My Hockey Alpha chapter 267 by Werewolf

My Hockey Alpha Chapter 267
My Hockey Alpha Chapter 267: Werewolf Boot Camp
I woke up the next morning in the cabin to the sound of the birds chirping
outside and Enzo moving around quietly. When I opened my eyes, I saw that
Enzo was already awake and seemed to be getting dressed.
We had spent the entire night having sex, and I could feel the effects of it on
my body now that it was morning. I was sore, but it was a good kind of
soreness that was fading quickly thanks to my newfound werewolf healing
abilities, and a smile spread across my face when I saw Enzo.

“Morning, hot stuff,” he said with a smile as he pulled his pants on. He came
over to kiss me. I sat up, revealing my bare breasts, and covered myself with
a yelp before anyone saw me through the window. Enzo just laughed.
“So… Is that what it’s like to have sex with your mate?” I asked, feeling a bit
sheepish as I got up and started to get dressed.
Enzo chuckled. “I wouldn’t know. You’re my first and only mate.”
I blushed a bit at Enzo’s words. I felt a little silly, but not in an uncomfortable
way. We finished getting dressed before we headed back to campus, and
after a quick stop at the dining hall for a large breakfast to satisfy our raging
appetites, Enzo suddenly stood and nodded to himself.
“Training begins today,” he said, glancing at his watch. “Are you coming?”
I looked up at Enzo with wide eyes. My cheeks were still full of pancakes, and
I swallowed quickly before answering. “Right now?”
Enzo nodded and seemed a little sarcastic. “Yeah. Of course.”
I stood quickly and nodded in response. “Okay,” I said. “Let’s get started,

Once we had gathered everyone at the athletic field, Enzo began his rundown
of the grueling training session he had in store. Many of the new recruits were
hungover from the party, but Enzo didn’t seem to care, and just kept
reiterating the fact that the Crescents wouldn’t care if anyone was hungover.
The training session began with a several-mile long run through the running
trails in the forest. Enzo and I led the group of groaning recruits while he
shouted at them like a drill sergeant.

“You just think that you’re uncomfortable, but you’re not,” Enzo said to the new
recruits. “Werewolves can run way longer than this. You have to let go of the
mindset you had as a human.”
After the run, he led drills on the athletic field. The new recruits did sprints,
agility courses, and calisthenics. A few of the girls had to stop at one point,
and I thought I even saw one of them throw up from the exertion. That was
when I had had enough; as a doctor, I couldn’t just allow Enzo to make
students sick from training, and by now it had been hours of nonstop exercise.
“You’re going too hard on them,” I said as I walked up to Enzo while he was
yelling at the new recruits to sprint faster during a relay race. “You’re
practically abusing them.”
Enzo glanced at me for a moment with his stopwatch in his hand and simply
shrugged. “They’re werewolves now,” he said, sounding too nonchalant for my
tastes. “They’ll be fine.”
I frowned deeply and folded my arms across my chest. “A girl just threw up
from all of the exertion!” I said. “At least let them take a break.”
With a sigh, Enzo glanced down at his watch and nodded slowly. “Fine,” he
said, sounding almost annoyed at me. He then raised his voice to address the
recruits. “We’re taking a ten minute break!” he shouted. “After that, we’re
doing more circuits!”
The new recruits groaned and fell to the ground almost simultaneously as their
legs gave out beneath them. I shot Enzo an annoyed look before I made my
way over to them and started handing out water and taking vitals to make sure
that no one got sick.
But unfortunately, the ten minute break flew by in a flash. Despite the new
recruits’ healing abilities, they were still having trouble keeping up. At this point,
it began to feel as though Enzo was trying to weed out the weak ones.

As they did more calisthenics circuits, I watched closely for any signs of
lightheadedness. But there were over fifty new recruits, and I was bound to
miss one. Lo and behold, in the midst of one circuit I saw a sweaty girl running
up to me and breathing heavily.
“Nina,” she said, pointing. “Kayla… I think she’s gonna pass out…”
“Fuck,” I whispered to myself. I then gestured at Enzo, making a sign for him
to stop, and followed the girl over to her friend. The girl in question was
doubled over with her hands on her knees and was heaving loudly.
“Ugh… I’m gonna be sick… Everything is spinning,” she groaned.
“It’s alright,” I said. I took one of her arms, and the girl who came to me took
the other, and we helped her over to the bench. By the time we had her
seated, Enzo was jogging over to see what was going on.
“What happened?” he asked. “Why aren’t you training with the others?”
“Enzo, this is too much,” I growled as I fanned Kayla’s face with a cloth and
checked her eyes for anything strange. “I think it’s time to call it a day.”
Enzo stared at me for a moment. When I looked up to meet his gaze, I was
both surprised and relieved to find that he actually looked a little remorseful;
but then, his expression darkened a bit, and he shook
his head.
“We still have half an hour left,” he insisted, then looked at the girl who was on
the verge of passing out. “You can heal yourself and you’ll be fine. I’ll show
you how. But you need to get back to training, otherwise—”
Finally, I had had enough.
“Enzo Rivers!” I shouted, standing and stamping my foot on the ground angrily
as I poked my finger into his chest. “That’s enough! Send everyone home for

the day and quit acting like a drill sergeant!”
For a few long moments, Enzo stared at me in shock. Even Kayla and her
friend looked up at me with surprise written across their faces, but I held my
ground and continued to glare angrily at Enzo. I didn’t care how good the sex
the night before was; Enzo was being too harsh on these new recruits and it
wasn’t fair to them.
Finally, Enzo let out a sigh and nodded. “Alright,” he said, sounding a little
remorseful once again. He then turned to address the rest of the recruits. “You
guys can all go home today. Come back tomorrow, same time.”
As the recruits slumped away and Kayla left with her friend, I gathered up my
supplies and scowled at Enzo before storming off to the infirmary.
I didn’t like this side of Enzo. I understood that he was trying to take
precautions and ensure that our little army could handle the Crescents, but this
wasn’t the way to make people happy that they had made the choice to
become werewolves. And if he kept this up, then we wouldn’t have an army

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