The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 43 by moonlight muse

  1. When it’s Enough


My heart’s racing as she sits there in front of me, looking the perfect image of the sexy little thing she is.

Her seductive, tantalising behaviour is luring me in and I’m falling.

Just the way I began falling for her without seeing her… the reason I began to struggle to connect with my


I’m not falling because I know I’ve already fallen for someone I shouldn’t fall for.

And this time, I know she’s not flirting on purpose. It’s not to get to me, but if only she knew this got to me


I want to yank her close and kiss her senseless, but how do I do that when I’m the worst thing for her?

Being a part of my life is nothing I’d wish on anyone… even if I wasn’t her teacher, being with me… would be hell.

My gaze dips to those plump lips, the corner smeared with cream that I just want to lick right off. But I don’t- I can’t.

Instead, I reach up. Brushing my thumb across the corner of her mouth, she turns her head instinctively and licks the cream off my finger. Those pretty lush lips wrapping around them.


She acts feisty, she acts like she’s the queen of zero fucks, but there’s a vulnerability inside of her that fucks with my mind. She acts brave, to show the world she’s dealing, when I know she’s struggled with more things than she’ll ever voice out aloud.

I want to shield her from it all… I’m ready to, and I don’t know why.

But I know the greatest thing I need to protect her from is my family… If only it was just them… but the Court of Solaria is behind them.

Am I strong enough to take them both, or will I fuck this up even more?

The sound of footsteps makes me jerk back, my heart thudding as I stride towards the sink, just as one of the Westwood boys enters.

“How long are you… wow, what happened here?” Ares asks, and I know he’s watching us sharply.

“Food fight.” Skyla says, chuckling lightly, but her heart’s still racing.

Glad he hasn’t shifted and can’t hear that. I wash my hands and face in the sink. I’m a mess though, there’s whipped cream everywhere…

I almost smile. I can’t deny that it was fun.

“Well, the final round is going to start soon.” Ares says.

“Oh yeah, let me finish the drinks. We’re coming.” Skyla sounds a bit distracted.

“Sure…” He replies before I hear him walk out. I turn to Skyla to see she’s wiping her face and neck.

“I’m actually going to head out. I’m going to get this all over everything if I stay.” I say quietly

She looks at me, and I think I see the flicker of regret in her eyes.

Fuck, I hate that I’m making her feel like she’s done something wrong.

“Your drink… it’s still hot yet.” She says holding up a black cat-shaped mug.

Is that your way of asking me to stay for longer?

I walk over to her, trying not to let her scent get to me as I pick up one of the hot chocolate mugs.

“Lucky for me I can fix the temperature.” I whisper, letting coolness flow through to the mug until it cools a little before downing it in one go.

“Sexy.” She remarks before shaking her head. “I mean the powers.”

I nod, “Sure.”

Our eyes meet, and that urge to kiss her again rises inside of me.

I’m not safe around her, it’s getting harder… and fuck, the fact that there’s a room full of people just down the tiny hall and it’s not bothering me is bad.

“Thanks anyway for coming to check up on me, I appreciate it.” She says, running her fingers through her hair before she cringes when she gets cream on her hand.

“Yeah, you better wash that out.” I smirk. “So, I’ll probably miss the final round, but keep me filled in?” Her heart skips a beat before she smirks and nods. “I’m great at commentating.”

I know you are…

It’s not the first time I’ve had to miss matches due to meetings, Dad and other engagements. She would always keep me updated.

I miss that….

I place the mug down and head out to the hallway.

“Do you want a blanket or something to put over your seats?” she asks when she pulls open the front door, glancing out at my car.

“No, it’s alright, the seats are leather, easy to clean.” I say, pulling my top off, and wiping the cream that got on my neck off with it. “Besides, it’s mainly on my T-shirt. You really went crazy with that can.”

She smirks, leaning against the door frame and crosses her arms.

“It was worth it.” She muses, with a tilt of her head, her eyes raking over my abs before she snatches the shirt from my arms. “I’ll wash it and return it.”

I won’t argue…

An image of her in my shirt fills my mind and I force it away.

“Do you mind?” I say, since she’s still shamelessly checking me out.

Taking my keys out, I step outside.

“Not at all, I can enjoy a good view, can’t I? Besides, we’re friends. I should be allowed to admire a fine sculpture. Got to have some benefits to being friends with a total hottie.” She states.

Yeah, I didn’t mind, but I don’t want her to recognise me as Reign… the temptation to just tell her is there, but I don’t

“Yeah, don’t get too confident So, I’ll see you tomorrow Let’s meet for training before classes I think we can use a change of place”

“Oh? sounds like a plan, what time?” she scrunches up her nose.

“Six am.”

She groans but nods, her eyes raking over me once more before I turn and head to my car. She’s still watching as I get in and start it up.

Even now, I am unable to get what had happened out of my head.

For a few minutes, I was able to forget everything else.

Bloody hell…

Reaching home, I enter, bidding Charles a good evening and head straight upstairs to shower, but first I lock the blood away in my safe. One that no one can access.

Even in my own house, I cannot trust everyone.

I will run some tests tonight….

Stepping out of the shower with a towel around my waist, I glance at my phone to see she’s sent me a string of messages, step by step, commentating.

Got to love my Lil Lucifer.

