Mistaken Match: Marrying the Enigmatic CEO (Emmanuel Lowe )

Mistaken Match: Marrying the Enigmatic CEO (Emmanuel Lowe ) Chapter 40

Chapter 40 “I got it. Why are you so long–winded when you’re a man?” admonished Mackenzie icily. After she ended her sentence, she felt it took quite a long time to calm herself down. I must admit, life after marriage vastly differs from a single life. It seems like it’ll take me some time to get used to living with another person. The next day was Sunday, yet she still left the house at half past six in the morning. For a workaholic, there were basically no rest days or holidays, only work days. Sitting in her office, she used her phone to check the surveillance footage instead of dealing with her matters hurriedly as she always did. The edges of her lips curved upward when she thought about how Emmanuel didn’t know she could monitor everything that happened in the house. I want to see what he’s doing when I’m not around. Unbeknownst to her, Beatrix just happened to have arrived outside her office, secretly watching her. “D*mn it! I knew that man was unreliable!” Suddenly, Mackenzie slapped her hand on the table because she saw him washing her pants by hand. He told me he would let the washing machine […]

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Mistaken Match: Marrying the Enigmatic CEO (Emmanuel Lowe ) Chapter 39

Chapter 39 “To help you wash them, of course!” stated Emmanuel. While he and Mackenzie didn’t have a lot of romantic feelings for each other, and their personalities were incongruent, he still felt compelled to obey his mother and take good care of his wife. She may be a disciplined and hard–working woman at her job, but she doesn’t know how to care for herself. I’ve realized that after living with her for a few days. The fact that she has gastric issues despite her young age is proof! “You’re helping me wash them?” Mackenzie was stunned for a moment before she sneered, “Are you joking? Why should I let a man do my laundry? Who knows what kind of perverted things you’ll do with them?”  I can’t believe she thinks like that. In response, Emmanuel couldn’t help but remark, “Do you seriously think your dirty clothing is some kind of treasure? I’m a gynecologist, so I’ve seen vaginal discharge, pee, and even feces stuck on women’s clothing before. Which one do you think is a treasure?” “You!” She felt offended. After all, she was an admired figure who men would feel honored even to touch or take in her body fragrance. Yet Emmanuel made her sound like she was dirty and

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Mistaken Match: Marrying the Enigmatic CEO (Emmanuel Lowe ) Chapter 38

Chapter 38  “What’s the matter? Are you going to check up on me from now on, Ms. Quillen?” Emmanuel casually joked. After all, Mackenzie had never asked him where he had gone in the past. Mackenzie clenched her fists involuntarily, but she released them the next moment and said with a grim smile, “I don’t have time to check on you. I just wanted to let you know that you are not permitted to return home after eleven in the future, even if you are dating another woman. Otherwise, just don’t come back! Understand?” Emmanuel found it odd as he nodded. Why do I keep feeling that she meant something else? But I didn’t go out with any woman tonight! Mackenzie felt even more upset when she saw that he made an excuse to avoid answering her question. It looks like this man is truly hiding something from me. Sure enough, men are trash. They are primitive animals that can’t control their lower body! However, after having that thought, she felt that it was not right. Although he’s having an emotional affair, he hasn’t done so physically, so he’s not considered a failure to control his lower body. Even if I wish to expose him in front of Grandpa, I don’t have any evidence at the moment. Ding! Ding! Just then, Mackenzie received a few messages on her phone. She a**umed it was for work, so she took out her phone without any hesitation.

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Mistaken Match: Marrying the Enigmatic CEO (Emmanuel Lowe ) Chapter 37

Chapter 37 “What? Where did you go just now?” Mackenzie inquired casually after noticing her sister had disappeared for a while. “Hehe! I went to help you spy on a cheating husband, of course!” “What?” Mackenzie frowned, and her gaze instantly became icy cold. When Beatrix saw her sister’s reaction, she appeared scared on the outside, but she was ecstatic on the inside. The stronger her reaction, the more important that man is to her! If it were any other man, Mackenzie would not be bothered to spare them a glance even if he was hooking up with other women in public, let alone show any expression. What exactly is that man capable of? I can’t believe he can make my sister care about him. However, to Beatrix’s disappointment, Mackenzie merely frowned for a second before walking away with an expression of indifference. On the contrary, the former pouted, thinking it was not fun, and ran after her. “Mackenzie, are you just going to condone that man’s behavior?” Mackenzie pretended to find it funny. “We agreed when we married that it was all

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Mistaken Match: Marrying the Enigmatic CEO (Emmanuel Lowe ) Chapter 36

Chapter 36 “Ms. Beatrix, we should keep a distance from each other and maintain the boundaries with the opposite gender. Where are you bringing me?” Finally, Emmanuel couldn’t stand it anymore and shoved her away. He was utterly confounded. How did she know me? “How could you possibly utter such a vile statement?” Beatrix jeered, her voice dripping with disdain. “It’s nothing short of repulsive!” To Beatrix, physical appearance was of the utmost importance when selecting a partner. She thought Emmanuel was attractive, and she had also learned about his valorous accomplishment from Mackenzie. Mackenzie had relayed to her that Emmanuel’s swift action enabled the Terence Group’s project to continue moving forward without a hitch. These factors combined to give her a very positive impression of him. However, when she saw him flirting with Roselynn behind her sister’s back a while ago, her favorable impression of him disappeared into thin air. Earlier, she showed up to help Emmanuel upon receiving Lexi’s report as he was Mackenzie’s husband. “What are you talking about?” Emmanuel asked with a frown. He was asking her to make herself clear. “What else? You’re married, right? How could you even think of flirting with someone else behind your wife’s

