The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 41 by moonlight muse

  1. Doubts


He looks away first and places his jacket aside, cocking a brow at me.

“Are you alright?” He asks.

“Yeah…” I say, shaking my head.

He had reminded me of Reign, it threw me. I guess he and Aleric are twins but…

Running my fingers through my hair, I clear my head. I’m about to close the door when Royce reaches over, his arm brushing mine as he closes the door.

Focus Sky…

“So, what was wrong earlier?” He asks, looking me over before he looks away.

So cute.

“I just felt suddenly sick and sluggish. I don’t know.” I frown, it does sound weird… “It was strange.” “Yeah… You’re a werewolf, unless there was something in your system you wouldn’t have fell ill so suddenly.” He says, and I can’t help but appreciate the slight pause before he said the word werewolf.

He is still being careful around my own family. He has a point, even if we get ill, there’s a reason and we recover far faster than normal.

“Yeah… but everything was fine. Classes finished, then I ran into Rivers and then went to Aleric’s office for detention. Nothing weird even happened.”

“Right… I actually came down to check up on you, since you said you weren’t well, but since I’m here, mind if I take a bit of blood to run it through some tests? Because that doesn’t sound normal.”

“What kind of tests?” I say as we enter the lounge and all eyes turn to us.

Ahren tilts his head, munching slowly on a chip, whilst the quintuplets instantly shift to hostile mode.

Jayce’s eyes are calculating. Theo and Ares are frowning, Carter has his eyebrows raised, and even Renji’s smile has faltered.

“Guys, he’s my trainer. Stop staring at him, even if he is pretty handsome.”

Carter nods his agreement, and Royce raises an eyebrow.

“Nice to meet you guys.” He says, just as the TV signals the end of round one.

A few of them mumble as I gaze at the TV in dismay.

“Shit, we missed it!”

“Scorpio won the round.” Jayce offers broodily. “But I don’t think he will win overall. He overexerted himself straight up.”

“Don’t underestimate him.” I say. There’s a ten-minute break now. I pick up a plate for Royce. “What would you like?”

“Anything’s fine… As for the test, it’s just to see if there is anything there or not.” He says, and it’s obvious he doesn’t want to say much more in front of these guys.

“Ok guys, we’ll be right back, holler at me when the break is over.” I say, before jerking my head at the

door and lead the way out.

I head to the kitchen, and Royce follows.

“You know, giving anyone from the Arden company a sample of my blood is dangerous.” I say lightly, placing the plate down. “Eat before it gets colder.”

He takes a slice and bites into it, placing the bag he was carrying down.

“That’s true.” He says with a faint smirk, which makes me wonder if he’s serious or joking. “But I promise, I’ll do one small test and the rest will be disposed of, or if you want, I can take the blood and you can keep it until tomorrow. We can do the test in your presence then?”

“I trust you, Royce.”

“You shouldn’t trust anyone so easily.” He replies quietly, taking another bite of his pizza. Why the hell does he look sexy in everything he does?

“I know, but I trust you, so you got something you can put some blood in?” I ask him.

“Actually, no…”

“Yet you suddenly want blood. I might have something.” I say, “Wait here.”

I leave the kitchen, going to my bedroom, and rummage in one of the lower drawers. It takes me a few minutes to find what I’m looking for, and I take out one of the empty vials that I would use for my poisons. Glad I haven’t had a dose of my own mixture in my body.

Yeah, I need to make some more since Mama or Dad cleared that shit away.

I return to the kitchen and take a few seconds to appreciate that ass before I hold the vial out to him.

“Here.” I say smoothly, “Open it, I’ll pour some blood into it.

He nods, twisting the lid off and I let my fangs out, piercing my thumb deeper than I meant to, and quickly step back to save my clothes. Holding my finger out, I let the blood pour into the vial that is filling up pretty fast.

“You pierced your skin too deep,” He murmurs, taking hold of my hand and pressing his thumb over my cut firmly, stopping the bottle from filling to the top.

“Meh, it’s just a cut.” I say lightly, too busy, lost in that gorgeous face, although blood continues to spill from around his thumb.

“It’s a precious thing. Don’t treat it like it’s not.” He says, tugging my hand to his lips before he removes his thumb and takes my thumb in his mouth.


My head feels light as he simply sucks my thumb, his tongue flicking along the cut, making my pussy clench.

He parts his lips, tugging my hand back, and my thumb slips from his mouth, brushing his lips, and he tenses, realising what he has just done.

“Ah, Alpha saliva-”

“Heals.” I finish for him.

“Yeah.” He says, letting go of my hand and grabbing the lid for the vial. “I’ll have a check if there is, in fact, something in your blood.”

“Cool, but how would anything get in my blood?” I ask, walking over to the sink.

I quickly rinse off my hands, trying not to focus on the fact my stomach is just a mess of nerves again.

“Did you eat or drink anything?”

I pause, the hot chocolate… but Aleric would not do that, and I’m not about to say that to Royce, not until I know if there is in fact anything in there.

‘The Arden’s are shady, and although Kenneth is on the council, I won’t forget the fact that he did try to poison Rafael once.’ Grandad Elijah’s words from years ago replay in my mind and I frown.

They say the apple does not fall far from the tree… I do need to be careful… Why do I suddenly feel uneasy?

Royce comes over and I glance at him, looking at the blood that covers his big hand. I like a man with big


Focus Sky.

I’m trying to get rid of the horrible thoughts that have now crossed my mind. I do need to be careful though…

I step away from the counter and let him wash his hands as I dry my own slowly

“Shall we head to the lounge?”

“Yeah, the next round will be starting soon. I can’t believe I had actually forgotten it.” He muses.

“Maybe you had something else keeping your mind busy.” I suggest lightly leading the way out.


It’s a while later and Royce is sitting on the floor, leaning against the side of the armchair. Although both Ahren and Renji had offered him their seats, he had refused.

I ignored the questioning and suspicious gazes that came my way and soon I’m totally immersed in the match. It’s bloodier now, as they pull out everything to win.

“Fuck that’s low.” I growl.

“Anything goes, low or not.” Royce says. “Wolf will win, guaranteed.”

“Yeah totally,” Ares agrees.

“There’s still hope…” I mutter.

“I’m actually shocked you got it wrong this time.” Jayce says, “You’re usually on point with all the matches.”

Royce turns and cocks a brow. “Oh yeah?” He looks amused. “Doesn’t look like it.”

“Hey, I am really good usually.” I frown, feeling a tad jealous of the fact Malevolent was next to him. She had slowly inched closer to him and the moment he had stroked her, she had taken it as an invitation to sit in his lap.

Damn, I want to be the one sitting in his lap, or maybe on his face instead. He wants a pussy to play with. I’d give him one.

Urgh, focus girl.

“Yeah, I’m sure you are.” His cocky smirk gets to me, as does the fact I now have a very explicit image in my head, and I throw a pizza crust at the back of his head the moment he turns away.

A few of the boys snicker and stick my tongue out at Royce, who had turned back faster than lightning.

“So you two friends or something?” Theo asks gulping down his can of Rubicon Mango.

“Or something.” Carter ads.

Royce shrugs. “Yeah, I guess so.” He says lightly.

Our eyes meet and I feel it’s just the two of us, before he turns away and I quickly look down, too.

“Ahem ahem.” Ahren fake coughs, making me give him a playful nudge in the waist.

But I can’t help but smile, my eyes back on the screen.

Moonlight Muse


Two today: D

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