The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 36 by moonlight muse


“ZU!” I shout as I launch myself at the slightly shorter woman. She catches me, hugging me tightly.

“Sky! Finally!”

“Why are you two so fucking loud?” Leo says, his pale cold eyes glaring in my direction.

“Deal with it.” I say as I give him a tight crushing hug before I slide into the seat next to Kataleya, and Azura sits down beside him.

The weather is warmer than it was this morning. A sharp wind is blowing through the trees, but it’s pleasant

I can hear the sounds of chatter, laughing, and even the groups playing football or basketball.

It’s strange but I feel more relaxed.

We’re on the school grounds, in the quieter section, and it’s lunchtime. There are mostly girls or couples out here who prefer the quiet to the rowdy games going on, or the busy food hall.

I hate that Leo is getting gawked at, although what I don’t mind is the looks of jealousy and envy that Azura is receiving.

Most of these students disliked Azura, always calling her a problem child and now?

Now she was in the arms of one of the smartest powerful men in the country. One who has the reputation of being untouchable.

“We have an audience.” Azura says with a smirk.

“I wonder why.” Kataleya hums,

“Of course, blame the damn Rossi. So how’s life, and where’s the kids?” I ask as we all tuck into the

delicious food.

Kataleya had done the honours of grabbing food for us all and she had not held back.

We each had a portion of chicken and spicy rice, roast potatoes, chicken salad and stuffed peppers.

“Home with Winona. The journey here and back would have gotten a lot for them.” Azura says as Leo grips her chin and kisses her full-on, on the lips.

Damn, the guy has to always play dominant.

“Or more like you two wanted alone time.” I remark with a smirk.

“I’m not denying it,” Leo says, his eyes cold.

“I can’t wait to see them.” Kataleya says with a gentle smile, “I made Corrado some cookies.”

“When did you get time to bake?” I ask her,

“This morning.”

See, this girl would rather bake in her free time, me? I’d rather fuck?

Yup, I totally get where Leo and Azura are coming from.

“You are an overachiever,” I say, taking a spoonful of my rice and chicken. “Oh shit, I need to get my assignments done, too.”

I drag my books from my bags, my eyes falling on Leo, and a smirk crosses my lips, a sudden thought occurring to me.

“So, you’re supposedly smart. Want to do this algebra shit for me?” I ask, holding up the book. “Lets see how good you are.”

He cocks a brow, sitting back, his arm around Azura’s shoulders loosely as he drinks some coca cola.

Leo is a lot like Dad, although he has more tattoos than Dad too, and where Dad has his nips and ear pierced once, Leo has his tongue, and has three piercings in one ear.

Oh, and according to Azura, even his dick. If he wasn’t my cousin, I would have wanted to see a picture, but yeah, no thanks.

“I have nothing to prove. Now be a good girl and do your own shit.”

“Ass, you’re so annoying.” I grumble.

Azura pouts at him, using that face that works on 99.9 percent of the planet.

Leo clearly isn’t buying it as Kataleya looks at me. “Shall I help you?” She offers. “I’m sorry I didn’t ask the other day.”

“No, it’s fine. I was asking him since he doesn’t seem to need two hands to eat.” I pout, glaring scathingly

at him

She shakes her head with a small smile, and bites into a potato as Leo cocks a brow at Azura.

“Come on, Blue Eyes, I want to talk to my girls. I can’t have her buried in a book… It will take you minutes.” She says, and I see that smirk as she mind-links him.

His eyes

flash and I bite the inside of my cheeks, trying not to smirk knowing that although he may be an Alpha, my girl has him wrapped around her finger.

I wonder what she promised him, but hey, if she promised to give him a blow job or whatever, I’m not going to question it, as long as it gets my job done.

“Fine.” He says, holding out a tatted hand for the book.

I smirk and pass him the books, “Pages 28-31”

He simply casts me a cold glare as he flips the book open, and I pass him my book and pen.

“Did you see the quints?” I ask Azura, who nods, a smile lighting up her face.

“Yes, we were around since morning. I even sat in for one of their games. They are forces to be reckoned with.” She says like the proud aunt that she is.

“That’s lovely. Renji was excited when he heard you were coming.” Kataleya says.

“When did you see him?” I ask her.

“This morning, he was helping out in the art room.” Kataleya explains, as another sharp wind blows, blowing her braided hair across her face.

“Ah makes sense.” I nod.

These goody-two-shoes.

No wonder some of us have to be devils to balance out the good that some of these guys in our family have gotten.

“So how’s stuff going with you?” Azura asks me quietly, but just then a shadow falls over the table and a

familiar scent fills my nose.


“Excuse me,” His deep sexy voice comes.

We all turn to see him approach the table.

His eyes scan the table as if realising that I wasn’t just hanging with some random pupils, his eyes on Leo.

He knows he’s an Alpha, that’s not something Leo could hide, his aura even when reigned in, stood out.

Leo looks up, and their eyes meet. Instantly, I feel their auras rise a little.

Ah, the typical Alpha behaviour, sizing one another up.

Both are powerful, Leo with his brown locks and pale icy blue eyes. He’s in black pants, a white shirt and a suit jacket, a few buttons open, showing off the chains around his neck.

He oozes power and danger.

He reminds me of one of those mafia bosses.

Then there’s Royce. He’s in black jeans, a black button-down shirt which has a few buttons open, the fabric stretching over his muscular arms and his hair tied back. He’s wearing a ring and a watch, he may not be as flashy dressed as Leo but he stands out

His stormy grey eyes are on Leo and he oozes confidence and calmness. There’s a strength in his calmness. I can’t explain it.

And Dare I admit it again… He’s so damn fine that he can make any girl’s stomach flutter.

“I’m sorry for intruding, Royce Arden.” He introduces himself smoothly, giving Azura and Kat a nod and holding his hand out to Leo.

“Leo Rossi, good to finally fucking meet you in person.”


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