The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 15 by moonlight muse

15. Heat & Passion
She’s… I don’t kiss women on the lips. There’s something about it that disgusts me, but when I saw her standing there, clearly upset with whatever Royce had said to her, I was unable to stop myself. Perhaps I knew if I wanted to make this look as genuine as possible, I would need to. I’m not a hundred percent certain… Either way, I am not complaining. I wrap my arms around her waist. Her scent is alluring and as much as I’m enjoying her confidence, I like to be in control.
I smile against her lips. This isn’t so hard…
“Patience Sweetheart,” I murmur against her lips as I grip the side of her face tighter and tease the tip of her tongue. She tastes just like Pear Drops… I explore her mouth, feeling pleasure rush south, running my hands up her waist until I reach the sides of her breasts. So perfectly moulded into my hands.
‘I’m waiting, Aleric.’ Royce’s sharp voice comes into my mind.
‘You should carry on. We’re about to have a drink and maybe more.’ I reply jokingly, if only he knew how serious I am right now.
I run my hand up over the apex of her boobs, my finger rubbing over her nipples. I move back to get a better look, feeling the little jewels under my fingertips.
‘Right… Don’t hurt her, Aleric.’ His voice is cold but I’m his brother after all. I know when he’s troubled.
The thing is… as much as I want to taunt him that she’s as sweet as our favourite childhood sweets, I know he’ll come back and disrupt us…
‘Oh, I don’t plan to. We’re just discussing the thing she saw. Didn’t she tell you about it?’
Silence follows. I admire her breasts, her nipples are a soft dusky pink, and those little gold rings with emerald jewels only bring out the beautiful shade of her eyes… (1)
“Beautiful,” I murmur.
‘No, she didn’t.’ His reply comes.
‘Then I’ll fill you in tomorrow.’ I reply before cutting the link and pulling her against me, turning I push her against the wall, lifting her legs around my waist as I kiss her harder. A moan leaves her lips, and I cut it off by pressing my lips back against hers.
The scent of her arousal perfumes the air and I feel the hunger of my wolf growing in my mind. Pleasure courses through me, and I harden, wanting nothing more than to have more of her. I kiss her neck, sucking hard, and she lets out a sigh of blissful pleasure as she presses herself against ine. I can tell she’s in a hurry, her hunger clear in her body language. “Which way to the bedroom?” I ask, as I suck on the tip of her ear, her ears are pierced several times and I flick my tongue along the tip, making her shiver as she moves from my touch. “Second door down behind you.” She murmurs, her lips meeting my neck, sucking hard. I usually don’t allow women to touch me unless I say… but there’s something about her… A little growl leaves my lips and I trail kisses down her neck and shoulders as I turn and
her to the door she has pointed out. Opening it I step inside, carrying her to the bed. I sit on the bed leaning back against the c*shions as I claim her lips again. She kisses me back hungrily as she grinds against my c*ck.
“You really are an impatient one.” I purr. As I slide the gown off her shoulders, my gaze falls to the square bandage she has on the side of her breast. 1
“Ignore it, it’s just a scratch.” She whispers, her hands raking down my chest, before she begins kissing me down my chest. Fast yet sensual, I brush her hair off her face, watching her, her eyes are a brilliant plum colour… just like the monster….?
Curiosity fills me, but the pleasure I feel is stronger. I bite back a groan as her body brushes down against my c*ck as she goes lower.
She runs her tongue along my Adonis belt, her fingers slipping under the band of my sweatpants, and she slides them down. Her heart thumps and I place my free arm behind my head. “Like what you see, Darling?”
“Oh, absolutely…” she replies, running her hand up my thighs and along my large shaft.
I can see the hunger in her eyes as she licks those plush lips and I tug her forward. Now I want to see how those pretty lips are around my c*ck. She doesn’t disappoint, as she places her tongue against the base of my shaft and runs it along the entire length. Pleasure runs through me and when she takes me into her mouth, as she starts to bob back and forward with both her hands wrapped around what doesn’t fit in her mouth, I can’t help but groan.
“Ah f*ck that’s it.” I murmur. Oh, she’s good… really good… her tongue twirls around my c*ck as she sucks in her cheeks, wrapping her mouth against my c*ck thoroughly. She’s taking more and more into her mouth, and it’s not long before I’m hitting the back of her throat, the pleasant sound of me f*cking her pretty little mouth fills the room. The pressure builds, and I’m almost at the height of euphoria. My mind darkens. “I’m close… you can stop…” I murmur, only for her hands to cup my balls and pick up speed. Her moans drive me crazy with carnal lust.
No? By all means princess, you can have whatever you want…
I pull her head down on my c*ck, thrusting faster into her mouth. Pleasure erupts within me like a f*cking explosion, and she sucks harder, gagging as I release my load down her throat. “F*ck.” I growl. Her heart is thumping as she finally moves back gasping for air.
I let out a sigh, enjoying the aftermath of my release that runs through me. I can see the lust clearing in her eyes, her heart pounding as she licks her lips, but I don’t plan to let her slip from my fingers. Sitting up I pull her close, kissing her neck before pulling the gown that hung on her wrists off completely and flip us, so I’m on top of her. 3
“My turn.” I whisper, and I don’t wait for a reply as I begin kissing her down her neck.
