Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 159

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 159
Right behind Levi were his brothers and his Mafia men, then some of Zane’s
men. They all had their guns pointed at Liam who just smirked then dug his
hand into his chest and brought out the bullet.
He glanced at it before turning to Levi.
“Do you really think a useless bullet like this is going to cause me any harm,
Levi?” Levi cocked his gun.
“No but at least it’s going to cause you temporary pain” He muttered then fired
another shot at Liam’s head but Liam was able to catch the bullet with a smirk
on his face.
“Think again,” Levi smiled.

“You know, I expected that but while I was distracting you, Zane slipped
through your fingers” Liam abruptly turned to where Zane had been laying on
the ground and furrowed his eyebrows when he saw that Zane was still laying
there. What was Levi playing at?
Just then, another bullet came flying towards him and this time, this bullet was
faster and bigger and the pain that crawled into Liam’s body was impeccable.
Liam groaned as he held onto his arm before turning to Levi with a glare.
“You are dead meat” Before Liam could charge at Levi, Levi’s men came
forward and blocked him out of Liam’s vision with their guns aimed at Liam.
Liam tilted his head then let out a laugh before snapping his fingers and his
men immediately came running out of the shadows.
Zane furrowed his eyebrows when he saw Samantha standing in front of them
with a sinister smile on her face. As if sensing his stare, she turned to Zane
and smiled.
“Ughhh I had wanted you to see Kiara’s dead body before you died but with
the way things are going, you might not get that chance” His eyes widened as
he abruptly stood up from the ground.
Even though he was in a lot of pain, the thought of thinking Kiara was in the
same amount of pain made his heart ache.
“What the fuck did you do to her?!” Zane screamed as his eyes turned blood
red and even though Samantha was scared, she felt safe behind Liam.
“I’m getting bored of this” Liam muttered and immediately he said that, Levi’s
men began shooting at him and his men.
Liam was able to dodge everything as he ran towards Levi who immediately
jumped out of Liam’s way before Liam could grab him and in the process, he
shot Liam’s head before he fell to the ground with a groan.

Levi watched in horror as the bullet bounced off Liam’s head while Liam
“No bullet or weapon can Pierce through my head” Liam muttered as he
grabbed Levi by the neck and lifted him off the ground.
“But you Levi, let’s just see how much your skull can take” He muttered then
smashed Levi’s head against the tree behind them before throwing him away
like a piece of dirt.
Levi fell to the ground with a thud as his head began to ache badly. He could
barely see as his vision was hazy but he could definitely feel the blood flowing
down his head.
Levi tried getting up, he needed to fight back but there was only so much his
mortal body could take and the fatal blow to his head had been excruciating.
He cussed himself for being so weak as he watched Liam stalk towards Zane
who tried his best to fight back and even managed to land some few blows on
Liam but Liam was way stronger and it was obvious Zane was no match for
Levi’s eyes trailed towards Daniel who was laying on his own blood helplessly
with one of his eyes bruised close. Levi could feel the despair rolling off
Daniel’s body from a mile away.
He turned to his men and his brothers who were desperately fighting to win
but the odds were not in their favor. Despite the powerful weapon they had,
they were fighting against wolves which were much more swifter than they
Levi clenched his fist and closed his eyes as he tried his best to get up. They
couldn’t be defeated like this. Even if they died in the process, he would rather
die knowing they had killed Liam.

Zane coughed out blood as Liam continuously kicked him hard in the guts while
laughing like a maniac.
“Is this the almighty True Alpha, huh? Fight me! Why are you lying there
helplessly if you’re supposed to be the strongest wolf alive?!” Liam boomed
then picked up Zane by the neck and slammed his back against the wall
behind them.
“What? Am I still not worthy to have a fight with you, huh?” Liam questioned
then pierced one of his claws Into Zane’s neck be while Zane screamed in
“You bastard” Liam grinned.
“Look around, Zane. I’m winning and you’re loosing but then again, I knew
there wasn’t going to be a way in hell that you were going to win me because
you’re weak now. You had began to weaken since the day you met Kiara and
you’re probably thinking about her now and that’s why you’re not fighting me
as well as I want you to. Fight me, Zane! Let me feel worthy of taking your
title” But Zane just stared him straight in the eye without saying which just
made Liam even more angry.
“Stop!” They all turned towards the voice and Zane’s eyes widened when he
saw Kiara all bloodied up with her clothes half torn but she stood there with a
fierce and determined look on her face.
“Well well well, if it isn’t the woman of the hour?” Liam muttered as he threw
Zane to the ground and walked over to Kiara but Heather immediately moved
forward and pushed Kiara behind her.
“Leave her alone, Liam. Haven’t you done enough?!” Heather screamed in his
face as tears streamed down her cheeks.
She was too ashamed to look at anyone else in the eye because she blamed
herself for all this.

“My love, don’t be that way. Come to me and I’ll forget the fact that you are
working with my nemesis” Heather pursed her lips as her hold on Kiara
“No, just leave… please” Liam’s eyes darted towards Heather’s and Kiara’s
intertwined fingers and a smile appeared on his face.
“I guess there’s one last person holding you back. If I got rid of that person
then you have no choice but to come with me, right?” Heather’s eyes widened
as she shook her head frantically as Liam moved closer to her.
“Liam, don’t you dare touch her or I’ll rip you into shreds!” Zane thundered and
Liam smirked.
“But that’s what I want, Zane. I want you to fight me and once I get rid of your
weakness, then the real Zane will come out” Before any of them could blink,
Liam had already grabbed Kiara by the neck and lifted her up from the ground
while she struggled against his hold.
“Leave her alone” Heather yelled as she grabbed onto his arm and tried to
release Kiara but he just to pushed Heather aside.
“Say your goodbyes now, Heather or….”
“I said let go of her!” Heather screamed then picked up a heavy stick on the
ground and hit Liam’s head with it…

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