The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 40 by moonlight muse

  1. A Surprising Evening


The sound of a doorbell ringing makes my eyes fly open, and I sit up, looking around my room which is now bathed in darkness. When did I even get home…

I rub my head, trying to remember the last thing that had happened…

I left Aleric’s office and was meant to head to training with Royce, but I didn’t feel too good. I had messaged Royce that I felt sick and asked if we could cancel….

I remember just about managing to find Malevolent and then… Then I bumped into Aleric as he was leaving, and he offered to drop me at home…

Yes, that’s what happened…

I don’t remember getting home though, or how or when I got into bed…

My shoes are off, and the duvet is pulled up over me.

Malevolent isn’t in the room, and the bedroom door is open.

I hear a loud knocking on the door and curse.

“Who is that?” I groan, dragging myself out of bed as I try to wake up fully.

I grab my phone from my pocket and see I have several missed calls and a shit tonne of texts.

Dude, can anyone just let me live in peace?

I feel fine now, but what the hell had even happened that I hadn’t felt well or got knocked out like that.


Another loud ring of the doorbell makes me growl.

“What the hell… can a girl not sleep without being disturbed?” I grumble as I head to the door and yank it


Ready to scold whoever it is until I find myself staring at the six giants who are crowded outside my door.

“What the….” I begin.

“Hey, Sky.” The blue-eyed boy at the front says with a smile that would make one of those teeth-whitening.

advertisements look dull.

“Renji…” I say, staring at each of the quintuplets, and Ahren. Theo and Ares are holding several huge pizza boxes.

The smell is about to give me a foodgasm. Ahren and Jayce have drinks and some other paper food bags and Renji is holding three damn boxes of Krispy Kremes!

Ah, foodsies! Come to Mama…

“The hell are you gorillas doing here?” I question, narrowing my eyes at them before my gaze flits back to

the food.

All mine…

“That hurt Sky, I’m anything but a gorilla.” Carter says with a small pout, but there’s a smile tugging at the corner of his lips as he flicks his head.

“Are you going to let us in or not?” Theo asks, cocking a brow.

“We brought offerings if that makes up for disturbing you?” Renji offers.

“Yeah, and this pizza is getting cold.” Theo adds.

“Sorry, we didn’t find any unsuspecting souls on the way here. I’m sorry for the unexpected drop-in.” Ahren

says apologetically, as they all troop inside, with Ares and Jayce bringing up the rear.

I stand there, hands on hips.

“You do know what tonight is right?” Jayce says, waving his phone in front of my face.

My eyes widen as I stare at the screen.

“The match between Scorpio and Black Wolf! Fuck, how did I not remember! Shit!”

“I figured, anyway, I thought it would be a good time to make some decent bets.” He smirks.

Ah, this fucker.

We tend to watch what we can together during term time, and as much as Uncle Liam hates these games, there is little he can do to stop us from watching them. We’re shifters, blood, gore and violence is in our blood.

“Sure, I’m ready to take all your money.” I shoot back.

I usually always only gave my honest opinion to Reign and then whoever he said would win, is what I would say to these guys, because the damn fucker was always good at figuring out who will win right off the damn bat!

Aleric said we can’t text… fuck well… never mind.

I glance at the time. There are still about ten minutes before it starts!

“I’ll be right back!” I say, rushing to my bedroom. “Can one of you guys feed Malevolent?! Her food’s in the bottom cabinet near the fridge!”

“Ok!” Renji calls back.

I can’t help but smile, yes these fuckers disturbed my sleep, and showed up uninvited, but pizza, fizzy pop and donuts? You are most welcome! And even if I don’t admit it, they also made this place come alive, so they are forgiven.

I can hear the TV has been switched on and they chatter away, rowdy as ever as they set up the match.

After pulling on some comfortable stretchy black pyjama bottoms with a lace panel down the sides and a matching long-sleeve top, I quickly hurry from the room. I don’t want to miss the match!

