Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 165

Chapter 165
Levi then walked over to Kiara’s bed and placed his hand on Heather’s
“How is she?” He questioned softly which made Heather sigh.
“She hasn’t made any move yet. I hope she wakes up soon” He nodded.
“We all hope so”
“Is there a reason you brought your entourage with you?” Zane suddenly said
as he stared at Levi’s father and brothers. He could see that Levi’s brothers
had obtained some minor injuries.

“They won’t leave me alone and they said the only way they’d let me come
here is if they followed me so here we are” Levi muttered as he scratch the
back of his head awkwardly.

It wasn’t awkward for his brothers to be this concerned about him but it was
very strange to see his father this worried. He had been so reluctant to let Levi
get up from the bed earlier.
“Do you have a problem with us following him?” Levi’s father uttered as he
turned to Zane with raised eyebrow.

“No, I just have a problem with your face” Levi’s father scowled while the rest
of them tried their hardest not to laugh.
“How dare you be so rude to me?” Zane stared at him with an amused smile
on his face.
“Oh? And what are you going to do to me, old man?” Anastasia sighed.
“Can you both cut it out? Now is not that time for that” Levi’s father and Zane
scoffed while Levi chuckled.

“Don’t worry, Father. Zane is rude to everyone except Kiara so don’t worry
about it” Levi’s father just rolled his eyes before walking out of the room.
“Finally” Sebastian muttered as he heaved a sigh of relief. Levi raised an
eyebrow at him and he shrugged.
“What? Just because you’re not scared of him anymore doesn’t mean we
aren’t. That old man is still a menace” Sebastian added and Lucien and Levi

Even though their father was trying to act like a father now especially to Levi,
it wasn’t that easy for them to forgive him but Levi decided to tolerate him for
the sake of his own sanity.

“Can you all leave? I would like to be alone with Kiara” Zane suddenly uttered,
turning their attention to him. He swung his legs off the bed then yanked out
the syringe on his hand before walking towards Kiara’s bed.
Anastasia gasped as soon as she saw that then she walked towards him with
a stern look on her face.

“The doctor said you weren’t allowed to leave the bed and why would you
yank out the syringe?! It….”
“Please Anastasia. Now is not the time for your lecture. I’ll rest later and they
can stick whatever they want in me but right now, I just want to be near Kiara”
He murmured then walked past her.

Heather and Levi immediately got out of his way then watched as he sat down
on the bed and immediately grabbed her hand.

“We’ll leave you two alone but Zane? Try and get some rest and oh, maybe
try to visit Daniel later. I’m sure he would like to hear your voice even if he’s in
a coma” Anastasia muttered and got no reply back but she knew Zane had
heard her.

After they had all gone, Zane sighed as he stared up at the ceiling.
“I’m so worried about you, my love. Everyone might think that this situation
doesn’t hurt me as much but it really does. I would rather you give birth to our
child and stay alive but if the only option to keep you alive is to get rid of the
baby then… I know it makes me a bad father but I can’t lose you. I’d rather
lose anything than lose you” He murmured then leaned down and placed a kiss
on her forehead then the tip of her nose and her lips.

“I know when you hear about this, you’re going to be heartbroken and you
have every right to be because I know going through the same thing that
happened before would literally break you and I don’t want that to happen but
there’s nothing I can do to help because at the end of the day, you’re the one

carrying the baby, not me. All I can do is be by your side every step of the
way and I’m always going to be by your side no matter what” He muttered
then sighed before frowning.

“A perfect family was something you and I always dreamt of but why is it so
hard for us to get? Is it because of me? I’m I being punished? If I’m being
punished then please leave Kiara out of this moon goddess, because she has
been through a lot already” Tears rolled down his cheeks before he realized it.
He sighed as he wiped it away then turned to Kiara and gasped when he saw
tears rolling Down the corner of her eyes even though they were closed.

“Kiara?” He called out as he grabbed her face but he got no reply in return. It
was like her subconscious could hear him but she still wasn’t awake.
He immediately called the doctor in to check up on her and the doctor told him
it was normal and even if her subconscious could hear him, when she woke
up, she wouldn’t remember a thing.

“And I do suggest you talk to her more often because it seems you’re
connected to her emotionally and you talking to her should wake her up faster”
Zane nodded and the doctor walked out of the room, Leaving him, Anastasia
and Heather there with Kiara. Levi had gone back to his room to rest.
“Maybe you should take a break and go visit Daniel?” Anastasia uttered when
she saw the tear stain on his face.

Zane was about to refuse but then he decided it was a good idea to walk off
the emotion he was feeling right now before he combust.
He leaned closer to Kiara and placed a kiss on her lips.
“I’ll be right back, okay?” He murmured then kissed off the tears at the side of
her eyes before turning to Kiara’s stomach.

He hesitated before placing his hand on her stomach.
“Papa is sorry once again”…

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