The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 18 by moonlight muse

18. A Friend’s Warning
The following day dawned grey and gloomy, but I felt better. Well, at least the place wasn’t wrecked, no one was dead and I can try to put the night behind me… but can I do that when I’ll be seeing him at school?
Do I have any science lessons today? I mean, we just had a physical science lesson last night. Maybe I can bail…
I sigh as I slip on my black lace cropped corset, followed by fishnet tights and torn denim pants on top that showed off my tights through the ripped patches. I grab a leather jacket and some heeled boots before putting them on.
“Want to go with me, Malevolent?” I ask lifting her up.
“Meow.” She rubs against my chest, and I smile.
“Let’s get going then, just make sure no one spots you on academy grounds.” I smirk as I pop her into the passenger seat as I get in and drive out. It takes a while to get to school, and with the heavy fog and the icy paths I drive much slower. Better to be safe than sorry, especially that Malevolent is with me. Her life is far more fragile than mine.
“Well, my little subordinate let’s go face the spawns of all things gross.” I round the corner, the gates of the school looming before me and they swing open as I approach.
I drive through feeling the magic on the entrance
Another day… let’s just make it to the end of the day.
The first lesson passed by, and I didn’t mind it as much as Kataleya and I are in the same class and sitting next to her whilst mind linking her and trying to distract her is pretty fun. Plus, I can ward off the p*rves gawking at her breasts.
I hate school.
“I’ll catch you later?” Kataleya says as she bundles up her books once the bell rings.
“You are such a geek.” I say smirking. I remember her forcing Azura and me to do our homework, and although I would do mine and get it over with Azura was the one who’d cause sh*t and not bother with her homework. Ah, I miss the Westwood Devil…
Speaking of devils, aren’t those Westwood spawns around? Maybe I’ll go find one of them to annoy, preferably Theo or Jayce.
“Where are you going?” Kataleya asks suspiciously.
“Why?” I ask, pouting as I grab my books.
“That smile.” She watches me observantly.
“I’m going to go find my beautiful overgrown troll-like cousins.” I say.
“The quints? Tell them hi.” She smiles and I smirk, see? Even she knows who I am talking about.
“I’ll tell them.” I say. We part ways and I trudge to the younger grades. The school ranges from 12 to 19-year-olds and due to the vast size, you won’t often run into those who are far younger. Well, it doesn’t mean we can’t go find the little poisonous Westwood weeds.
I’m halfway down the hall, deciding if I should get some itchy herbs or something to douse the c*ckroaches in when someone steps in front of me. My breath catches in my throat as I’m hit with that delicious scent of winter and spice…
I look up at him. He’s in a white button-down shirt, and light blue jeans, and his hair is tied back. G*d, he’s handsome…
An image of Aleric flashes through my mind and I push that thought away.
“You’re in my way.” I state icily.
“First period after lunch, meet me in the Storm training room. We’re going to start on your training.” He says, crossing his arms.
Storm, one of the several training halls across the academy.
“I didn’t agree to it.” I say, frowning.
He tilts his head as if I am wasting his time. “I’m here to overlook your training, whether you like it or not. Besides, you don’t really have a say in the matter.”
I frown. Here for me? If that is the case, then why would Aleric offer…
“Well, if I find time, I’ll come.” I shrug, side stepping him, only for him to take hold of my arm and pull me back in front of him.
I hate that he’s strong.
Glaring up at him I try to yank free, but he doesn’t budge, a strand of his hair falls in front of his eyes and for a second I find myself admiring those grey eyes, those soft pink lips… my fingers itching to touch his hair…
“If you want to disobey me, sure, no problem. But I will be reporting back to your dad, and since you already think I’m in this to get some Daddy points, this might work in my favour.” He replies arrogantly. I clench my jaw, my eyes flashing.
I have a huge list of choice words to use on him, but I know him enough to know he’ll follow up on his threats. A sudden thought occurs to me, and I smirk deviously.
“You know… I can tell Dad about our run in at the club.” I whisper.
“Go for it. I wonder if it’ll help your case.” He counters, unmoved. I frown, my anger rising, and I scoff.
“Please, I don’t care at all.” I say coldly. “So that won’t work on me. Sir.” I add mockingly. “Perfect then. I’ll see you after lunch.” He walks off and I clench my jaw.
I don’t manage to find the Westwood spawn, Jayce has football practice, and Theo is in detention. As for the other three, I only saw Renji and even I’m not evil enough to torture him.
I sigh, pushing the door open to exit the building when I hear a tut.
“Seniors aren’t allowed in here without a pass.” A voice comes.
I turn to look at the woman, a peach blouse, white pants, black hair, and light brown eyes. Masking my shock, I stare at none other than Leo Rossi’s ex-girlfriend. Leo as in the Alpha of the Sangue pack. »
Urgh, why is she here?
“I don’t take orders from anyone. Nikki.” I roll my eyes.
“It’s Miss Demiko to you.” She retorts.
“Oh yeah? What subject are you teaching?” I ask mockingly.
She frowns. “I’m part of the admin team.” She purses her lips. 4
“Ok cool… Miss Dumiko.” 2
“Demiko.” She frowns.
