The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 38 by moonlight muse

  1. A Warning


“Oh, hun” Azura says, hugging me tightly. “I’m sorry that you feel that way and I do get it.”

“Yeah, well it’s Dad who needs to get it.” I say icily as I pull away and sigh. “Fuck.”

I hate how I feel guilty when I focus my anger on him, because I know he loves me.

“You’re only eighteen Sky, don’t push yourself. Let life teach you, its lessons. I mean, I learned things my own way and it was the hard way. But Leo has never tried to stop me from doing what I needed to. He treats me as his equal, even though I know a few times he would have preferred I wasn’t around, but he still let me do what I wanted. With time, I realised I did act recklessly a few times, but ultimately, he let me learn that myself.” She explains.

She tucks her silky hair behind her ear as she continues. “I have faith Alejandro will get that. He just sees you as his little princess. Try to see it from his point too? Even if it isn’t the right one?” She tries to reason

with me.

The thing is, I’m not his little princess anymore.” I sigh. “I’m capable, just as Dante was capable at my age”

“I know. I get that babe. Want me to make an Alejandro voodoo doll?” She asks, smirking. “Or a Dante one! We can maybe burn his hair off.”

I can’t help but laugh. She has always had an issue with his hair.

“Wait, that would actually be so cool. I mean a Dad voodoo doll! One with tattoos and a big ass frown on his grumpy face. Maybe I can make a video of me torturing it and send it to him.” I chuckle.

“He’ll come for my head.” She replies, amused.

“Probably…” I sigh, my smile fading as that same anger stings inside of me.

He’ll never see me as old enough, or capable enough. I don’t even want to talk about it further because ! know it triggers me..

I just hate how people are quick to fucking question shit I do in my life, but they do not fucking know me.

Azura gets it, I just wish Dad got it too, I’m not Kat… The thing is, I also know he’s the same with Mama, there are times he simply refuses to allow her to step up, not wanting her to get hurt.

Why? Because she’s a woman. She would worry about her mate going into battle, but because he’s a guy, it’s fine. As I said, double standards.

“It’s going to be ok” Azura says.

We fall silent and simply sit there. Azura rests her head on my shoulder, and I rest my head against hers as i ponder over what we have discussed.


But one thing that Azura has said has stuck in my head, about people getting killed. I can be pissed at Dad, but if this helps in any way, then I’m going to have to do it. Or I might just tell Azura to tell Leo. He can pass the message on to Dad. I just don’t want to hear a lecture

I hold Malevolent tightly, glancing at Azura’s wrist, and read the time on her watch.

“Oh, it’s almost the end of class Come on, I’ll introduce you to Prince Aleric Arden.”

She runs her hand through her hair.

“I’m sorry, actually Leo wants me to head over to Kataleya’s dorm to make sure we get her stuff in the car. Maybe next time?” She offers.

“Oh, sure.” I say, I don’t think I want to see him right now, anyway. “Then I’ll head to lesson. I missed this, just talking, the two of us.”

“Me too.” She says before she hugs me tightly. “Stay strong Sky. You are limitless and strong. I’m always just a call away.”

“I know.”

Azura walks me to class. We meet Kataleya halfway and I bid her farewell too, knowing I won’t see her again for a while.

“I’ll miss you.” I say, refusing to cry.

“I’m going to call, all the time ok.” She promises me tearfully.

Yes, you will, but will I answer?

I’ll try to.


The lesson had just finished and rather than getting ready for the next one, I’m delighted when Rivers tells me that there was someone who wants to see me.

Alpha Leo Rossi of the Sangue Pack himself.


“Royce, did Leo Rossi want to speak to you?” I ask as I head to my office.

‘No.’ His reply comes.

“Ok, he’s here, but you wouldn’t care now, would you?”

‘Not really, should I?”

I clench my jaw, hating how carefree he is.

If we’re here and among others, we should gain their trust and build our reputation and relationship with them. Especially those with power.

But Royce is a fool.

Reaching my office, I unlock the door and step inside, instantly hit with a powerful aura and a scent I don’t recognise

The shutters are drawn, casting shadows across the room and my eyes snap to my chair to see a man radiating power sitting there. He’s muscular, with dark hair and piercing icy eyes. His hands, adorned with a few rings, rest on the arms of the chair, one leg placed on the other knee Tattoos cover his neck and hands, and he exudes a dangerous aura

For a moment, I feel like I am looking at the king himself. His cold eyes are on me, and I switch the light on, closing the door behind me

“Alpha Leo Rossi “I say, trying to hide the irritation at the fact that he’s sitting in my seal.

“Alaric Arden” He says coldly

I’m an Alpha too, how dare a Rossi try to belittle me by addressing me like that.

I smile smoothly and walk over to the desk.

“This isn’t how I was expecting to meet you. The door was locked. How did you get in?” I ask.

“Via the door.” He doesn’t offer an explanation as he now stands up and walks over to me until he’s standing opposite me.

He looks me square in the eye and I realise he’s here for a reason, not for pleasantries.

“Can I help you with something?” I ask, not wanting to call him Alpha again. It leaves a sour taste in my


“I’m not here to ask anything of you. I’m here to give you a warning.” His eyes flash a steel magnetic blue.

“A warning?” I ask, my smile vanishing.

“I came across some intriguing rumours, ones that involve a teacher and a student. A student who happens to be my cousin.” He says quietly.

His voice is calm, but there’s a sinister warning in that silence. One that is extremely powerful, and he now looks me dead in the eyes.

“By accusing me of something you have no proof of, based on weightless rumours is an insulting and dangerous game, Leo Rossi. Let’s not forget who I am.” I say quietly. My eyes flash as I let my own aura pair against his.

He simply smirks coldly, unphased, although I know he can sense it.

“And there it is.” He says softly.

“There’s what?”

He doesn’t respond, glancing away.

“As someone said, time isn’t borrowed but given, and I’m done wasting mine with you.” He walks to the door and stops. “If she’s hurt, in any way on your account… you will have me to answer to and I’m sure you Arden’s know, Leo Rossi bows to no council or king. Nothing will hold me back from unleashing my


Without another word, he opens the door and steps out, the door shuts with a sharp snap, leaving me

raging with anger.

My eyes blaze red and it takes everything I have, not to destroy my surroundings.

How dare he! How fucking dare hel

I look down, my hands simmering with sparks of embers, but the thing is, he was in here… if he doesn’t trust me, then he could have planted something in here

I have to keep my cool, just in case…

You might be smart Leo Rossi, but so am I.

As for Sky I will talk to her, I think it’s time we stopped using electronics to communicate

I look around the office before taking out my own phone and clicking on the camera app that I’ve

installed here, I rewind it until I see him step into the room

He looked around before taking a slow walk around the office, pausing when he stops at the shelf where the camera is situated, and then his eyes flicked to the sculpture that holds the camera. A smirk crosses his lips as he looks directly into the camera

He knew

My heart thunders as I still remain in control, watching him walk around the desk and sit down in the position | had seen him in, rocking the chair slightly as he awaited my return.

“Bastard” I hiss, throwing my phone across the room

He thinks he can protect her?

I scoff

I’ll destroy her! I’ll ruin her mentally to such an extent that she will trust only me and no one else!

I’ll turn her away from her family! How dare he fucking try to pick a fight with an Arden!

Once she’s completely in my grasp, I will then relish in the pain that I will have caused them!

May they all fucking burn in hell!

Spinning around, I send a ball of fire at my chair, letting the entire thing become engulfed in flames. My chest is heaving as I glare into the fire…

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