The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 45 by moonlight muse

  1. A Sister’s Vision



I turn to see Charlotte run over to me. I can see she’s near to tears as she latches onto my arm.

Concern fills me as she buries her head in my chest and I wrap my arm around her, rubbing her back. We may argue often, but she’s still my little sister.

“Hey… it’s going to be alright… The offer to get out of here still stands?” I offer gently.

She nods, moving back and taking a deep breath.

“Yeah, I don’t want food, though. I want ice cream from one of those poor hygiene places.”

I cock a brow. “They may be smaller places, Charlotte, but that doesn’t mean the hygiene isn’t good.”

She shrugs, “Ok, can we go?”

I nod. “Sure we can.”

I’ll face the consequences later. I know I will, but tonight I’ll aim to make one of us have a good end to the day.

“Let me go grab my keys.” I say to her,

“I’ll get them!” She says quickly. “I need to grab my coat!”

“Sure. Grab my wallet too.” I say, as she skips upstairs. I shove my hands into my pocket, staring at the blank space near Dad’s portrait.

For the next Alpha…

“Royce.” I turn when Aleric’s snarl rumbles through the grand hallway, his blazing aura seeping powerfully through the halls. I can see the heat waves around him as he tries to control his rage. “How dare you.”

“Not today, Aleric.” I reply coldly.

“Royce.” He hisses,

The sound of Charlotte’s footsteps stop me from replying and I realise why she had wanted to go upstairs, unable to hide my amusement at the fact she’s topped up on her gloss, and her perfume, now holding a faux fur coat in her hands.

“Neither of you is leaving this mansion.” Aleric warns menacingly.

I cock a brow. “Who’s going to stop us?” I say, placing my arm around Charlotte’s shoulders protectively.

“I will.” He snarls.

I ignore him. Turning and leading the way to the door, the butler opens it. Despite remaining emotionless I can sense his fear.

We haven’t even stepped out when, in a flash, Aleric is in front of us.

“You have caused Mom and Dad to argue and you think you can just walk away, like always?!” He sneers.

Fix it”

My patience is wearing thin as I glare at him. “Aleric, do not push me.” I warn him quietly.

“What will you do? All you do is walk away like the coward you are! You will always be the loser, in every

aspect of life.”

Charlotte looks upset as she steps back.

“Look, we don’t need to go, I asked him-”

“Stay out of this Charlotte, know your place!” Aleric snarls, making my eyes flash.

I don’t think he realises that when the one who wields the most patience reaches their limits, even the heavens will tremble.

“Do not talk to her like that.” I snarl protectively, stepping in front of our sister. Blocking her from his view.

My heart’s racing in anger as I glare at him.

“Step. Aside.” I try one final time.

“Let him go.” Dad’s voice comes, making Aleric look up at him in shock over my shoulder.

I don’t bother turning, my heart thudding violently as I take Charlotte’s hand and lead her out of the


“What a coward.” Aleric hisses. “No wonder she’s drawn to me.”

His voice is low, almost silent, but I know who he means. My eyes flash dangerously.

A blinding flash of lightning and a violent roar of thunder fill the air before the rain starts to pour down.

“What the…” Aleric trails off and I turn to glare at him, my eyes blazing blue.

Our eyes meet, blue against gold as a bolt of lightning hits the front steps, cracking them down the centre as Aleric jumps back.

“You’re…” For the first time, he’s lost for words.

I frown faintly as I turn my back on him.

“This can’t be possible. He isn’t the firstborn…” He mutters.

“Surprised because I’m the third born… You truly are so narrow-minded…”

“Father… tell me this is not true.”

Those are the last words I hear before I open the car door for a stunned Charlotte and then get in on the

other side.

Yes, I’m the third-born, but I’m not the only third born who ended up being the most powerful of his


She shivers and I turn the heaters on, my eyes flashing as I pull the water from her hair, her eyes widen as she watches me in awe. I look ahead, the sound of the wipers moving fast and the pouring rain loud in our


I never wanted power or recognition, but maybe this is the God’s way of sending a sign that things need to change, that this pack needs change, we need change…

“Do it.”

“What?” I ask, looking at Charlotte sharply as we drive down the winding wide path and towards the gates. “You have that face on, where you are debating something. Whatever you want to do, do it. Don’t hold back Royce, you are so much more incredible than Dad or Aleric. You are doing this the right way. Everyone in this pack will side with you. I’m tired of being caged, Royce. I’m tired of being an outsider to the world.” She brushes her long blond hair back, before continuing

“You have the power of the strongest Solaris Alpha’s. You are the true heir to the court of Solaria and this pack! Step up and be the man that neither Dad nor Aleric can ever be. We need you, our people are crying for a saviour, hear their pleas and do the right thing!”

I’m unable to reply.

She isn’t just a child, even if Dad treats her like one. She sees it all, and hears more than we do, because people don’t realise she is more than just the sheltered Alpha Princess and what’s more her words

have hit me hard.

“I may not have shifted yet, but I am your sister, and I will be the first to stand by your side.” She says defiantly, her eyes dazzling a pale green.

My eyes widen in shock.

“Your ability is awakening.

“Oh, it has, especially over the last few months. It’s manifesting, but I just don’t want to be the next experiment… so I kept it a secret…” She says with a toss of her hair.

She knows…

Our eyes meet and neither of us needs to repeat what’s in our mind. She really does see it all

“Yeah. You need to keep it from Dad.” I say quietly, unease filling me.

If Dad realises she’s awakening, it only fuels the fact I need to do something.

I know they’ll try to hurt her if I step out of line, but she’s already living a life she hates

“Charlotte, what do you think about going to the states?” I ask

“No. Not happening, Royce. As I said, I’ll be staying here. I’ll be your eyes and ears because no one thinks much of me anyway.” She shrugs, twisting one of her long blond locks around her finger.

I frown, but I’m not going to be Dad and go against her will.

“Oh, by the way.” She says as I signal left and turn the corner.

“Yeah?” I reply, switching some music on low.

“She’s alive, Royce.” Her voice falters and I look at her to see she’s staring ahead, her heart pounding.

“Who?” I ask

She turns to me, her eyes glistening with tears.

“Our big sister Royce, she’s alive. She’s alive Royce.”

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