The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 19 by moonlight muse

19. First Lesson
His words surprise me, and he takes a step back. He’s backing down?
“Alright?” I ask, unable to hide the surprise from my voice.
He raises an eyebrow. “You don’t want to listen then fine; we’ll move on. You might be a werewolf, but we can get muscle cramps, even if it’s momentarily, warming up is ideal, but it’s your call.”
I wasn’t expecting that… I step back, wondering how he combatted his ego.
“I’m surprised you backed down.”
“Is it that surprising?” He asks, a hand to his chin as he observes me.
“Yeah, since you’re an Alpha…” I say trying not to pay attention to his Adam’s apple. He raises one of those eyebrows of his, his smouldering eyes burning into me.
“Being an Alpha doesn’t only mean walking around and displaying arrogance, there’s far more to being an Alpha… Above all an Alpha’s duty is to protect. I genuinely want to help you to attain control.”
My heart thuds as I stare at him, he’s getting under my skin again and as much as I want to lash out so he doesn’t see that side, a part of me wonders what would happen if he actually finds a way?
I don’t know, I mean everyone has tried…
“I don’t think you’ll be able to help me.” I say quietly, dropping onto the floor and doing a few stretches. I can feel him watching me and so I lift my legs straight up and hold the position for a few seconds, so he can’t see my face.
“What makes you say that? We haven’t even tried.” He asks as he drops to the floor, heck even that looks s*xy, and does a few stretches himself. I look up at him, and a few strands that have escaped his hair tie fall in front of his eyes.
“No one has succeeded, not Mama, not Dad, my brother…”
Ok, I didn’t even let Dante try, because I hate how he hits too close to home, I hate that he probably knows what I’m feeling inside. Avoiding any serious conversation with Dante is my favourite pastime, well that and annoying the heck out of him.
‘Face your demons Sky, and everything else will fall into place.’
That was enough to shut him out.
I don’t want to face my issues, I always fail…
“Maybe because they are family, and you don’t want to share what’s going on deep inside or the expectations… I get how it is when you’re not the perfect child. There are things that trigger you Skyla, we just need to get to the bottom of what they are.”
“And what makes you think I’ll be telling you Golden Boy- I mean sir.” I smirk, but I can’t deny his words are getting to me.
“I can’t force you, but what you do tell me won’t go past me Skyla. Regardless of what they are.” He says quietly as he stands up and I find my gaze dipping to his package.
I look away smoothly, thinking I tried to open up to one person… but even he just suddenly bailed. Sure he messaged now… but still.
I stand up and cross my arms, as he observes me.
“We’ll see.” I say simply.
“Usually when you fight, you start off in control, it’s when things begin getting competitive that you begin to lose control, correct?”
My eyes flash and I see that sharp look in his eyes again. Why does he look at me like that? It makes me uneasy.
He’s waiting for an answer, and so I shrug.
“I just get angry.”
“Are you a councillor?” I shoot back. 2
“No, I’m just trying to figure you out.” He replies.
“Don’t.” I say quietly, turning away when he takes hold of my elbow, his grip is firm but it’s not a rough hold.
“Why not?” He asks quietly.
I look over my shoulder at him, hating the direction this conversation is going and I hate that I don’t have an answer.
“Because you won’t be able to figure me out, Royce Arden… Someone like you will never get it.” I say quietly, looking into his grey eyes. He’s frowning as he holds my gaze.
“Don’t judge me without even knowing me.” He responds quietly.
Without even knowing me…
I’m used to being judged, but I hated letting anyone close. I’m not going to let anyone in. I
“I’m not judging, just saying you’re never going to know-”
“The real Skyla Rossi? Don’t challenge me, Love, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.” He counters confidently.
My heart sk*ps a beat, feeling a wave of nostalgia wash over me, but I push it away.
“Well, how about we spar, when you feel like it’s getting too much and your anger starts to get the better of you, we call time out, alright?”
“Ok.” I agree, shaking my head. Fine, I can try to do this. I glance around. The place is entirely deserted. Something I did notice when I came but I expected others to come in. After all, the
place is d*mn huge. “How come it’s empty?”
“We don’t need spectators. During our sessions, no one will be allowed to enter.” He says as he falls into his stance.
“Mm, sounds pretty ideal, for a lot of stuff.” I wink at him, but he simply c*cks a brow. “Do you not know how to take a joke?”
“Inappropriate ones by my student? No.” He says.
So, with others, you’re ok to joke.
For some reason, that just makes me feel a pang of jealousy.
I decide not to answer and instead I make the first move, aiming a low kick to his shins, but he blocks smoothly, taking his own swipe and I block him.
“You’re fast.” He remarks.
