Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 160

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 160
Heather hadn’t been thinking when she did that. The moment Liam had
grabbed Kiara, an anger she hadn’t felt before surged inside her and without
even knowing, she picked up the large rock and hit Liam on his head.
As she stood there, she expected him to grab her and kill her on the spot but
instead, he let go of Kiara then held onto his head and began screaming.
They all watched him with confused expressions on their faces as he
screamed and begged for the voices to stop.
The hit from the rock had broken the spell so the voices and the pain was
back ten times worse.

“I can’t hold it” He muttered lowly and Heather’s face softened. She tried
reaching out to him but Kiara immediately pushed her aside then glared at her.
“Are you stupid?” Kiara yelled.
“He’s in pain, he needs help” Kiara frowned. What kind of spell was placed on
“I think we should use this moment to attack him” Levi muttered as he picked
up his gun and stood up from the ground with much difficulty.
Kiara gasped when she saw the blood dripping down his head.
“Levi, your…” He chuckled.
“Well it’s nothing compared to the pain Zane and Daniel are in right now” After
she heard that, her and Heather both turned to Daniel and they gasped loudly
seeing just how beaten up he was.
“Daniel” Heather called out his name but it was like he was oblivious to what
was happening around him.
Liam let out another thunderous scream, so loud that the birds around flew
“Come here, Kiara. Get away from him” Kiara turned to Zane and immediately
ran towards him while dragging Heather along with her. She didn’t trust
Heather and didn’t want her doing anything stupid.
Kiara briefly let go of Heather’s hands as she fell into Zane’s arms. He hugged
her tightly then placed a kiss on her neck.
“I’m covered in blood, you shouldn’t be hugging me” He muttered but she just
hugged him tighter.
“I want to. I missed you so much” She murmured and he sighed contently.

“I missed you more than you know” Before she could reply, they heard one of
Levi’s men yell from behind.
“I’ll approach him first” He muttered as he grabbed his gun and ran towards
Liam since he was closer.
“Wait Stephen, it’s dangerous!” Levi yelled but Stephen was already too close
to Liam. He tried aiming his gun at Liam but the minute Liam turned to him and
he saw the look in Liam’s eyes, he tried running back but Liam grabbed him by
the head and with just that single touch, Stephen’s head scattered and his
lifeless body fell to the ground.
They all stared in shock and fear as Liam began changing into his monster
form. Even his own men were scared of him.
“Run Kiara, run as fast you can” Zane muttered as he pushed her away from
him but she stood her ground and shook her head stubbornly.
“I’m not going anywhere, we are going to face him together and… ”
“Now is not the time for that, Kiara! Can’t you see what he did to us in his
normal form?! I can’t let anything happen to you and I won’t be able to fight
knowing you can get hurt so please, leave!” He yelled and at the same time,
Liam let out a Monstrous growl.
“Leave now!” Zane screamed again while Kiara cried bitterly. The look in his
eyes scared her, like he had given up all hope that he was going to survive.
She glanced around and everyone seemed to have given up hope.
“Let’s leave together then, I can’t lose you again” She murmured and Zane’s
eyes softened.
“I won’t leave Daniel or Levi behind so you should go without me. I love you,
always know that” He murmured and she threw her arms around him as she
cried while shaking her head frantically. No, she didn’t want him to leave him.

“Heather, get her away from here. You both need to leave” Heather pursed
her lips then moved closer and yanked Kiara off Zane.
“No, let me go. Let me go!” Kiara yelled as Heather pulled her away.
“Stop struggling, Kiara. Zane is going to fight better knowing you’re safe. Don’t
you want them to win? They can’t be watching over you” Heather tried
speaking some sense into Kiara but Kiara just cried harder.
Heather hadn’t seen the look in Zane’s eyes, only Kiara had seen it and she
was afraid.
“I don’t want him to die, I don’t want Liam to kill him. I won’t be able to bear it”
Heather nodded while she pulled her deeper into the woods.
“Don’t worry, they are not going to die. Just stay here, okay? You need to
rest” Heather helped Kiara sit down on the ground then was about to walk
away when Kiara grabbed her hand.
“Where do you think you’re going?” Heather smiled sadly.
“I still think I can do something about this” Heather yanked her hand out of
Kiara’s as she ran away and before Kiara could stand up and run after her,
Samantha appeared and stood in front of her with a smirk.
“I said we were going to finish off from where we stopped, right?” Kiara
glared at her then glanced behind with worry etched on her face as she stared
after Heather. She hoped she wasn’t going to do anything stupid.
Just then, Samantha punched Kiara on the face resulting in her falling to the
“How dare you ignore me, You bitch?!” Samantha spat out then bared her
fangs at Kiara and was about to pounce on her when Kiara kicked on the
stomach then punched her across the face before standing up.

“Okay sister, if that’s what you want then let’s fight but I’m not going to go
easy on you” Samantha chuckled as she wiped the blood off the corner of her
“Likewise Sister”…

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