The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 34 by moonlight muse


I gasp when I see the silvery light that shimmers around his hand before ice encases the ground, spreading as it creates unique patterns. I can feel the cold in the air.

My heart thunders as I stare at it before my gaze flicks up to him. He’s unmoving, yet the power that exudes from him….

I can’t help but bite my lip.

His ash blond hair seems to be holding a radiance, his angled jaw and the dimple in his cheek is emphasised. For a moment, time stands still and all I can see is the God before me… He looks… breathtaking.

An Ice God… How can one look so damn beautiful?

The cold makes me shiver and I’m pulled back to the present as I lift my legs from the ground.

Whoa… Fuck it’s freezing!

That’s some crazy Elsa shit.

“Wait, are you somehow a witch? I mean, is that even possible I swear your cock didn’t feel like-” i internally smack myself.

“Really?” He cocks a brow and gives me a pointed look. “No, this isn’t witchcraft, but an ability that is part of our heritage.”


My heart skips a beat as I stare at him and then at the ice beneath us and the intense drop in temperature. Manipulating nature… like the Solaris bloodline?

“Whoa… Royce… you can manipulate the weather?” I ask sharply, staring at him in awe as I jump to my feet.

Rushing over to him, my bare feet skid on the ice and I go tumbling. Fuck I didn’t expect it to be so glassy! “Careful!” He exclaims, and the Ice God catches me before I ended up kissing the floor.

I hate how my heart skips a beat. I grip onto his shoulder, very aware of his taut muscles beneath my hand. His scent makes my heart pound, but remembering Reign, I slowly ease off him.

“So can you?” I ask, trying to recollect my thoughts.

He tilts his head. “Just storms, blizzards, snow, think winter and ice, of course we are sworn not to ever mention it.”

“Don’t worry, you know my secret too, and I already promised that I’ll take yours to my grave.”

Our eyes met, and I look away.

“That’s excellent then. Maybe we’ll be able to work together better, considering you won’t be so on edge in case you end up losing control.”

“So, you still want to help me?” I ask with a smirk.

“I already told you I will be.” He says as I rub my arms.

“Great, as for you being Elsa, my lips really are sealed.” I tease.

He cocks a brow.


I simply wink at him, and he shakes his head.

“Then know that mine are also sealed in regard to you being the big… bad wolf…” A small faint smile kisses the corner of his lips, almost as if he had just realised something. He shakes his head. “Anyway, you have yourself a deal.”

He holds his hand out to me and I take it, letting his larger hand encase mine.

I want this. I want these conversations without his anger…

I swallow hard, allowing him to shake my hand before I move back and he glances at the ground, clearing the ice away.

I’m so damn jealous of that power right now.


He’s always reminded me of winter…

“So, are you part of the Solaris line?” I coax.

He looks up and gives a small nod..

“Yes. We are descendants of the Solaris line.” He confirms.

“Whoa… that’s the only line that-”

“Doesn’t run in your family, right?” He smirks.

I nod, my heart skipping a beat.

Maybe I need a Solaris boy to make some babies.

I snicker at my own thoughts, and he simply raises an eyebrow questioningly.

“Do I even want to know?”

“Trust me, no.” I reply shaking my head.

Our eyes meet and he shrugs. “Then I won’t ask. Anyway, it’s something that Dad wants me to keep a secret. I’d appreciate it if you don’t mention it to Aleric either, even if he mentions his own to you. There are things I don’t really- that I prefer no one to know.”

I wonder what he was going to say, but I decide against pushing him further.

“He has abilities too?” I ask instead.

“Yeah.” He keeps it short, making it clear he doesn’t want to discuss his brother further. We fall silent and stare through the treetops, the soothing calmness of the forest relaxing me.

I can’t deny that my mind is a mess… I don’t know how to explain the feeling inside of me. Finding out who Reign is, the way it still messes me up with how I feel around Royce….

“You know, I was thinking about what you said.” I say suddenly, my heart squeezing at what I’m about to

He looks at me and raises an eyebrow. “Last night?” He says, looking away.

A slight tension falls between us, and I nod.

He knows exactly what I mean.

“Yeah… and as much as I hate to admit it, I was in the wrong to keep pushing you, especially since I clearly have an effect on you but you’re too much of a good boy to give in.”

“Oh, like I don’t have an effect on you.” He counters cockily.

I smirk. “I never denied it, though.” I shoot back defiantly.

Our eyes meet and he nods slowly, his lips set in a natural pout as he looks away.

“Fair point.”

Shame it’s just not strong enough for you to give in…

“So… I was thinking, going forward… I won’t tease you. During our lessons or otherwise… I mean, I’ll try not to; I can generally be flirty…

He chuckles slightly. “I know.”

