Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 162

Chapter 162
Zane lunged angrily at the monster and bit and scratched with any opening he
could get. He whimpered slightly when the monster slammed his body hard
with his arm which sent Zane’s wolf flying but he was able to stand his ground.
As he watched Liam, Zane noticed that his moves weren’t as swift as before.
His eyes immediately flew to the bullet stuck in the monster’s chest and he
It seemed Levi had managed to weaken the monster with how many bullets
were in it but the fatal one was the one stuck in its chest which Levi had fired
at the last minute.

The monster growled then in mere seconds, it was in front of Zane. It grabbed
Zane by the neck then slammed him against the tree behind him and as soon
as it did that, Zane changed into his human form and managed to escape the
monster’s clutches but he wasn’t able to run far before the monster slashed
him against his naked back.
Zane fell on his knees as he groaned loudly. He tried to move but his body
was too weak and he was losing a lot of blood as well since his wounds
weren’t healing fast enough but he couldn’t give up. Alpha’s were not known to
give up.
In that moment, his eyes shifted between the monster and the dagger. There
was no way he would be able to grab the dagger at that instance unless…
“Zane!” A female voice suddenly came behind and when he turned around, his
eyes widened when he saw Heather standing by the woods staring at them
and behind her was Anastasia, the Queen of witches and Levi’s father.
“Sorry we are late Zane! I had to convince this woman over here” Anastasia
muttered. As soon as the monster saw them,it turned away from Zane and
began running towards them.
Levi’s father was the first to step in front as he cocked his gun and fired a
bullet straight at the monster’s head.
The monster howled as he stopped in his tracks and at the moment, the
witches began their incantation.
The monster began to howl in pain but it was still trying to move close while
Levi’s father ran over to where Levi and his brothers were.
“Zane, the dagger now!” Anastasia yelled as blood flowed out of her nose.
The monster was too strong for them.
As soon as Anastasia said that, Heather came running towards Zane.

“Give me the dagger, I’ll do it” He ignored her as he took hold of the dagger
and struggled to stand up.
“Just step aside Heather and stop being a nuisance” As soon as he said that,
he stumbled on his feet and the dagger fell on the ground. He was too weak
so the dagger was taking the little strength he had left.
Heather was about to reach out for the dagger when Zane stopped her.
“You won’t be able to carry it. It’ll suck out all your energy” He muttered while
his eyes drooped.
“I don’t care. I’ll do anything to make this all stop” She murmured. He stared
into her eyes and when he saw the sincerity in her eyes, he sighed.
“Hurry Zane!!” Anastasia yelled as she fell to her knees but she didn’t dare
drop her hand while the Queen mother continued the incantations while getting
closer to the monster.
“You have to bring it closer. I can’t do it so Heather has to” He yelled back. At
the mention of Heather’s name, Daniel’s good eye opened up.
He stared at the scene in front of him then slowly clenched his fist. He wanted
to be able to do more but he was just sitting down there helplessly. He was a
Beta for crying out loud!
“We can’t bring him closer Zane! He’s too powerful” Anastasia yelled while
Liam growled loudly before taking a step forward.
They all gasped while Anastasia and the Queen of witches’ incantations got
“You have to do it quickly, Heather. Grab the dagger and stab the monster
right in his heart. We are all counting on you” Zane muttered and she nodded
determinedly before reaching out for the dagger.

The minute she touched it, she winced and her eyes widened when she saw
how badly burnt her palm was. How was she supposed to lift it up?
“Hurry Heather. Remember, you put us in the mess now it’s your time to make
it right” Zane murmured behind her and she took a deep breath before lifting
up the dagger with great difficulty and running up to the monster.
It hurt her hand so much that she began weeping loudly. She wasn’t sure she
could do it. Her body was getting weak and she wasn’t even close to the
Just then, she felt someone beside her and before she could register what
was going on, Daniel grabbed the dagger from her hand then used all his
remaining strength to run up to the monster.
She halted in her steps as she stared at him with wide eyes while they all
stared at him in shock including Zane.
He hadn’t expected that Daniel would be able to move but he guessed love
was the greatest push of all.
Daniel yelled loudly as he stood in front of the monster and stabbed it straight
in its heart.
The monster howled and was about to push Daniel off but he just stuck the
dagger deeper then twisted the dagger into the monster’s heart before letting
The monster screamed so loud that the ground shook.
Daniel tried taking a step back but he stumbled on his feet and was about to
fall down when Heather caught him.
“You did it and I’m… I’m sorry” She murmured as she wrapped her arms
tightly around him.

He just smiled slightly before closing his eyes as he rested his head on her
Heather’s eyes widened and she was about to call out his name when the
monster growled softly in front of her.
Her eyes met with the monster’s as it fell to his knees. She gasped when it
changed back to Liam.
They didn’t look away from each other for what felt like an eternity before he
closed his eyes and fell to the ground with his body instantly decaying.
No one made a sound. They had won but it felt like they had lost…

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