“So are you. Does it hurt, knowing a woman is pretty much as strong as you?” I remark mockingly.
Someone has got to break that icy façade…
“Beat me first, boast later.” He replies, his hand connecting with my stomach, and I gasp at the impact that knocks me back, but he held back. I felt it. He could have hurt me a lot harder.
Flipping over, I grab his shoulders, but instead of pulling him down I flip myself up, swinging my legs onto his shoulders, my legs locked against his chest and try to bring him face down, into the ground. But to my surprise, it doesn’t work.
“F*ck!” I growl and I think I hear him scoff, his stance is too d*mn strong and even when I try to snap his head or try to gain leverage, just wanting to knock his s*xy a*s onto the ground.
“Not struggling are you, Love?” He mocks, grabbing me by the elbows and yanking me off his shoulders. 1
I let out a shriek, cringing that that horrifying sound came from my lips as I’m ready to kiss the d*mn ground. But instead, he simply dumps me gently on my a*s. I feel my cheeks burn, feeling so d*mn useless. He just handled me like a rag doll! 3
“Get up.” He says, looking down at me. My eyes flash and I jump to my feet.
He’s mocking me, I lunge at him, and I can feel my anger rising, that irritation inside of me growing.
My heart thunders and I can feel my head squeeze, feeling the anger rising from within me.
He’s mocking me, taunting me.
“Stop.” He says, blocking another kick, but I can’t.
I attack again, but he grabs my arm and twists me around. My back slams into his front and his strong arms wrap around my waist. I tense, feeling a wave of coolness wash through me.
I falter, calming as I try to focus.
What was that?
My heart thumps as we both remain like that for a few seconds, and his scent invades my
So soothing…..
He lets go of me sooner than I like, and he steps in front of me, a small frown on his face.
“Humiliation or embarrassment. They trigger you.”
I glare at him. “No, they…” I kind of messed up, it was obvious that they do… “Yeah, I get angry quickly,” I state defensively.
“And there’s nothing wrong with that.” He says pulling the hair tie from his hair and shaking his curls out before he re-ties his hair.
D*mn, this guy is s*xy everything he does is f*cking fine…
I look away, focusing on his words instead.
Nothing wrong with having a temper… I always saw it as an issue.
“I think that’s enough for today, besides you seem to have someone waiting for you.” He says.
I look up, glancing at the doors. They don’t have a window…
“Who?” I ask.
He jerks his head towards the windows on the far end and my eyes widen when I see my little minion meowing silently. The soundproof windows blocking out the sound.
“My baby!” I say, hurrying over and opening the window.
“Meow.” She leaps into my arms.
“Who shouldn’t actually be here? You can get in trouble for that.” He reminds me and I roll my eyes, scooping her into my arms.
“Did someone hurt you?” I ask, stroking her as I cuddle her to my chest before I narrow my eyes at Royce.
“School rules. I didn’t make them.” He says with a shrug.
“Well, just don’t tell anyone you saw her then. I mean, I can’t leave her home alone.” I say stroking her. The poor thing looks upset.
“The list of secrets to keep is growing… I’ll consider it depending on if the reason is good enough. Why can’t she stay at home?” He asks, crossing his arms.
“Well, I have a trauma…” I say, trying to put on a sad face, but he isn’t buying it.
“And what trauma is that that involves bringing your cat to school?” He asks sceptically.
“Well…” I sigh dramatically, turning away. Time to throw Dad under the bus, and this isn’t actually a lie. I did hear Dad say this… “Well, when I was a wee child, barely out of diapers…’ ok I’m exaggerating. I got Malevolent when I was like six, but hey, he doesn’t need to know.
“Yeah?” He pushes, as I turn back towards him.
“Well, I heard my dad talking to my mama… He said, let the kids head out to school and then I’m going to eat that p*ssy! He was going to eat my kitty!” I exclaim. 19
A smirk breaks out across his face, one he’s trying to suppress before a throaty chuckle escapes him. Showing off two perfect dimples in his cheeks… alongside a sound that makes my stomach flutter strangely…
“That’s…” He shakes his head. “Ten points for creativity, but you do know that has nothing to do with your cat, so that’s not trauma.”
“Buzzkill… well, it traumatised me as a child, trauma stays!”
He chuckles again and I can’t help but smile. “Fine, this time I won’t mention it, as long as you promise me Malevolent stays home from now on.”
“Meow?” Malevolent says, but I don’t reply, pressing my lips together, displeased.
“Tomorrow, same place, after school, since you don’t have any period during the day.” He says, heading to the door. He stops on the side, grabbing his phone before he exits, and I
“Meow?” Malevolent looks up at me, but I’m staring at his back, and I frown as the door swings shut.
When did I tell Royce her name?

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