The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 46 by moonlight muse

  1. A Drive in the Rain


I shut the door after he leaves and I lean against the wall, resting my head back. I’m unable to wipe this stupid smile off my face.

Royce Arden…

My stomach does a flip, and my smile vanishes.

I’m falling for him… even if he isn’t Reign… I’m somehow falling for him, which means… I’m going to have

to tell Aleric…

I’m so fucked up…

“Sky! If you’re done flirting, do you want to actually come and watch?” Jayce calls.

“I’m not flirting. He’s gone.” I say, rolling my eyes and heading to my bedroom, I quickly change out of my dirty clothes. I wipe my face and neck, my heart skipping a beat as I remember how his hands had run along my throat….


I close my eyes, holding my shirt against my neck, as I inhale deeply. His scent lingers….

“Fuck, that one must have hurt!” Ares curses, snapping me from my thoughts. Tossing my clothes in my washing hamper, I head to the lounge. I’ll shower later… I don’t mind his scent lingering on me a little longer, even if I do feel a little sticky.

I return to the lounge, ready to watch the rest of this match and to relay everything to Royce, ignoring the looks I’m getting.

“So you and Arden seem close.” Theo remarks, downing his coca cola.

“We train almost daily.” I shrug.

“Train?” Ahren asks cheekily.

I give him a scathing glare, watching the television, hoping they don’t ask more nosy questions.

“There’re rumours going around about you and the other Arden. You know that right?” Jayce says while, like he’s damn twenty or something.

“Yeah, it’s BS.” I lie,


“Yeah, I’d think they would match you up with this one at this rate.” Carter adds, “Both are handsome.” “Mmm,” I say lightly, not wanting to discuss guys with this bunch. Like seriously?

Actually, I want to ask Azura what Leo thought of Royce since I know they met up for a chat. I make a mental note of that and focus on the match as I begin to fill Royce in, in the same way I used to do with


“You guys could just crash here.” I say, looking at the clock on the wall.

It’s late, and it’s a good twenty-minute drive to the school from here at this time, despite the lack of traffic through town

“We brought our bikes.” Jayce says, standing up

I tilt my head, bikes after that death noodle attack around here, I don’t want them out there….

“I don’t care, you guys are little babies, come I’ll drop you at the edge of the woods.”

“Are you for real? Babies? You called us gorillas earlier.” Theo reminds me with a scoff. “I’m taking my bike.”

Both Theo and Jayce have mopeds but legally they are not of age, and you have to cross through the human town. At this time of night they are more likely to be stopped and what if they’re caught for being underage?

“Guys, I don’t think that’s smart.” I say, “Especially since it’s late and you know about the attacks.”

I’m with Sky on this one. I don’t want to bother going through the woods at this time of night. Want to give me a lift?” Carter says.

Jayce shakes his head. You guys do what you want. We already look eighteen. No one will stop us.” The confidence in his voice makes me suspicious.

“You’ve got a fake ID, right?” I ask accusingly.

Jayce cocks a brow. “I’m not Theo or you. What’s life without risk?” with that, he heads out first.


Damn, I forget even the Westwoods are fucking cocky jerks, too. I shake my head.

“Ahren, Renji and Carter, you three are with me.

“Smart choice. They might need their asses saved from whatever killing machine there is out there.” Ares says cockily as he brushes past Renji and flicks his forehead.

“Shut it! When you become its next meal, then we’ll be the ones laughing.” I shout after him.

I hate that I have to be the dumb responsible one here. I go grab my phone, shoes, and keys before we all head out.

Jayce is already on his bike and ready to go, but before he disappears, I don’t miss the fact that he’s got a damn motorbike, which even I’m not legally allowed to use until I’m 19.

“Where did he get that?” I ask.

Renji sighs. “He brought it, but Dad doesn’t know or Mom…” He says, sounding guilty and worried at the same time.

“Fucking Westwood!” I growl.

“Ah, a rebel to a rebel” Ahren hums. I cast him a scathing glare, as I step into the pouring rain.

