The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 44 by moonlight muse

  1. The Solaris Bloodline


Sick of this family, I stand up.

“Excuse me.”

“Royce!” Dad snarls.

“What do you mean by that, Royce?” Mom asks sharply.

“Why don’t you ask your mate and favourite son exactly what they’re up to?” I growl. “Come on Charlotte, I’ll buy you some takeout.”

Charlotte jumps up.


“Sit down.” Dad snarls at her before his gaze turns to me. “The both of you!”

She hesitates, glancing at me as I wait for her, before Mom takes hold of her wrist, forcing her to sit down, a pleading expression in her eyes.

I shake my head and storm out of the dining hall.

Dad shouts at me to stop, but I can’t.

I’ve had enough.

Walking down the hallway, I frown, lost in my thoughts.

Just thinking about Skyla saying she felt sick and tired. Why do I feel Aleric did something?

For how long do I stay silent, when I know they are hurting those important to me.

Mom, Charlotte, Sky…


I look at the gold-framed portraits of the past Alphas of this pack, each one proud and powerful.

The similarities between my forefathers are noticeable. Each is light eyed with blond hair. An image of a sun and moon is painted behind them. Despite being werewolves, we see the sun as a symbol of prosperity, too.

Aleric thinks he is the chosen one because of the ties the Solaris line has to Helios, the sun god himself. When Helios had allowed Selene to use the power of the sun that contributes to growth and nature to touch one of her four lines. The Solaris line.

This was, of course, before Helios clashed with a Deimos wolf named Andronikos.

Long ago, it was said that the gods walked the earth, but according to what we have learned, there was actually a veil that was open between the two worlds, combining them.

Helios would often select the most beautiful women of the Solaris to be part of his harem, and it was something Selene agreed to. These women were omegas and Selene made sure they would not have mates knowing what their fates would be.

Even until this day, it is rare for Omegas to have mates. It does happen, but it is rare.

When Helios’s eyes fell on a beautiful Solaris woman, who this time was not a mere Omega but a woman

that was mated to none other than the Deimos – Andronikos, well, they ended up duelling it out. Andronikos won, and humiliated Helios, who in turn cursed the Deimos line

After this event, Helios retracted parts of the blessings that he had allowed Selene, and hence the Solaris main bloodline began to diminish.

There is a darkness that is approaching and the prophecy says that without the guidance of a chosen one. the Solaris line will perish.

The hand of Helios hasn’t touched anyone for centuries, yes there are some elementals born, and we keep the Alpha blood strong.

However, after so many years, I finally hold more than elemental power. I can control nature itself, or to some degree, the weather, healing the earth, and the growth of plants and crops.

It’s why I’m so good at control, because it has been instilled within me from a young age.

I was subjected to far more training than Aleric has ever been.

This power that I hold is said to be rare, even amongst those who hold elemental power. Something that the Solaris Court has been waiting for and Dad is waiting for its complete manifestation.

There are seven families that are considered pure-blooded Solaris around the world, each holding some level of elemental power. All are beneath the Solaris court. Yet despite being allied, they are also ruthlessly competitive.

Hence why Dad has always been so secretive, because he doesn’t want the attention on us.

Well, that is, until I hit eighteen and the court saw my power. There’s nothing in my personality that they like, but it’s that power that Dad does not want gone from his grasp.

I’ve kept some extents of my abilities a secret to even Dad. He only knows of my weather control and my ice abilities.

I want it to remain like that hoping to remain hidden and live my life as I wish… but despite keeping my additional abilities a secret, a new prophecy that a true Solaris Alpha King has been born has crossed the lands and Dad’s fear of everything he has worked and hoped for would be gone if he is found.

If he realises that, that person is me, he would do anything to have me bend to his will….

I don’t want that, but I also know he thinks my controlling weather is enough proof that I should be the next High Alpha of the Solaris Court, a position he currently holds.

He also wants me to become the next Alpha here, and wants me to be favoured by the Court of Solaris because that would only give him more power, but that is something, that if it were to happen, Aleric will not be able to cope with…

I would willingly leave it all, but what makes me hesitate is that this pack needs a leader who can change things.

I continue walking down the halls, looking at the portraits on the wall.

They were all cruel and ruthless too. That is something that needs to come to an end.

But how do you make the change when things have always been like this? From our ancestors for thousands of years?

How do you change what is cemented into us from birth?

What do you do when you know that you are the minority who has no support and will be silenced?

How do I wash the sins of our past from this pack?

Do I follow my heart, or my mind? Both want to do the right thing… but in doing so, will I hurt those that I love?

I stop at the portrait of my father, staring up at the young man in the picture. A man who knows what he wants, who has always known and one who has planned for years to get it and I know that I play a big part in that.

Years of testing on me and drawing pints and pints of blood were for a cause, a cause that only he knows of and one that I have been blackmailed into keeping a secret by Dad himself.

My hands are tied, and I can’t risk those that I love getting hurt.

This is the curse of the Shadow Wolves Pack itself. There is no glory or pride, simply dread, darkness, and deceit.

A game I want no part of.

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