“Good then, so… friends?” I let out a breath. This is way harder than I thought.

Why does it hurt to friend-zone him?

“Sounds good.” His grey eyes meet my green ones and I feel a slight tug inside. It’s not painful… but it


“So, are you alright, I mean, you shifted?”

“Yeah, I just, there was a lot on my mind. I’m fine now. Shall we head back?”

“We should I have class.” He says, standing up, and my eyes fall to his abs.

So perfect… his V line is fucking fine.

Urgh Sky stop it.

He holds his hand out to me and I take it, allowing him to help me to my feet. “What are the chances the barrier will let us back in.”

“Very low. Last year I got out, but getting in is harder.” I say, shrugging.

“Bloody hell, neither of us is dressed to just go through the gates…” He feels in his back pocket, which only makes his body flex.

Can I take it back?

“We’re werewolves. Being naked is fine.”

He gives me a sceptical look. “No. We need an alternative solution.” He fishes out his mobile phone. Luckily I have this.”

“Yeah, espe….” I trail off as I suddenly tense, feeling a chill run up my back. There’s a sudden darkness. and it’s one I recognise.

“There’s no connection.” Royce mutters in the background, clearly not sensing it. I turn sharply, my eyes blazing as I scan the trees. “What is it?” he asks sharply

“I don’t-” I gasp when I see a flash of black and see the same serpent that was outside of my cottage rushing right at us.

“Move!” Royce growls, raising his hand. A powerful blast of air slams the snake back.

“Fuck it’s the death noodle!” I growl,

“Death Noodle? Can you see it?” He asks sharply. “Like physically, see it?”

“Yes! It’s right there!” I snap, is he damn blind?!

He scans the area as ice spreads from his hands. The serpent does a turn,

“Behind you! It’s big with blacky plum pretty scales! Are you blind!” I shout, as the huge thing rushes towards Royce, he moves slower than I expect and the serpent narrowly misses. “What are you doing!?”

“I can’t actually see anything but the eyes.” He says as he sends a blast of ice towards the direction of the huge snake, but he misses.

“Damn… well, let me be your eyes, then.” I say, backing up. “Ten o’clock.”

He sends a blast of ice only for the serpent to disappear before it comes from behind him. He spins around.

“12!” I shout, before I run at it,


“I’ve got this!” I say confidently, flipping in the air I shift, and land on its back.


Now he knows where it is as I’m flipping, grabbing it around its neck. He runs forward, his eyes blazing as ice spreads around me, it becomes so cold as I feel the serpent become encased in ice. It writhes and shatters the ice before it flings me off its back and then it’s simply gone.

I groan, hitting the floor and shifting back. The shirt survived, but it’s torn around the neck and arms and I clutch at it before it falls off my breasts.

“Are you crazy?” Royce growls.

I look up at him.


“What you just did! Anyone who is bitten by that thing dies!” His eyes run over me, his heart thundering

I frown. “No, I’ve been bitten by it before and I healed.” I shrug.

He stares at me before he exhales and turns his back on me. “You’ve seen it before…” He frowns, reaching down he lifts me by the elbows onto my feet, his gaze dipping to my half-exposed breasts for a split-second before he looks away quickly.

I let go and I quickly tie a knot in the front of the shirt.

“Did you tell Aleric about it?” He says sharply, turning back to me.

“Yeah… I…” That night comes back to me, and I swallow, Royce had asked me too…. I told him to keep my name out of it.”

He doesn’t seem as annoyed as I assumed he’d be.

“Right… so you didn’t tell your father?”

“No. and I don’t plan to.” I mutter.

He never lets me in on the action.

“But you mentioned snakes at dinner. I assumed he had told you.”

I raise an eyebrow, folding my arms.

“Listen to me Ice. Apophis is the God of Darkness. He is symbolised by snakes, he himself is said to be a great serpent. You know, the enemy of the Sun God? I know my stuff.” I shrug

He’s watching me, as if thinking through what I had said extremely carefully, but then he exhales and shakes his head.

“And I thought… heck!” He mutters, kicking the ground, as he runs his hands through those perfect curls.

“You thought what?” I ask curiously.

His eyes meet mine, and for the first time, I see a sliver of guilt in them.

“It’s nothing, let’s find a way back.” He mutters, turning away from me.

“No, I want to know.” I persist.

He tenses before he glances at me over his shoulder. “When I saw the plum-coloured eyes, I thought.” He doesn’t need to finish that sentence. My stomach sank as I stare right back at him.

How could he?

He thought I was the monster that’s been attacking people.


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