What the hell is wrong with this weather?

The moment I open the car door, Malevolent leaps inside, claiming the front passenger seat as she stares haughtily at the three boys who have no option but to pile into the back.

“What about our bikes?” Carter asks as I rush inside to grab a blanket for when I return. I don’t want Malevolent getting sick.

“I’ll get them to school tomorrow.” I say, locking the front door after me and hurrying back to the car. “The weathers getting worse, so be careful driving, ok.” Renji says as he glances out the window

I smirk. “I’m not Kat, don’t worry, I know what I’m doing”

I set off down the road, seeing the guys have gone ahead, and maybe I am a little jealous of Jayce’s bike,

I want mine! I only brought the car out here since I had luggage and Malevolent doesn’t like the rain

I put some EDM music on Speaking of the weather, Renji wasn’t wrong. It soon begins to pour down, and

it only gets faster. We’re halfway down the winding road that leads towards the town when I slam my foot on the brake, seeing something blocking the path.

“Whoal” Carter says as he’s slammed forward between the seats

“Meow. “Malevolent complains as she digs her claws into her seat, stopping herself from falling.

“Why did you brake? Ahren asks keenly

But I can’t focus on them, my heart skipping a beat as I realise there is nothing out there.

Fuck, I swear I thought I saw something

“Can one of you ring the boys and see if they are out of the woods yet? I command, my eyes burning plum purple as I scan the surroundings.

“They’re on three different bikes. Want us to ring them all? Ahren asks


“It’s not safe for them to answer in this bad weather” Carter points out

1 growl

“I know.” I snarl “Renji, call them”

I scan the darkness outside again. I swear I thought I saw something in the road…

“Hey Jayce, Sky said to ask where you are…”

I’m out for a bit. You guys head back together” Jayce’s voice comes.

I frown, but say nothing.

He calls the other two and I’m glad both are waiting for us. I swear I’m only going to be at ease when al six are safe at the academy

When we reach the edge of town. I see the other two waiting and motion them to keep moving. I only stop when we are outside the academy

“Thanks for the ride, Sky.” Ahren says with a smile as he hops out. “Although I didn’t realise you were going to drop us all the way home.

“Yes, thank you, bye Malevolent Renji whispers, giving her a few strokes before he jumps out and Carter gets out last.

“Bye Sky, go home, relax. You’re going to end up messing up your forehead with frown lines at this rate” He says.

I frown in reply and slide down my window, not caring that the rain soaks me in second

“Listen, all five of you get back inside and I want a call from Renji telling me the five of you made it back to your dorms, alright? The same goes for Jayce. When he’s back, let me know”

“For someone who was always out late, that’s a bit much, isn’t it? Theo asks cocking a brow

“No, it’s not, especially when there’s something out there, and unlike you guys, I was stronger” I say. thinking I had shifted, but they have not

They simply scoff, not taking me seriously

I slide my windows up, motioning them to get moving

I watch as they troop off, Theo and Ares ahead, shaking my head as they tell the guards whatever excuse and they’re let inside.

Once they’re inside, I drive away, Malevolent now fast asleep in the passenger seat.

Turning the music down a little so as not to disturb Malevolent, I bop my head and move my body to the music as I’m finally back in the woods, my mind once again mulling over Royce.

It’s crazy, but that’s how I’d envision Reign, that playful attitude, that sexiness he portrays without


I frown, tilting my head, Then Black Wolf will definitely win….

He speaks like Reign…

Maybe I’m trying to convince myself that I want him because he reminds me of online Reign. I mean, even. I’m not as I portray myself, I’m far calmer online than the real me…


I glance out at the pouring rain.

How the hell did the weather get so bad? Urgh, dumb rain!

I’m driving along when suddenly something slams into the back of my car, the sound of the crunch of mental and shattering glass, makes me slam my foot on the brakes.

I turn my head sharply as Malevolent jumps up, hissing. The smell of blood fills my nose, my stomach.

sinking when I clearly see the colour of blood, even in this heavy rain, alongside what looks like a human body…

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