The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 39 by moonlight muse


Azura’s words keep replaying in my mind as I trudge toward Aleric’s office.

My footsteps echo off the tiles.

With the rumours going around, I don’t think him choosing his office for detention is wise, and I don’t think I want those rumours to get to Dad.

Me and the professor I’m rumoured to be having an affair with alone in his office.

Hmm, office sex sounds hot, and I wouldn’t mind him showing me his dominant side by bending me over

that desk of his….

I smirk. Regardless of if that sounds appealing or not, I don’t plan to get down and dirty with him. Not after that talk with Azura. That really has made me see reason.

The halls are empty as everyone is either in training, outdoors, or just chilling since school’s out. They’re lucky to be doing whatever shit they want for the rest of the evening.

Then there’s poor me, heading to detention, without even a morsel of food to satiate the pang of hunger that fills my stomach. How sad.

Ok I’m not that hungry and we’re usually allowed to take food to detention, if it’s during lunch or after school, but I can’t bother.

It’s kinda weird knowing Kat’s gone… Azura’s gone, Song’s gone… There was a time the four of us would walk down these halls together. Now?

It’s just me.

Who would have thought I’d be the last one left here…

I break into a run, doing a cartwheel in the middle of the empty corridor before I turn the corner and come to an abrupt stop when I see Rivers walking down the hall towards me.

“Ah, Miss Rossi.” He says, his piercing eyes boring into me.

“Mr Rivers.” I reply emotionlessly, crossing my arms.

He looks around the empty halls, then back at me. “Why are you still here? Shouldn’t you be heading for training?”

“I have detention first.” I say.

His brows furrow. “Detention already, Miss Rossi, I am beginning to feel rather concerned with how this year has started. If Professor Arden didn’t stop me from talking to your father regarding the violence displayed against a teacher, I would immediately have had him come over.” He drones on.

Please, violence displayed against a teacher?

Who even says that?

Dumb Rivers, that’s who.

“Hm.” I respond, faking a yawn.

Something that does not go unnoticed by him. “Perhaps you need to see a therapist for your issues, Miss Rossi.”

I freeze as I stare at him, my eyes flashing.



I do not need a fucking therapist.

“Get out of my sight before I display further violence against a teacher.” I snarl, my eyes blazing.

“I am your headmaster, Miss Rossi!”

“And I care why?” I growl, feeling my anger rising.

The thought of Royce makes me fight my irritation, but my heart is still pounding as I glare at him.

He cowers back, his face paling, and he swallows hard. His eyes once again scanning the halls, fear clear

in his eyes.

He’s scared of me, I bet if he had the choice, he wouldn’t even let me remain at the school….

“Your behaviour will not be tolerated, Miss Rossi.” He warns before he turns and strides away.

My eyes return to normal, and I watch him walk away, my gaze burning into his back.

I scoff as I see him trying not to rush, but he’s fucking oozing fear.

Yeah, run with your damn tail between your legs, bloody wuss.

I close my eyes and take a deep breath before I turn and continue on my way to Aleric’s office.

I don’t need a therapist. I do not have fucking issues!

I knock on the door, harder than I meant to, the sound echoing in the silent hallway.

“Come on in.” Aleric’s voice says.

I push open the door to see him sitting in his seat. The smell of smoke is strong in here.

“Something get burned?” I ask, cocking a brow. The windows are open, and he frowns slightly.

“Yes, come on in, take a seat.”

I cock a brow, seeing his office chair is missing.

I sit down in one of the two chairs opposite his desk and Aleric picks up two Styrofoam cups and passes one to me. “Here, I know you like hot chocolate with extra sugar and plenty of cream.” He gives me a wink

and I nod.

Sure, he does, Reign knows that.

“Thanks.” I say, feeling my mood lift a little as I take the cup from him.

Our eyes meet before he looks down at his own cup.

“Bad day?” He asks me as he takes the seat opposite me.

If this is meant to be detention, it sure doesn’t feel like it at the moment.

I take a sip of the scalding hot, hot chocolate, enjoying the burning liquid pouring down my throat.

“Kinda. River’s thinks I need therapy, like I’m fucking mental.” My eyes flash as I glare at the table.

“You don’t.” He says, almost sounding displeased. “But how can he possibly say you need therapy. He doesn’t know you, not the real you. So, let’s forget about him and his useless antics.”