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Mistaken Match: Marrying the Enigmatic CEO (Emmanuel Lowe ) Chapter 35

Mistaken Match: Marrying the Enigmatic CEO (Emmanuel Lowe ) Chapter 35 Chapter 35 Those who laughed and enjoyed Emmanuel’s misfortune earlier felt their cheeks heat up in embarra**ment. None of them knew that the man who looked shabby was, in fact, part of the Quillen family. When did the Quillen family have a man among them? Milani’s mind had gone blank, while Chase dared not utter a word. Even Claudette couldn’t hide her shock. Emmanuel has joined the Quillen family? Does he work for them? Or has he become a live–in son–in–law? Despite being the center of attention, Emmanuel was confused as he didn’t know who Beatrix was. Adam hastily explained, “Ms. Beatrix, I am deeply sorry for my error. I had absolutely no idea that this man was your personal guest, nor did I know he was a member of the esteemed

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Mistaken Match: Marrying the Enigmatic CEO (Emmanuel Lowe ) Chapter 34

Chapter 34 Chase stood silently, his expression betraying a hint of smugness as he watched Emmanuel being encircled by a group of bodyguards. Milani was inwardly delighted. Emmanuel, this should show you your place. Who are you to even think that you want to marry me? We’re from two different worlds. Keegan puffed his chest up, sending a clear message to all present that anyone who attempted to snatch his significant other away from him would result in dire consequences. To their surprise, Emmanuel remained calm and unfazed. He had no interest in status and prestige at all, so he didn’t find this situation humiliating. Confident in the knowledge that he had done nothing wrong, he was not concerned with the potential of being falsely accused. However, many people a**umed he was scared senseless as he said nothing. The bodyguards were about to take action when an icy voice resonated around the hall. “Wait! Who in the world would dare to kick him out?” Those present were ultra–wealthy, but they still felt chills running down their spines upon hearing the piercingly cold voice. Not long ago, Adam was

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Mistaken Match: Marrying the Enigmatic CEO (Emmanuel Lowe ) Chapter 33

Chapter 33 “Mr. Doyle’s mother is a good friend of Ms. Lorelei. Since he’s questioning the validity of someone’s presence, it’s naturally my job as the person in charge to sort this out!” replied Adam. Adam then added, “Since I’ve never seen this gentleman before and his clothing seems quite out of place for a banquet like this, I need him to show me an invitation!” Given that it was a reasonable answer, Roselynn could not refute it. What do I do? What’s more, someone suddenly shouted, “His name is Emmanuel Lowe, and he is a gynecologist. I daresay that he snuck inside without an invitation!” Milani had been waiting for this opportunity for a long time. How could she pa** up a chance at revenge? She really wanted to see Emmanuel being kicked out in full view. It was going to be satisfying, and it could allow her to vent her hatred. “Right! Just look at his outfit! He claims that he received an invitation to this banquet. I refuse to believe it!” As soon as Milani spoke, the women surrounding her echoed in agreement. The one thing a banquet like this did not lack were lapdogs and self–righteous women. They were fond

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Mistaken Match: Marrying the Enigmatic CEO (Emmanuel Lowe ) Chapter 32

Chapter 32 “I joined the army at fourteen, made the field division at seventeen, and was awarded the rank of junior lieutenant at twenty!” hissed Keegan. “Now, there are many officers under my command! I’m not some small–time gangster! I’m a real, gun–wielding soldier who has killed before!” Keegan’s loud voice and imposing aura terrified everyone. Having said that, the scorn returned to Keegan’s face as he looked at Emmanuel. “Now, do you dare display such arrogance before me?” Everyone a**umed that Emmanuel was going to be quaking in his boots. However, nobody expected this gynecologist to look contemptuously at Keegan and retort, “Do you think it’s an honor to have killed before?”  These words made Milani, Chase, and everyone else very anxious. After all, if a man said that he had killed before, he wasn’t fooling around. This was not a game of Werewolves! Is Emmanuel truly not afraid of being killed? Milani had changed her opinion of Emmanuel after seeing the way he behaved tonight. For one to be this arrogant, he is definitely a genius. However, I think he won’t live for long! There were already many people paying attention to the commotion, but after the two exchanged barbs tit–for–tat, more and more people gathered around them. Lexi had also never imagined Ms. Mackenzie’s husband

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Mistaken Match: Marrying the Enigmatic CEO (Emmanuel Lowe ) Chapter 31

Chapter 31 “Don’t be so quick to anger, Keegan,” cautioned Roselynn hurriedly. After all, given the status of the other party, Roselynn was worried that her brother was going to suffer. However, she truly disliked Keegan. Roselynn decided to use Emmanuel as a shield and take advantage of the situation. “This is Emmanuel, a good friend of mine.” Even though Emmanuel and Roselynn shared a last name, in Keegan’s mind, he had never even considered Emmanuel to be one of Roselynn’s relatives. Giving Emmanuel a condescending look, Keegan said, “Your physique isn’t enough to kill me, a seasoned soldier, with one punch. I’d advise you to know your place!” Keegan was a soldier. Since he was a child, he was fond of bullying others by exerting force over them. Now that Roselynn was around, Keegan was going to go all out in showing off because he liked her. He a**umed that Roselynn would fancy a domineering person like him who could give her a sense of security. He then glanced at Emmanuel’s physique. How good could he possibly be? To top it off, Emmanuel is not someone of renown. I bet that a threat or two will send him

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