‘Dinner is ready Royce, do join us.’ Mom’s voice comes through the link.

‘Sure.” I say, as I quickly grab some boxers and pants, knowing if Mom knows I returned then so does Dad.

Ten minutes later, I enter the dining room.

They’re all here.


I glance at my phone one last time and read her message.

‘Black Wolf won. I don’t know how, but he did! I swear they need a rematch. It was close!”

‘LOL, so in short, you lost then?’ I text back.

I hit send, before slipping my phone into my pocket before kissing mom and Charlotte on the forehead and taking my seat next to Aleric. Charlotte and Mom are opposite us, with Dad at the head of the table.

“Where have you been?” Dad asks after the member of staff removes the lids of our dishes and leaves the


“Out,” I reply simply.

“I asked where.” Dad repeats with a small smile, one that doesn’t reach his cold eyes.

“And I don’t feel the need to share.” I counter emotionlessly, picking up my fork and knife.

I’m not hungry but I still decided to come and join them, but like always, it’s the questions I dislike.

“Shall we at least begin on our meal?” Mom interjects. “The roast looks absolutely delicious.”

“Go right ahead, sweetheart.” Dad says, motioning for her to carry on, his eyes fixed on mine

“It will make matters easier if Royce simply replies… Where were you, Royce, that you seem to be struggling to share?” Aleric asks, his eyes cold as he turns to look at me.

“At a friend’s” I reply shortly

“Oh, I hope it is just a friend Royce, because another Ruby is not another situation I want again.” Dad says curtly.

I clench my jaws, “Jade, her name was Jade, not Ruby.” I reply icily.

“Whatever it was, she was just a bad influence, and in the end, she left you. Do something worthwhile with your time, Royce. If it wasn’t for the court’s opinion, you would be in a far lower position than you are. You have not shown me that you are worthy of being my son.”

“Kenneth!” Mom says, hurt flashing in her eyes.

“I am being honest Catherine, he does nothing but his own choice. He will face the consequences if this careless behaviour keeps going… I’m beginning to wonder if he simply genuinely wants to help others out of his own good will, with nothing in return.”

I look ahead at Charlotte, who sits there quietly, a small frown on her face as she ducks her head, focusing on her food.

He keeps going, and I drown him out until he calls me.

“Royce, do you want to witness my wrath?! Do not ignore me!” He thunders. “If it was not for you, holding the Solaris power, you would not be so arrogant!”

“I’ll welcome your wrath. I don’t see me doing as I want, as arrogance, but maybe that’s just me… as for the court, they need to remember that I’m the one who wields the power that the court wants, is it not? This isn’t even about me.” I ask icily.

“Don’t give yourself so much importance Royce.” Aleric remarks, his face wearing a mask to disguise the irritation he’s feeling, but he’s failing.

“Am I the one giving myself importance or the court? Ask yourself why that’s the case, Aleric?” I growl, hating how he had to butt in every fucking time.

“Royce, enough.” Dad warns, and I can’t help but scoff.

If it wasn’t for this shit, life would be so much easier. Even Aleric doesn’t know the truth, but Dad does.. He knows the extent of my abilities.

“No, since this family likes to share everything, what’s to hide?” I ask Dad coldly.

“Royce, if you don’t want to share where you went, then let’s end this discussion. Now.” Dad’s eyes flash and I wonder why he’s so adamant to hide it from Aleric.

Aside from the bitch fit that he’ll throw.

Aleric looks between us, and I know he didn’t miss what I said, and, as if on cue, he places his fork down. “What power do you think you have that the High Court sees as special? The Goddess and the Sun God himself have blessed us. I represent that.” Aleric declares.

I can see the suspicion in his eyes at how Dad changed the topic. I’m not sure if he’s trying to convince me or himself.

*Royce, do not delve into it, you know the rules.” Dad warns through the link.

I ignore him, glancing at Aleric.

“Yeah, you sure do “I reply to his statement, finally appreciating the silence that has fallen over the table.

Only the sound of the cutlery against the china filled the room.

“How are classes going Charlotte?” Dad asks after a few moments

“Excellent father… I was thinking since Aleric and Royce teach at the Academy, I was wondering if I could attend Midnight Academy?” She braves, making me look up as Mom looks concerned and Dad frowns.

“That is a discussion I have already been through with you Charlotte, you will not step foot into that. place.” Dad says dangerously.

“But Aleric and Royce are-

Dad slams his knife down, making Charlotte jump.

“I said no” He hisses, his eyes flashing dangerously

She looks down. Despite being treated like a princess, she’s also kept caged.


“CHARLOTTE Dad thunders

“There’s nothing wrong with her wanting to be around other kids her age.” I say, knowing that neither Mom nor Alenc were about to defend her.

“Royce, please don’t make matters worse.” Mom says. “Charlotte is getting the best education.”

“But she wants to attend an actual school, like she said Aleric and I are-

“It’s not safe She’s better off here. One would think you would know that Do you really want our sister a place that is full of people with ill intentions?”

“Coming from a predator himself, I’m shocked that you care.” I counter icily

“Royce Mom gasps

Alenc’s eyes flash, his eyes blazing as he glares at me.

“Take it back.”


” said nothing but the truth, right? Tell me, isn’t preying on your students, fucking wrong?”

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