The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 16 by moonlight muse

16. A Brother’s Rage
An hour later she’s finished describing what she saw, and I am intrigued, because all we have ever seen is the plum eyes. It’s always so fast…
“Sounds like a huge snake… only there’s no snake of that calibre.” I muse, she’s proved helpful, and she’s intelligent. I like that.
“Yeah, and my claws didn’t make a dent.” She says, a frown on her face as she sits opposite me holding a mug of hot chocolate. I had settled for tea since she had limited options. I still do not know how she is staying out here in the middle of nowhere.
“So does Dad know about this?” She asks, her sharp eyes observing me.
And there we have it, always thinking the king needs to know it all. He isn’t the only one who’s been protecting this country. “Yes, he does, as does the council, however, all we are seeing are people being killed by something that leaves no traces. Neither Arden Corporation nor Leo Rossi were able to identify the cause of death. Aside from the few who have been mauled. Even the witches have not found a source. It’s a bit of a mystery…”
She frowns. “I see… how long have these attacks been happening?”
“It’s been a few weeks, but we are trying and I’m certain this description you’ve given me will help greatly.”
“Will you make sure my name stays out of it?” She says, frowning slightly.
“You have my word, Princess.” I wink at her, and she smirks slightly, nodding. She’s wearing that green satin gown again but this time she did put on some panties… Her collarbones jut out, her breasts that are the perfect size for her build are rising and falling, the cleavage teasing me from the gap.
She clears her throat and I smirk. “Now that I know exactly what you offer, it’s rather hard to keep my eyes off you, do forgive me.”
She tilts her head. “Nothing to forgive. I wouldn’t mind doing this again sometime… no strings attached.”
No strings attached… that’s not the aim… but it’s a starting point…
“I like the sound of that.” I say, standing up, “Your number?”
“Want me to write it down for you, or will you remember it?” She questions teasingly as she stands up and approaches me. She’s seductive. The way she’s watching me now makes me want to pull her closer and maybe f*ck her once more before I leave… but I think that’s enough for one night.
“I’m pretty good at remembering things, and when the number belongs to such a pretty girl, there’s no way that I will forget it.” I say.
“Alright, it’s 076…” She repeats her number, my gaze on those plump lips of hers as I just about register the eleven digits.
“Perfect.” I reply.
“Make sure you get someone to fix that window up first thing in the morning. I’ll head out now.”
“I will.” She replies, running her fingers through her hair.
“And get that checked out, too.” I say, glancing at the side of her breast. I had offered, but she had refused.
“I’ll see you at school tomorrow.” I say before I take my leave. She waits for a few seconds before she closes the door and I break into a run, shifting into my huge golden wolf when I’m out of sight of the cottage… 3
I return to the mansion and I had already minded linked ahead to have someone bring me some trousers. I pull them on before I enter.
“Welcome home, Master Aleric.” Charles says, bowing his head.
“Is Royce back?”
“Yes, Master Aleric, he is in the gym hall.”
“Thank you, Charles. I like the blazer.” I give him a smile as he thanks me and I make my way to the far end of the mansion.
“Aleric.” I stop in my tracks, turning to see Mother walk towards me. She’s wearing a floor- length silver nightgown, her brown hair open, and her blue eyes, which contain flecks of brown, are full of concern. “Is everything alright? Royce came home and Charlotte upset him, and he ended up shouting at her… did something happen?”
I sigh, pulling her into my arms. “I’m sorry on his behalf for causing you concern, Mother. I’ll have a word with him. There’s nothing you need to worry your pretty head over.”
“Please, if your father hears of this, it will only stress him even more. Royce listens to you.” She says, looking up at me.
Does he? Not entirely, not anymore.
“I will, I’ll go have a word with him now.” I say, planting a soft kiss on her forehead.
She smiles, tilting her head, and I’m certain she’s caught Skyla’s scent. I’m glad I at least showered…
I simply give her a warm smile before I head towards the gym. Charlotte isn’t a concern here, since she loves to annoy him, knowing he’ll give her a reaction. But she is also the princess of this family. Being the youngest, she has been kept protected and always treated like an orchid, one you should always treat and handle with care.
! push the door open to the gym hall, the sleek floors and the countless machinery line the sides, I can hear his grunts as he duels it out with one of the punch bags, one of many, each one reinforced to withstand extreme impact, but even then… the floor is covered with the contents of three bags that have given way under his anger.
“Royce.” He has his earphones in but I know he can hear me, but still, he chooses to ignore me. “Alright, why are you so angry that you upset Charlotte?”
He stops, turning towards me with eyes that are raging with a burning anger. “She’s not a child and if she’s going to act like a brat, I’m going to tell her off. I warned her I’m not in the mood, end of discussion.”
I tilt my head and sigh. I wish he understood that it’s not that easy. All our lives I’ve been trying to take the force of our father’s demands, just so he doesn’t have to do what he clearly doesn’t want to. Sure, I haven’t always succeeded in accomplishing that, and he still has a lot pressure on him, but I try my best because unlike him my moral compass isn’t as powerful as his… I can turn a blind eye to what is right to appease matters, especially if it means it’ll make it easier for others. 6
“Mother was awake. She doesn’t need the extra stress, Royce.” I say quietly.
He clenches his jaw, looking me over. “What took you so long?” He replies, ignoring my previous remark.
This is why he’s so angry.