“Yeah, I’m fucking done.”

I shrug, downing my drinks and grabbing my bag. Better get to that work.

“You can do your assignment later, and hand it to me next lesson.” I look up in surprise.

“Really?” I ask.

“Looks like we’ve both had a bad day, I think it won’t kill either of us if it’s a few days late. Just make sure you do your best.” He says, reaching over he caresses my cheek and I slowly ease back.

“We shouldn’t.” I say quietly.

I just need time to figure my own shit out.

A flash of hurt crosses his face but he doesn’t push it, instead gives me a nod and retracts his hand.

“So, why did you have a bad day?” I ask, closing my bag and dropping it to the floor again.

He shakes his head, running his hand through his lush locks. “It doesn’t matter.” He says, that frown


“So you can ask me, I’m supposed to reply yet I can’t ask you? That’s not how it works.” I say, finishing my drink, feeling far more relaxed than I did before it.

I sit back, watching him as I wait for an answer.

“You won’t drop it, will you.” He says, smiling slightly, although I can still see something is troubling him.

“No, I won’t.” I reply.

“It’s no big deal but your cousin, Alpha of the Sangue pack, has heard the rumours about us that are floating around…” He trails off, concern clear in his eyes as I let those words sink in.

Leo knows.

Fuck, that ain’t good.

Did Azura say something?

No… she isn’t like that…

Leo is smart but…

“And what did he say?” I ask, my stomach twisting at the thought the damn fucking genius would figure

shit out.

Aleric looks down, “Well, let’s just say he thinks he’s above me, but as he’s a Rossi, that isn’t wrong. We’re nothing in comparison, even if we’re innocent.”

Whoa, what the hell.

I know these Rossi men and, dare I admit it – I too, have a temper and ego… but fuck.

“What was he saying?” I repeat sharply.

“That the rumours better not be true. I’m afraid he assumes I’m a predator. The thing is Sky, if you were not Luciferess, I would not have crossed that line.”

I nod slowly. “Yeah, I get that.”

“What do you want, Skyla? I know I want you, but I don’t know what you want.” He says quietly.

Yeah, I don’t know either…

“1 need time, Reign, when you stood me up… everything just became complicated. I just want time for me.” I say. My head feels a bit hazy right now.

I hate that there’s hurt in his eyes and he reaches over, taking my hand in his, his fingers brushing my knuckles.

“I’ll wait for you princess… because I’m crazy about you and no matter how much self-control I have to have, when it comes to you… it’s all gone.” He replies huskily. Raising my hand to his lips, he kisses it softly.

A man who is actually crazy about me..

I relish the soft sparks of pleasure rushing through me, and I slowly tug my hand free.

“You’re crazy to be attracted to me, Aleric.” I say quietly, my heart racing.

“Maybe, but I don’t mind being crazy if it involves you, Luciferess, who stepped into my life because I love our debates. I miss those bets and our jokes. I miss the woman who became my best friend as well as something so much more.” He says, his eyes blazing gold as he gazes into my eyes.

Our bets… Our playful banter…

I can’t help but smile faintly.

I miss it too… but… I don’t know… I haven’t felt that since being with him. Can someone be so different online and offline?

“I hate how you were usually always right when it came to the bets.” I remark, pushing that thought away.

“And it drove me crazy that you refused to pay up even a penny of what you lost to me.” He counters.

“Yeah, I know.” I smile.

There he is, the Reign I know. I really need to give him some time before I judge him.

He gives me a charming smile. “I miss it all, but we’re not going to be able to talk online again… I know you want time… but after Leo’s threat, I do not want you in trouble, not on my accord. So, let’s only talk in person going forward. I’ll grab us some burner phones if we need to drop a message, but with Leo Rossi making his threat, we can’t text anymore.”

Leo, like seriously?

I’m not a fucking kid, but I can’t say anything because then it would mean Aleric told me and would further cement those thoughts in their damn heads.

I hide my irritation as I nod, telling myself it’s not like he’ll never see me again. Heck, he’s right here at the academy.

“Deal.” I say with a nod.

He smiles as he reaches over, placing a soft kiss on my cheek. His scent fills my nose, making my heart skip a beat. His lips brush my jaw, and my stomach does a flip.

He says only one word, one word that sums up exactly how he is feeling and sends a jolt straight to my



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