Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 158

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 158
Heather’s eyes widened as she stared at Kiara.
“I’m sorry, Kiara. I didn’t mean to…”
“We don’t have time for this conversation now. We need to cover up the mess
you have created. As long as Daniel is there, Zane should be there as well.
We need to get there immediately but I don’t know what park…”
“They are at the central park,” Kiara sighed.
“Then let’s go there then” She muttered as she ran out of the room and up the
“We can’t leave, we are both locked in” Heather uttered making Kiara halt in
her steps.

“We can’t be locked in, there has to be a way out” Kiara uttered as she
glanced around. After searching for what felt like minutes, they found out that
all the exit doors including the windows were locked. They were really locked
“See? I told you” Heather breathed out which made Kiara frown.
“We can’t just give up, Heather. Stand back and cover your face” Kiara
muttered then grabbed a chair and smashed the window with it.
Heather gasped lightly then gave Kiara a thumbs up.
“I should have never doubted you” Kiara ignored her as she climbed out the
window which made Heather frown.
Heather was about to climb out when Kiara stopped her.
“I think it’s a good idea if you stay here. We don’t want you causing anymore
more trouble and I would hate it if anything happened to your child” Heather
“I know you’re mad at me right now but I really want to fix things. I’m not
staying here, I’m coming with you despite what you say” Kiara stared at her
for a while then let out a sigh.
“Hurry up then” She muttered as she gave Heather a hand and helped her out
the window then they ran towards one of the cars.
Kiara broke the window with a rock then opened the door from the inside
before turning to Heather.
”Do you still know how to turn on a car without the key?” Heather smirked.
“Of course I do” Heather climbed into the car and after messing around with
the wires, the car finally started and she smiled proudly to herself then turned
to Kiara who just had a frown on her face.

“Let’s go” Kiara muttered as she walked around and got into the passenger
Heather glanced at her then let out a sigh before driving off.
Daniel groaned as Liam landed another slash on his abdomen. He fell to the
ground and began to cough out blood.
“Stop fighting it and just give in to death already, Daniel. You’re just hurting
yourself more” Liam uttered with a smirk then he licked off Daniel’s blood from
his fingers.
Daniel staggered slightly as he stood up from the ground.
“Why?” Liam tilted his head at him.
“I told you, I just don’t like you and…”
“Not that. Why did you hurt her? She loved you, she chose to believe there’s
still some good in you so why are you hurting her?” Liam frowned.
“How I treat my woman is of no concern of yours” Daniel screamed out in pain
the second Liam sliced his arm with a silver knife.
Daniel fell to the ground, nursing his arm while Liam stood over him with a
“I love watching you suffer and I love hearing you scream but I’m getting
bored. You’re too weak for me” Daniel snickered which made Liam furrow his
“Too weak? Says the guy that turned himself into a monster just so he could
defeat the people that considered him a friend, a brother. If anything you’re
the weakling, you’re a coward for not being able to defeat us as your normal
self. Even if all of us get killed tonight, just know that you didn’t kill us, the

monster you became did” Before he could blink, Liam grabbed his head and
smashed it into the swing set behind them.
“I’m getting sick of your smart mouth, Daniel” He muttered then smashed his
face harder against the rod before throwing him to the ground.
Daniel was breathing heavily as he tried his best to move but he was in so
much pain and he was losing too much blood.
“Beg me and I might just let you leave. Declare your loyalty to me instead and
show your support to me while I attain the Alpha Title” Liam uttered and Daniel
chuckled through the pain.
“Even with my dying breath, I’ll always be loyal to Zane and he’ll always be my
Alpha” Liam’s eyes suddenly turned black as he glared at the helpless Daniel
laying on the ground.
“Very well then” Liam muttered but before he could move, Zane appeared out
of nowhere, grabbed him by the neck and punched him so hard across the
face that Liam staggered on his feet.
“Sorry I’m late, Daniel” Daniel’s face was so beaten up that he wasn’t even
recognizable anymore but despite that, he flashed Zane a smile.
“I’m still breathing” Zane nodded then turned to Liam once he began to laugh.
“If it isn’t the true Alpha. How stupid are you to come here all alone?” Zane
“I’m not a coward like you” The smile immediately wiped off Liam’s face.
“I may be a coward but I’m not as stupid as you are” With that, Liam grabbed
Zane by the neck then threw him across the little field they were in.
Zane was able to keep his balance but in seconds, Liam appeared In front of
him and punched him continuously in the face before digging his claws into

Zane’s abdomen.
Zane screamed out in pain with his veins popping out as he held onto Liam’s
“What organ should I pull out first?” Liam uttered with a sinister smile on his
face but before Liam could do anything, He growled loudly as a bullet came
flying towards him hitting him straight on his chest.
Liam let go of Zane as he turned to find out who the perpetrator was.
Levi aimed the gun directly at Liam as he walked out of the shadows.
“What? You both thought you could have all the fun without me?”…

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