“We were getting to know each other.” I reply. He clenches his jaw, turning away. “You need not worry; I know how to please a woman. I can assure you when the time comes and I claim her, she will be happy. You know I can protect her.”
“In a relationship, you plan to build based upon lies?” He counters. “Leave me the hell alone.”
He shoves past me, and I don’t push it. There’s nothing more to say. We aren’t seeing eye to eye anymore… there is nothing I have ever hidden from my brother, but somehow, I don’t want to tell him I had been intimate with Skyla.
Slipping my hands into my pockets, I turn and leave, heading upstairs. Unlocking my door with my thumbprint, I step inside my room. I head to the bedside and open the bottom drawer and take out my additional phone.
Unlocking it, I stare at the last messages she has sent… hmm, she’ll easily welcome me back… Time to put the next part of my plan into action… Alright… here I go…
Reign707: Hey stranger, I’m sorry, but I had something come up, and I had a big argument that really bl*ody angered me. I ran into some issues and then couldn’t get into my account long story short. But I’ve created a new account to be on the safe side and will stop using this one. I’ll send you a message from there. I am sorry and I promise I’ll make it up to you… If you have it in you to forgive me, I really do want to meet up with you and I think once you agree, you’ll understand. I’ll wait for your reply. Goodnight.
There I sound like him…
The message changes to ‘Seen’ but she doesn’t reply. I switch to the new account I made and send her a second message.
Reign2.0: This is my new one. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 1
! can’t help but smirk when the message goes onto ‘Seen’
She’ll come around sooner or later, and with the work that Royce has already done unknowingly on my behalf, I’ll have her eating out of the palm of my hand very soon. 5
I stare down at my phone. The temptation to message her is there… but knowing who she is… I can’t, can I?
F*ck, I hate this. I don’t trust Aleric around her and maybe I’m overthinking it, but why do I feel like something happened?
Shouldn’t be my problem…
I sigh, as Royce – no it doesn’t sting, but as Reign… it does… I had a connection with her, or so I thought.
Sighing, I focus on what I need to do for her training. I’m going to have to set a regime up and a plan for her.
I take out my laptop, checking the file that Colton had forwarded to me. There is no way to get out of this, or away from her and I’m the one who offered, so I better bl*ody suck it up before Aleric steps in and happily takes over.
I click on the report of what happened last year and skim through it. She got into a physical fight with a student and lost control to the point she almost ripped his heart out, her sister had managed to stop her from killing him, and the queen had teleported with the hybrid Luna of the Black Storm Pack and had managed to heal him…
I frown, my mind returning to a conversation I had with Lil Lucifer a while ago.
‘I lost control of my temper and almost… hurt someone – badly. They could have died because I lost control… I didn’t mean for it to get out of hand… he targeted someone I love, and I couldn’t stop myself… I’m kinda… I’m kinda worried I’ll do it again. It’s not like I’m not trying
From the files, it says she showed little to no remorse for her actions… but did they even look past that defiance in her eyes?
Should I attempt to talk to her father, Dad was against the idea of either Aleric or I talking to him, preferring us to stay away from him. He had gotten bl*ody p*ssed when I told the Sangue Alpha – Leo Rossi, some information regarding a grave. Father’s first rule was nothing comes for free in life. I know that, but withholding information from someone when they desperately needed it? That’s low. I’m not about to ask for something in return at such a critical time. 3
I sit back, mulling over the files. She’s faster than all the Alphas in the academy… stronger… yeah that part I know… What exactly is she? There’s no recorded information about her wolf either…
I’m not sure, but one thing I am certain of is that I plan to figure something out that will help her. I’ve always liked a challenge.
I hesitate for a moment, staring at the contact information of the Lycan king at the bottom. Should I contact him…
I mull over it for a few minutes before I make up my mind. Clicking on his email, I begin writing a quick to the point message.
‘Dear Alpha Alejandro,
I am writing in regard to your daughter, Miss Skyla Rossi. As you may know, I Royce Arden am currently the trainer for the senior classes at Midnight Academy. I have discussed the situation
with Headmaster Rivers, and we have agreed that Miss Skyla Rossi would continue to attend the lessons with her peers, however, I have determined that she does need additional training as you yourself have agreed to and these classes will begin soon.
This brings me to my question, if there is anything you can help me with regarding her struggles, her abilities, or anything that can help me teach her focus and control, this would be greatly appreciated.
Sincerely-Royce Arden of the Shadow Wolves Pack’
I hit send and sit back, right that’s done. I might just shower and head to bed – I’m about to stand up when my email dings. I c*ck a brow.
The King’s awake at this time? Seems like Dad’s the only one who goes to bed early….
I click on the message.
‘Finally, Kenneth is no longer trying to keep you both hidden away like princesses in f*cking towers. A pleasure to hear from you, Royce.’ 4
My eyebrows go further up. Princesses? Seriously, this is Aleric’s fault. He’s the one who looks like a d*mn girl. 7
I frown as I continue reading.
‘Skyla is complex, and I’d rather talk to you in person. I’ll actually be coming down to the Academy in a couple of days since my other daughter is leaving and there’s some paperwork I need to handle. Let’s meet, I’m a good judge of character – Looking forward to seeing you then.
Alejandro Rossi’
snap my laptop shut, thinking – great. Now I’m meeting the Lycan King himself. Everything should be ok. As long as he doesn’t find out, I had a run-in with her at the club that involved me having my tongue down her throat and my fingers up her p*ssy. 2
I run my hand through my hair, sighing again.
A couple of days…
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