The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 35 by moonlight muse

  1. Late


I can’t get my head around it.

He thought I was the one attacking and killing people?

Like actually fucking seriously?

No wonder he’s always been observing my eyes whenever they changed.

Plum… just like the death noodles.

That day when he had said, out in the woods, I had turned and just left. Although he had tried to call out to me, I refused to listen…


“I didn’t mean it like that. I’m sorry.” Royce says, closing his eyes for a moment as he exhales.


“Sorry doesn’t cover you thinking I’m a killer, yes I can’t control my Lycan, but I’m no killer. “I trail off, feeling as if I’ve been punched in the gut.

I have almost killed someone… If Kat didn’t stop me….

I can’t blame him for thinking that…

“I’m just in a habit of over analysing everything and I’m not saying you but your-”

“My Lycan is a part of me.” I cut in, “Look, I’m fine, I’m tired and without clothes, I don’t really want to head back to school, I’m going home.”

I don’t wait for an answer, breaking into a run, mind linking Kat, I ask if she can drop Malevolent off to me

after school…

Sorry Malevolent, I can’t stay here right now. I don’t mean to abandon you…


I just needed space.

Rolling onto my back, I stare at the wooden ceiling of the cottage.

I am glad it’s the weekend, and I had switched my phone off and just stayed in bed.

Kat was the only one who had stopped by to drop Malevolent, and she had stayed, made dinner and we even watched a movie, but even she was going to be gone with Leo and Azura who were going to come to collect her on Monday.

Well, I know for a fact Aleric stopped by, but I didn’t want to see him for now, either.

He sure was fucking determined and had stayed outside for a while.

He’s Reign, I’m still trying to process that.

But a part of me feels fucking awful. How do I explain the almost hook-up at the club, or the fact that I fucked him without knowing who he was?

Ugh, I fucked up.

My alarm goes off and ! turn, staring at the clock.

Why the hell is the…..


Shit, it’s Monday!

Fuck, Azura said they’d be here for lunch too! I need to get to school on time before someone gives me


Argh, I need to get up!

I’ve missed her badly!

I just need someone to talk to, someone who is probably the most similar to me.

Boy, the problem isn’t something that I can talk about with Kat or Song.

Kat is Kat, and Song, well I think she’s got a hot crush on someone since the summer holidays, one she is totally denying, but otherwise, she was never like me and Zu.

Plus, there’s never any judgement with Azura.

I do need to catch up with Song too… As for her crush, I wonder if Azura knows?

Getting out of bed I head to have a shower, not having showered over the weekend, and I need a good


Damn, I’m so gross.

After showering, I pull on some high-waisted thongs, a black sports bra and baggy black sweatpants that have a red block design down the left leg, with a matching cropped hoodie.

I put on a bit of eyeliner and a red lippy, before feeding Malevolent. I sit down and try to do at least one or

two assignments.

Kat had been ever so helpful to bring my books to me when she had brought Malevolent home.

Fuck, why do we need to know this shit?

I scribble through my literature work as fast as I can and flip open the next book.


My worst enemy.

Whoever made algebra did it to torture me….

Why, just why do I need to know this crap?

I groan as I switch my phone on and glance at the time.

I need to leave. I’m going to be late!


I snap my book shut making Malevolent jump, before I shove them back into my bag and bundle her up in my arms. Grabbing my keys I run outside.

I might need to get Dad to get someone to drop my bike off! Might be faster than the car. There are plenty of shortcuts down the narrow paths where the car can’t go.

Half an hour later, I come to a skidding stop outside Aleric’s class.


I’m late.

The bell rang five minutes ago, but I had to put Malevolent somewhere safe.

Trying to sneak her around the back where no one would find her took a bit of time, but once I was content she was going to be ok and happy, only then did I head to class.

She’s worth being late for.

I peek inside. How bad would it be if I try to sneak in… What are the chances I’ll be noticed?

Slowly, I turn the door handle, his velvety voice as he explains something to the class reaching me. I squeeze inside just as his eyes turn to me.

“Good morning, Miss Rossi, glad to see you could make it.” He says.

All eyes turn on me and I bet you all the money I’ve ever got from Dad, that they’re rethinking over what happened between me and Aleric.

I saw some of the rumours before I switched my phone off the other night.

“Yeah… I had a bit of car trouble, and then there was a poor kitty that needed some help…” I trail off as Aleric simply raises an eyebrow, an amused smirk on his face.

“Well, I’m just glad you made it. Take your seat.” He says, our eyes lock and I can just imagine the amusement Reign would have at this.

“No detention?” Nick the dick pipes up.

Aleric looks up at the boy who had spoken. “Everyone gets a chance, Mr Gale. Now let’s get back to work

Taking my seat, I wait for Aleric to turn away and I give the fucker a dirty look and the middle finger, before I pop a chewing gum in my mouth and try to pay attention to the lesson.

Time passes by way slower than I wanted and when the bell finally rings, I’m the first to jump up from my seat, only for Aleric to hold his hand up.

“Before you all leave, I want the assignments I gave to you all last week.”

Fuck, I didn’t manage to cover chemistry….

I’m sure I can sneak out… the kids all start to troop to the front desk, some happy, others more disgruntled.

I’m planning to sneak out, my eyes on him as I try to edge towards the door, when without even looking up, Aleric calls me.

“Miss Rossi, are you forgetting to hand in your work?”

I freeze and spin on my heels, giving him a sweet smile.

“Here we go with the excuses Here’s mine sir. Unlike some, I did it.” Daphne says, batting her lashes at Aleric, who ignores the obvious attempt to get his attention.

She’s leaning over, practically shoving her boobs in his face.

Why not just chop them off Daftnee and feed them to him?


“Shut it bi….” I trail off as Aleric cocks a brow.

“Thank you, Miss Summers, now move along, and I’m waiting for an explanation, Miss Rossi.”

Sorry Malevolent, you’re taking one for the team…

“Well, I did actually do it… but my cat tore it up.”

I hear a few people snicker, and Aleric crosses his arms.

“That’s a shame to hear. Well then, since there’s no pussycat at school to threaten or damage your assignment… I think it might be safer for you to do it during lunch break, in my presence.”

I don’t miss the way his eyes flicker over me, making my heart skip a beat.

He’s playing a dangerous game when there are so many people around… Not to mention, there are already rumours up in the air, not that I minded danger.

“I can’t, I mean my… cousin is coming over and was hoping to have lunch…”


“Always the same…”

I hear the whispers but ignore them.

“Very well then, after school, I want you in my office. You’re going to do that homework, Miss Rossi.”

“Fine.” I say, turning and leaving the room, pulling a face.

“Does anyone know why Mr Freeman is not here today?” I hear Aleric ask as I exit the classroom.

I frown, slowing down slightly.


He didn’t seem well last week too…

I shrug, pushing the thought away and head to my next class. During lunch, I’m going to have to try to get my math work done.

I really don’t want to spend even more time in detention.

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