Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 161

Chapter 161
Zane winced as he stood up from the ground. If it were anyone else that had
wounded him, he would have healed a second but it was different with Liam.
“Daniel? Are you okay?!” Zane yelled as he turned to Daniel who was still lying
motionless on the ground.
Zane cussed them and tried running up to him but the growl of Liam stopped
him in his tracks. He slowly turned around and saw that the monster was
staring directly at him but before it could charge at him, Levi snapped his
fingers and bullets after bullets came charging towards the monster but they
didn’t seem to have any effect.
It just seemed like the bullet was causing the monster discomfort.

Go get Daniel, we’ll distract him!” Levi yelled as he fired shots with two guns
at the monster.
Zane nodded then hurriedly ran towards Daniel to check if he was okay.
“Daniel” He called out as he lifted him off the ground. As soon as he raised
him, Zane gasped as the huge slashed across Daniel’s chest. That wasn’t
“I’m… I’m…. Loo…sing a.. lot of blood” Daniel mumbled as he opened up the
only good eye to stare at Zane.
“Don’t worry, we’ll get you to the hospital soon. We’ll finish this up quickly
“I’m not sure I’m going to make it, Zane” Zane frowned then grabbed onto
Daniel’s face at the same time the monster growled angrily.
“Listen to me, to have to fight, okay? You can’t die like this” Then Zane pulled
out the spelled dagger.
“All I have to do is stab the Monster in the heart with this and this will all be
over” Daniel didn’t say anything and just flashed Zane a slow smile.
Suddenly Behind them, multiple screams were heard as Liam charged
towards Levi’s men and began killing them despite the fact that they were
firing at him.
Liam was even killing the men he had brought with him.
“I’ve got to go, rest here” Zane muttered as he gently placed Daniel’s body
against the bench behind him then he ran towards the fight.
At that moment, the monster reached out and tried to grab Levi but Levi
swiftly brought out his Knife and slashed out the monster’s hand with it.

The monster let out a growl filled with pain before turning angrily towards Levi
but he could get Levi, Zane jumped on the monster’s back and began slicing it
continuously with another dagger.
The monster howled then reached behind to grab Zane and threw him to the
ground before stomping on him.
Zane grimaced. It felt like his organs were being crushed.
Levi watched the scene as he contemplated on what to do. If the monster
continued doing that, he was going to crush Zane to death.
“Hey monster! Over here” Levi yelled as he cocked his gun and ran towards
the monster and Zane. He didn’t know where this Adrenaline was coming from.
He was no match for the monster but he couldn’t see a friend in need of help
and not try to help.
That moment felt like it was in slow motion as the monster turned towards
“Levi, No!” Zane yelled as the monster stuck his hand into Levi’s stomach.
Levi’s eyes widened as he coughed out blood but that didn’t stop him from
raising his hand and shooting the monster right in the heart.
The monster retracted its hand as it let out a scream while Levi fell on his
knees with blood gushing out of his stomach.
“Levi! Levi! Don’t die on us!” His brother’s, Lucien and Sebastian ran up to him
as they carried him up from the ground and towards somewhere safer. They
tried everything to stop the blood but it was just too much.
Zane clenched his fist as he watched Levi get carried away. Even Levi, who
was a human, was doing more than he was and it wasn’t even his battle to

”I’m not going to let you hurt anyone else” Zane muttered as he took off his
clothes and Changed into his wolf.
He howled loudly before charging at the monster.
Kiara punched Samantha on the face while Samantha Kicked her in the groin.
They both had bruises on their bodies and we’re both physically tired
especially Kiara but she was going to give up.
She charged at Samantha and elongated her claws before slashing her across
the face.
Samantha cried out as she held onto her face.
“You bitch! How dare you?!” Samantha screamed while tears ran down her
cheeks. Kiara knew Samantha’s face was her prize possession and that was
why she aimed for it.
“Just give up. There’s no way you are going to defeat me” Kiara muttered as
she breathed harshly.
“Don’t you understand? I’m not going to give up till you die!” Samantha yelled
then brought out a silver knife.
Kiara’s eyes widened slightly as she took slow steps backwards. She hadn’t
expected Samantha to have a knife.
“What? Is Dear Kiara scared?” At the Moment, Samantha looked like a
monster with the slash on her face and the devilish smirk on her face as she
stalked towards Kiara like a predator.
“I can never be afraid of you” While the others were fighting against the
monster, she was here fighting her sister who held a stupid grudge against
her. She needed to finish this quickly so she could go to Zane and help the

Samantha charged towards her and Kiara was about to dodge her but then
she heard Zane’s howl and in that brief moment of distraction, Samantha
stabbed her in the stomach.
Kiara gasped as she stared at Samantha unfeeling eyes. No sympathy, no
“Goodbye sister” Samantha muttered then pulled out the knife then stabbed
her again. Kiara coughed out blood then fell to the ground as soon as
Samantha pulled out the knife again.
Samantha chuckled loudly then began to walk away but Kiara wasn’t going to
let her win. She couldn’t win.
Even if she died today, she was going to make sure Samantha died with her.
With much difficulty, Kiara stood up from the ground then ran up to Samantha
and jumped on her making them both fall to the ground. The knife was
knocked out of Samantha’s hand in the process.
Samantha’s eyes widened as she stared at Kiara’s golden eyes.
“Good bye, Sister” Kiara muttered then began slashing Samantha continuously
across the chest. They both screamed out in pain.
Despite the amount of pain Kiara was in, she continued to tear Samantha
apart as she poured all her anger into it then she yanked out Samantha’s heart
and watched as the life drained off her.
“This is for my dead son” Kiara muttered then she fell down to the ground.
Tears flowed down her cheeks as she thought of Zane.
“Goodbye, my love” She muttered then everything turned black…

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