“That’s what I said, Dum-ee-ko.” I raise my eyebrows and she frowns before shaking her
“Fine, whatever, you have a weird accent.”
“Ah, same babe, same.” I say before I turn and saunter off. Why the f*ck is she even here?
I grab lunch before I sniff out Malevolent. It’s not the easiest thing to do, but I manage to find her. Bundling her under my jacket, I head to the bleachers at the football pitch. Hiding under them, I place Malevolent down and scrape all the tuna from my sandwich.
“There ya go.” I pat her head, leaning back against the stand and take my phone out, looking at Reign’s messages.
Should I reply?
I desperately want to, but after everything, I don’t know if I want to meet him. I don’t need to throw another man into this mess I’ve already made, things are already messy.
Unlocking my phone, I ring Azura. I just need someone to talk to.
“Hey, girl.” Her voice comes and I smile.
“Hey. How’s Phoenix?” I ask. It’s good to hear her voice.
“Great, playing with her grandad.” Azura says. “So, what’s on your mind and I don’t want any lies?”
I sigh. “Well, Dad has one of those Arden’s training me.
“What? You mean just you? Why would Alejandro even allow that? He doesn’t trust Kenneth…”
“Your guess is as good as mine, babe. I have no f*cking idea. And the worst part is…” I glance around before lowering my voice. “I may or may not have f*cked one and made out with the
I can just picture those eyes widening like saucers. “You did what!?”
“You heard me, or do you want me to go grab a microphone?” I remark She takes a deep breath and I know she’s trying to organise her thoughts.
“Wow… did you know who they were?”
I sigh heavily and quickly fill her in on how Royce was a random guy in the club and Aleric was
“Ok my opinion, I like Royce better, I think he’s the one who helped Leo too… as for Aleric… be careful… for him to make a move on you, Sky. That makes me worried. Tread carefully.” She replies. 8
“Yeah, I will try to… so I saw Leo’s d*mn ex here. Call me Miss Dumiko, or I’m going to cry. mimic her irritating tone, making Azura snicker.
“Sounds just like her, d*mn I’m sorry you have to deal with her, but remember if you need me to get any voodoo dolls out and ready. I’m here.”
“I know… Well, I have training with Royce now. I sure as hell ain’t calling him sir.” I grumble.
“Yeah, sounds kinky.” She snickers. “So, are they as posh as their dad?”
I smirk, “Oh yeah, and they’re so blond and the way they talk, so d*mn posh, man.” I reply, snickering. “I swear they’re like proper princes, especially Aleric.”
“So, are they your type?” Azura teases.
“Blond yes, s*xy yes, complicated… yes. Yeah, I guess so, but I don’t know.”
“Just be careful, and don’t go around making reckless decisions, ok?”
“Alright. Although that coming from you?”
“Yeah, yeah I know, but still, these are the Ardens… I don’t know, they’re a mystery.”
“Yeah, I get it. I better go try to kick his s*xy princely a*s.” I snicker as I stroke Malevolent’s fur just as the bell rings.
“As long as he’s eye candy, training will be a lot more fun. Go get him and try to sneak me a picture.”
“I’ll try, no promises. Give Phoenix a big smooch from me and give Leo a kick in the behind or you can sp*nk him or whatever you prefer. Bye.” I say, making her laugh. She promises to do so before saying goodbye and I hang up, sighing.
I change into some sweatpants and a sports bra in the adjoining changing room and after placing my stuff in the locker; I step out, only to see Royce standing there. He’s changed too, now in a white T-shirt and grey sweats. He’s on the phone and I can hear a female voice.
“Alright, ok. I won’t forget… love you.”
“Whatever.” The unhappy voice comes.
I frown, wondering who it is. I doubt it’s a girlfriend because with his so-called morals; I
doubt he’d have got with me in the club if he had someone. I hear a very quiet sigh, which I wouldn’t have if it wasn’t for my Lycan hearing. He hangs up and places his phone to the side.
“Alright. Warm-up.” He says, his gaze dips to the side of my breast, but although it’s not fully healed, it’s getting there. You can see the small bandage peeping out, but I’m fine. Due to the poison I took last night, my healing is slower…
“I don’t need to; I jogged all the way here.” I reply, crossing my arms.
He c*cks a brow, crossing his arms. “Do you like to disobey me, Skyla, or are you generally a disobedient person?”
“Yeah, I’m a b*tch. Got a problem with that?” I ask, doing a cartwheel and stopping in front of him. *
“No, warm up.” He counters arrogantly.
I clench my jaw, and my eyes flash. “I don’t like being told what to do.” I state, turning my back on him. I’m about to do some stretches for the d*mn sake of it, when I sense him behind
Spinning around, I move to push him away, when he grabs my arm and twists it painfully, yanking me against him. I struggle, my anger rising when I realise he’s using just one hand.
Why is he so f*cking strong?! 2
“Unhand me!” I snarl.
“Are you going to warm up?” He asks coldly.
I clench my jaw, my heart thundering as I stare back at him defiantly. I can feel my anger
ready to burst inside of me once more. A part of me wants to say fine and pull away, but
another part of me wants to see him snap – to lose control, so I have an excuse to do the same.
I’m doing it again, but even though I know that, I won’t back down.
“No. I’m not.”

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