Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 164

Chapter 164
The silence was deafening as Zane stared at the doctor.
“What did you just say?” Zane uttered slowly. Anastasia cleared her throat
then turned to the doctor.
“Thank you, I’ll handle it from here” The doctor bowed his head and hurriedly
walked out of the room while she turned back to Zane.

“Zane, calm down” He stared at her like she had grown two heads.
“Calm down? Do you know the severity of what the doctor just said? Kiara
can’t find out about this. She’s… she can’t…”
“Breathe Zane. She has to have a say in this” Zane shook his head.

“If… if the doctor kills the baby before she wakes up then…”
“Zane, think about what you’re saying”
“I can’t lose her Anastasia. I’d do anything to save her even if it means giving
up our child but Kiara will never give up on our child. She would rather die than
let another child die and I can’t let that happen, Anastasia. We have to kill the

baby before she wakes up” Anastasia sighed as she sat down on the bed.
“I know how you feel but you and Kiara have to sit down and talk about this.
How do you think she’s going to feel when she finds out you killed her child
again?” Zane frowned.
“What?” She sighed.

“That’s what she’s going to think and this time, she might not just forgive you.
You guys need to have the talk together, okay?” The frown on Zane’s face
He opened his mouth to say something but at that moment, Heather walked
into the room.
As soon as she saw him, her eyes widened.

“You… you’re awake” She uttered as she walked closer to him. His eyes
trailed down her body and he could see that everything that was happening
was taking a toll on her.
She had gotten so thin compared to the last time he saw her and she had tired
lines on her forehead. Her eyes were swollen as well which meant she had
been crying.

“I’m glad you’re awake. Kiara would be happy about that when she wakes up”
He just kept staring at her without saying anything which made her sigh.
She smiled slightly at Anastasia before turning around.

“Take care of yourself. You won’t want Kiara or Daniel to see you this way
when they wake up” Zane uttered, making her halt in her steps.
She turned around and he wasn’t even looking at her which made her smile.
She bowed her head at him then walked over to Kiara’s bed and sat down
next to her.

“She comes over to watch over Kiara in the morning, goes over to chat with
Levi at noon then at night, she stays beside Daniel till the next day and repeats
the same cycle. Sometimes I hear her cry especially when she’s with Daniel
so maybe you shouldn’t make her feel like everything was her fault” Zane
turned harshly towards Anastasia.
“But it was her fault,” She sighed.

“Imagine if Kiara had been the monster, you literally would have killed
everyone for her” He pouted.
“You can’t use that logic against me. My love for Kiara is different from her
love for Liam” Anastasia tilted her head.
“Why do you think so?” He scoffed.

“Because she’s in love with Daniel and Liam,” Anastasia smiled.
“Still, she was in love with Liam and that’s why she believed he was still good.
Love is a powerful thing Zane, you of all people should know that” He stared
at Anastasia for a while then sighed.

“Still, I can’t forgive her for what happened, especially to Daniel. Let’s forget
about her, I need to think about my predicament right now” He muttered as he
turned away from Anastasia which made her sigh.
She knew that was his way of dismissing her so she stood up, bowed her
head before walking to Kiara and Heather.

She glanced down at Kiara and smiled at how peaceful she looked. If only she
knew what was going on right now.
“She’s going to wake up soon, right?” Heather suddenly asked in a small
Anastasia turned to Heather then placed her hand on her shoulder.
“Yes she will, she has to. As long as you and Zane are waiting for her, she’s
going to wake up” Heather smiled slightly then leaned closer and placed a kiss
on her forehead.

“I should have never left her alone” Heather murmured which made Anastasia
“Don’t say that. Kiara would have done everything to protect you especially
since you’re with child”

“But she’s with child as well” Heather muttered as she turned to Anastasia with
tears streaming down her cheeks. Anastasia’s eyes widened.
“You heard” Heather nodded then turned back to Kiara and grabbed her hand.
“How did none of us know? I should have protected her. I should have…”
“Let’s not think about what we should have done because that can’t be

changed now. Let’s just think about how we are going to break the news to
her when she wakes up” Anastasia murmured and Heather sighed.
“Zane’s right, she’s not going to want to give up the baby. Maybe we should
just get rid of it before she wakes up. We’ll just tell her that the baby died due
to the stabs” Anastasia sighed.

“I know you are both worried about Kiara but you both should also think about
her feelings. You were there when she lost her first child, weren’t you? How

do you think she’s going to take the news that she lost another child without
her knowing?” Heather frowned then sighed as she glanced down at Kiara.
“You are right. We can’t do that to her” Just then, the hospital door opened up
and Levi walked in with his brothers and father behind him.

He glanced at Kiara’s bed before turning to Zane then he let out a smile.
“I have to say it does feel good to see your grumpy face dear cousin” Zane
glared at him.
“I don’t have a grumpy face and I’m not your cousin”…

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