAAKKK…. The door opened as I pushed it and gasped at the smell coming from inside the secret room. ‘This smell‘ I thought and kept my nose covered to avoid smelling the strange odour. ‘Gwen… it’s wolfsbane… be careful…‘ Destine warned me and I nodded my head while covering my nose with my arm. How did she create that wolfsbane–smelling air? What will happen if I breathe it in? Abel’s curse keeps him from leaving the forest, if only he could be here, I could ask him everything. HOWL!!! Gasping in shock, I quickly looked towards the door knowing that they were on their way home! SH*T!!! I’m not done yet?! I hurriedly walked out of the room and hoped not to leave any traces. Closing the secret door behind me, I pocketed the key I got from Abel so that one day I could explore this room further. SHIT, does that mean I have to sacrifice my mate again?! UGH… I hate this situation!!! Alexa, Kurt and the others ran towards me, and in one movement my body was lifted easily by Alexa who jumped off the building into my hospital room. 1/4 10-311 The Alpha King’s Fated Mate Glancing back and seeing the movement of the nurses, it seems that their sleeping potions have begun to wear off as well. That was why Alexa was carrying me back to my hospital room. Melissa quickly nodded her head as she saw me asleep in my bed before she used her magic to make herself disappear. Yes, it seems that we were very careful about our movements, knowing that Doctor Wendy was not just anybody and we had to be careful so that she wouldn’t get suspicious. Fifteen minutes later Titus entered the room with an annoyed look, and with three big steps, he hugged me tightly while inhaling my smell from my neck Smiling in satisfaction at my mate’s reaction, I patted his back softly “I’m sorry, you must have suffered a lot” I said softly but he kept his arms around me and didn’t let go. Knowing that he was in a lot of pain and hated himself, I hugged him back and for a moment we were like two people who hadn’t seen each other in a long time who kept giving each other big hugs. “I’m sorry” I whispered softly while continuing to hug him. Yes, I couldn’t imagine how he managed to pretend to be interested in someone else when his mate was clearly in front of him. He’s a great artiste, I thought as I continued to stroke his head and soothe the wolf king who was in a state of sadness and disappointment. We were in that position for quite some time, until he frowned and realised that my smell was slightly different. I giggled “You’ve been sniffing me, how come you only realised now?” I teased and he just shrugged. “Did you find it?” He asked hopefully, I could tell he wanted to tell everyone that I wasn’t his sister, but his fated mate, but it couldn’t be done yet. gave him a sweet smile and he just rolled his eyes playfully. “I mean it babe, I hate having to pretend. You know that” He sighed and I kissed him. Putting my right hand on his cheek, I looked at his face seriously “I know you hate it, but we have to do it, I’ve found the secret room… the smell you smell is coming from it” I said softly and he just closed his eyes while leaning his check in my hand.


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The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 111-120

Chapter 111 Still Rolf Titus Point of View: “Hello, there…” I looked over and saw her standing next to me with a smile on her face. “Doctor Wendy, hi, I didn’t expect to see you here” I feigned surprise and moved so that she could sit next to me. He nodded and then unhesitatingly sat down next to me. Wolf who growled in annoyance that a woman approached me made me have to restrain myself so as not to look like a person who doesn’t like being approached by women, like someone who has found his mate. Yes, we are currently hiding the fact that Gwen is my mate from this female doctor beside me. “Are you out for patient control?” I question her in an attempt to look friendly. She nodded “Yes, the other 2 patients who came with you also had a bad experience with wolfsbane poison” She replied with at sigh and leaned herself on the chair. “What about Gwen?” I asked curiously, wanting to know what she thought of my mate. She looked at me before surprisingly touching my palm “Your sister… It’s a bit difficult.” My heart skipped a beat at that… What does she mean by serious? Staring at her solemnly, I waited for her to explain further with full attention. Knowing my gaze was riveted on her, she gave a small smile The Alpha King’s Eated Mate +5 vouchers “The blood test results show that 30% of the poison has been mixed in her body, so she needs dialysis and special antibiotics to be able to clear the poison” Yes, I know about that…. “But, it can be cured, right?” I wanted to hear that she was able to restore my mate’s health back to normal. She nodded her head “It’s difficult but with time it will be possible, we already have the wolfsbane anti–toxin that has started to be given to her, that’s one of the reasons her body is weakening and vomiting due to the side effects of the anti–toxin we gave her.” They’ve given her anti–toxin?! Why didn’t I know this? “I thought my sister was still being examined and treated with antibiotics, didn’t realize that the antitoxin had been given to her” I commented calmly and tried not to be annoyed that they had given her something without explaining it to me or her parents first. The female doctor just smiled “All patients who are sent here must be due to poison and the anti–toxin treatment is definitely given, it’s just that the dosage will be adjusted according to the severity of the poison in the patient’s body.” “I see” I commented quietly but I seemed to understand why Alpha Blake was checking on him. “I heard that you’ll be the one waiting here when your parents return to the territory tomorrow?” She inquired softly with her hand still touching me. Damn, how can I break away from his touch?! I nodded my head “Yes, because an Alpha cannot leave his position for too long, so…” I shrugged as if it was obvious and he would understand. 44 “Your mate doesn’t m ו זייוי. Why would she want to know that vous! Wall scoffed rudely pipop Can’t you see that she’s interest at my head and Didn’t she used to have a mater How can she survive after her mate is gone and be able to seduce another male werewolf so blatantly? I cleared my throat “I don’t have a mate yet” I said the words like I was drinking vinegar which made my wolf very angry. Ugh… I don’t like this. “But you’re going to be Alpha in place of your father later?” Huh? Why does she want to know that? “No, Rick will replace my father, right now he is the one who takes care of the affairs in our territory while we are here” I said which was not a complete lie because Gwen’s first brother was really named Rick. She giggled as if something was funny “So you’re soon to be the Beta… This is my first time meeting high ranking werewolves. like you.”


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The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 91-100

Chapter 91Blinked..I leaned against the headboard when I woke up.What was that dream? Why did I have such a strange dream? And what about that wolf?Me? A wolf? O G*d.. What happened in my head, why did I dream such a thing?I hurriedly shook my head at the thought because it was so ridiculous.Did I


The Alpha King’s Fated Mate By Yui Ismutomo Chapter 91-100 Read More »

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