I squeeze her breast, making sure not to caress the other one that’s wounded, before taking her nipple in my mouth. She sighs in pleasure, and I suck on the hard bud before teasing her other one equally. I squeeze them, making her gasp, continuing my path down her toned
Her abdomen is firin, and I find myself taking a second to admire her light abs, just the right amount on a woman… I go lower, taking another moment to admire her p*ssy, she’s completely smooth, save for the thin strip of light black hair.
I place my tongue at the start of her slit, running my tongue along her hair. Her back arches, gasping as she tangles her hands into my hair as I slowly run my tongue down, sliding it into her parted p*ssy.
She cries out and I know I have her exactly where I want her… I push her legs wider, and she lithely parts them with ease, she’s pretty flexible… slipping a finger inside of her, I begin sucking and licking her cl*t, as I tease her with my fingers. Relishing in the sounds of pleasure that fall from her lips as she nears.
“F*ck Aleric… Oh yeah… right there…”
She’s close and I pull back, making her eyes flash. “Get onto all fours like a good little girl.” I whisper, cupping her face and kissing her softly on the corner of her mouth. Her fingers weave into my hair and she yanks my head back with impressive strength.
“F*ck me hard, I’m no princess.” She growls, running her tongue up my neck. I throb hard as she lets go and turns getting into the position I asked her to, on all fours.
I get off the bed, yanking her to the edge of it as I position myself behind her. Delivering a few strokes to my cock, I guide it to her entrance, squeez*ng her ass with the other hand before I slam into her. She’s tight and feels incredible.
I can’t help but smile slightly as I f*ck her. The King’s daughter really wasn’t that hard to get to… and she is definitely worth it… I massage her hips, f*cking her hard and fast just as she asked. “1
The bed beneath her creaks at the force of my pounding and leaning down I grab her wrists, pinning them behind her back, making her groan as I tug her back by the hair with the other hand, slamming into her harder.
She cries out, pleasure running through us both, her a*s j*ggling as I drive into her roughly, my own release is near and when her o*gasm hits her, coating my d*ck with her juices, her legs almost buckle but I hold her up, pulling out only to drive into her again.
“F*ck Aleric!” She gasps, and I let go of her hair, allowing her to drop forward.
“I’m not done with you yet, sweetheart. Do not come until I tell you to” I purr.
“F*ck! Good…! That’s it…” she gasps as I keep f*cking her roughly. I deliver a sharp slap to her a*s, making her whimper. A sound pretty gentle for the feisty woman she usually is. But her words are anything but gentle, begging me to f*ck her. “F*ck right there, that’s it harder!” She screams.
I drop onto the bed beside her, turning her onto her side and slipping my arm under her neck as I squeeze her uninjured breast hard, h*oking my other hand under her thigh, and lifting it as I drive into her p*ssy from behind.
She gasps, her tiny body stretched as she screams in pleasure, she’s near and I’m close too. I look down at her, burying my face in her neck as I slam into her.
“Come for me, sweetheart,” I whisper huskily. Her back arches, her a*s pressed against me as I f*ck her senseless.
She lets go, her o*gasm rips through her, her entire body trembling, and with a few more rough thrusts, I find my own release, emptying my load into her. 12
“F*ck…” I murmur, groaning in pleasure. I hold her tightly as we both catch our breath.
Now that was not how I was expecting the night to end… but I had to admit it was far more satisfactory than the trash I’ve been having the majority of the time. If nothing else, I can at least say she’s a good f*ck. 7
“Oookay…” She says breathlessly, pulling from my hold, and rolling onto her back as she turns and looks at me. “That was… satisfying, but I don’t cuddle.”
“Good to know… and fair enough, I hope I didn’t cross a line…” I reply, feigning concern. She shakes those gorgeous locks, although I’m certain they’d look so much better longer…
“It was just the line I wanted you to cross.” She says, leaning over, placing one arm sexily over her breasts. “I’ll go shower, then I’ll go make those hot drinks.”
“How about you rest for a bit? I’ll go shower first.” I suggest.
She nods and I get up, picking up my pants. I don’t know how I feel about what just happened aside from the fact it was an excellent release but this is the part I walk out or kick them out… and I was going to have to play as if I care… I’ll start with washing her touch from me, strangely enough, it’s not as repulsive as usual…
I frown, leaving the bedroom and the cat runs inside to her mistress. I’m about to open the bathroom door when I hear running.
I turn to look at her standing there completely naked and what intrigues me most is she’s still walking pretty steadily…. I’m impressed… next time I’ll just turn up the roughness. 1
I cock a brow. “Is everything alright?”
“There’s broken glass in there.” She says.
I smile. “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” I already know there is… 6
I step inside and close the door behind me and lock it. I walk over to the mirror, not caring about the glass that bites into my feet.
Tilting my head, I smirk slightly, as I stare at my glowing golden eyes in the mirror. The first step into the closed circle of the Lycan King himself starts here, and what better way than to claim the heart of his daughter? s
It’s time they learn the true power of the Solaris bloodline.

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