Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 166

Chapter 166
Zane frowned as he walked into Daniel’s hospital room. A tube was attached
to him and a lot of beeping sounds could be heard.
Daniel’s whole body was bandaged up including his face and his situation
looked critical.

Zane walked up to his bed and as soon as he sat down, Heather walked into
the room, closing the door behind her.
“I don’t mean to disturb you, I just… the doctor said I should monitor the
machine” She muttered as she walked over to the machine then she sighed
before turning to Daniel and covering him properly with the blanket while Zane
watched her quietly.

“What game are you playing at, Heather?” He questioned as she was about to
walk away. She paused then let out a sigh.
“I really don’t want to…”

“Why are you checking up on him? A few days ago, you seem repulsed by his
existence” She bit her lower lip as she clenched her fist.
“That’s not it, I…”
“Now that Liam is gone, you think you can just fall back on Daniel, huh?” She
scoffed as she turned to Zane with tears streaming down her cheeks.

“I know you don’t like me but I’d never stoop so low, Zane. I blame myself for
what happened and I blame myself for putting Daniel in this position and that’s
why I’m trying to make up for it. I don’t even expect him to forgive me but for
my own sanity, I have to atone for my sins. Did you ever think about how hard
this is for me? I lost the love of my life and potentially the father of my unborn
child and I can’t mourn him or say anything about him because of everything he
did so please Zane, please don’t make me feel worse than I already feel” She
muttered then wiped away the tears as she sniffled.

Zane could see that she has a lot of pent up feelings in her which made him
“Daniel is like my brother, he is my brother and the best is what I want for him
and no matter what happens, I won’t let him get back together with you, trust
me on that” Heather scoffed as she stared at Zane in disbelief.

“Did you ever ask yourself why I didn’t choose Daniel despite the fact that I
loved him more than Liam in the beginning? It’s because he hurt me, Zane. He
never cared about my feelings and I never felt loved when I was with him.
Then he went along to tell me that he left me because he thought he was in
love with my best friend” Zane furrowed his eyebrows as he slowly stood up
from the bed.

“He fell in love with who?” Heather’s eyes widened slightly but before she
could say anything, Anastasia barged into the room with wide eyes.
“She’s awake! And she’s asking for you, Zane!” Zane’s eyes widened and
without wasting a second, he dashed out of the room as he ran towards
Kiara’s hospital room.

As soon as he laid his eyes on her, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off
his shoulders as his heart swelled with happiness.
He stood there for a while, just admiring how beautiful she was till her soft
angelic voice called out his name.

“Zane?” A bright smile appeared on his face as he ran towards her and
wrapped his arms around her tightly.
“Oh my love, I missed you so much” He pulled back then began peppering her
face with kisses while she giggled.
“That’s enough, Zane” She Murmured and he sighed before pulling away. He
stared at her for a while then placed a kiss on her cheek.
“We won, my love” Her eyes immediately brightened.

“Really? Liam is dead? How’s everyone? Where’s Levi? Daniel?” She
questioned as she glanced around.
“Yes, Liam is dead and Levi is okay but he must be resting right now. As for

Daniel, he’s in a coma but we believe he’ll wake up soon” Kiara heaved a sigh
of relief then turned to Heather with a smile before her eyes trailed down to
Heather’s stomach.
“And the baby? I hope it’s doing okay?” She questioned and Heather nodded
slowly with a tight smile.
“It’s doing great. It’s healthy” Kiara grinned.

“That’s good to hear” Anastasia suddenly cleared her throat as she stepped

“Maybe it’s time you tell her….”
“She just fucking woke up, Anastasia. That can wait” Anastasia sighed.
“You know it can’t. You both have to make a decision and…”
“Shut the fuck up, Anastasia” Zane thundered as he glared at Anastasia with
red eyes, immediately shutting her up. The room became quiet and even the
doctor that had been checking Kiara’s vitals, froze up.
“Tell me what, Zane. What’s going on? Is something wrong with me?” She
questioned and he flashed her a fake smile before shaking his head.

“It’s nothing, my love. Don’t worry about it” She frowned.
“That didn’t sound like nothing, Zane. Tell me what the problem is” Zane
“Kiara, Please…”
“Heather? Anastasia? Doctor? Anyone? fucking tell me what’s going on!” She
yelled as she stared at them with wide eyes.
“Miss Hart…”
“I’ll tell her myself” Zane muttered then grabbed Kiara’s hand and stared
intently into her eyes.
“Baby, what I’m about to say must be hard to hear but… you’re pregnant”
Kiara’s breath hitched as she stared at Zane with wide eyes.

“You… you can’t be serious. That’s… that’s not true, I would have known!”
She yelled in shock and fear.

“Calm down my love, we are all as shocked as you but the doctor told us
you’re three weeks pregnant” Kiara immediately bursted out crying as she
yanked her out of Zane’s hold so she could rest her hand on her stomach.

“Samantha had stabbed my stomach, Zane! If I had known, I wouldn’t have…”
Zane immediately wrapped his arms around her and she cried bitterly on his
shoulders. He hadn’t even gotten to the worse part yet.
“Is our baby healthy, Zane? Can I… will I be a mother now? Why do I feel like
something is wrong?” Her voice sounded so broken that Zane began to cry
silently and so did Heather and Anastasia. He was even having a hard time
saying what he needed to say. Why was this happening to them?

“I’m so sorry, my love. This is not your fault or anyone’s fault but…”
“Please Zane, just… is our baby dead?” She murmured as she fisted his
hospital gown tightly, dreading what he was about to say.
“The doctor said that because of the way you were stabbed, your pregnancy
is in a fatal state. That means you and the baby can’t both survive, either you
or the baby have to die” He felt her tense up in his arms and he tightened his
arms around her, hoping to give her comfort.

“How many percent?” Zane furrowed his eyebrows.
“I don’t…”
“How many percent chance can I and the baby both survive?” Zane pulled
away as he stared at Kiara with wide eyes. Her once joyful face had turned
into one filled with sorrow but in her eyes were determination and that feared
him more than anything.
“Kiara, I don’t think…”

“I’m not giving up on this child, Zane. Even if there’s a five percent chance of
us getting out of this alive together, I’ll take it because there’s no way I’m

giving up my baby. I’d rather die as well”…

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