“You got plates, Sky?” Carter calls.

“Not sure how many… but I got a few…” I reply, heading to the kitchen where Renji is sitting watching Malevolent eat.

“Dude, who the fuck needs plates?” I hear Jayce say.

“Me.” Carter’s pointed reply comes.

I give Renji a smile before I grab whatever plates I have. “Come on, it’s probably started.”

“I know, but you know I’m not really into them. I’ll come once Malevolent’s eaten.” He says with a grin.

“Sure thing.”

I take the plates to the lounge. The boys have all made themselves comfortable, a few of them on the floor, and a few on the sofas.

I swear they really are giants. Then again, all the men in my family are.

“Who needs a plate?” I ask. Ahren, Carter and Theo, who are sitting farther away from the table, each take


I pile my own plate high with pizza, chips and parmesan, although the parmo up north really is the tastiest. I need to go there sometime, Middlesbrough here I come one day!

Once I grab two pots of sauce, I glance around, and Ahren moves over, making space for me.

Sitting down, I place my plate on my lap, fixing my eyes on the TV.

Ready to see how these two battle it out…

It’s about ten minutes later and the first round already has us on edge. Scorpio’s got the upper hand.

“See, told you he’ll win.” I say, biting into another pizza slice.

“The first round isn’t even halfway through!” Ares protests, he’s been team Black Wolf since the guy started taking part in these games.

They’re both in masks, and although some of these games are streamed, there are certain tournaments which are not streamed and the only way to watch them is through audio commentary or to buy tickets and actually go see these games

One day… one day I’m going to go to one of these games!

My list of one days’ is indeed growing.

“Fuck!” I growl when Black Wolf spins around and slashes through Scorpio’s chest. “Argh! Get up!”

The doorbell rings and my eyes flash.

“Who’s that going to be?” I say,

“Your house.” Theo mutters

“Yeah, maybe another brat like you… Asher ain’t here…”

“Asher is too busy with his precious girlfriend ” Jayce smirks.

“I envy him.” Ares hums. “Or not.”

“I feel a bit bad for all the bloodshed these matches have.” Renji says as I get up from the sofa.

Ahren chuckles. “Not getting queasy are you, Renji?”


“I’m only here for the sexy men.” Carter adds, as I leave the room, biting into my pizza slice.

Getting to the door, I pull it open, and I’m instantly hit with the delicious scent of none other than-

“Royce.” I say,

He cocks a brow as his gaze goes to the pizza I’m holding.

“For someone not feeling well… you seem to be perfectly fine.” He crosses his arms, and I can see he’s holding a small black paper bag too.

Surprising Evening

“Well, I was actually in bed, and then my cousins showed up and we are now watching the Alpha Gen X games. Maybe a good boy like you doesn’t know what they are but they are unmissable.” I taunt.

His eyes widen in surprise.

“It’s tonight? Oh, shoot yeah, Scorpio and Wolf…”

I smirk. So he does know them.

“Hmm, seems like I’m not the only one that had forgotten then.”

I hear the shouting from the living room and wonder what happened!


“Do you want to watch?” I ask, before I step closer to him, my heart skipping a beat as I tiptoe so I can whisper in his ear. “There’s a group of people in there, so it definitely wouldn’t be inappropriate.”

My eyes dip to his Adam’s apple as he swallows, biting my lip, before I smoothly move back.

“Tempting, especially since it will take me at least half an hour to get home…”

So that is a yes.

I step aside, allowing him entrance.

“So, who is winning?” He asks, his gaze flickering to the lounge.

I tilt my head. “Who knows, my bets are on Scorpio.”

“Then it’s definitely going to be Black Wolf.” He says confidently, taking off his leather jacket, before he


I freeze too and it’s not because of how sexy he looks in that grey tee, but his words that make my heart. skip a beat.

Words that sound so damn familiar…

He looks over at me sharply and our eyes meet…

Moonlight Muse Author

thank you for reading.

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