The Lycan Princess and the Temptation of Sin chapter 14 by moonlight muse

14. Our Differences
Now that I wasn’t expecting and I can’t help but smirk at his struggle, he growls in
frustration, letting go of me and turning his back on me. I chuckle, sliding my gown up over my shoulder.
“You really are so boring.” I tut, pushing past him, not bothering to tie my gown as I shamelessly turn and stop in front of him. “You’re not my teacher right now.”
“No thanks. How did you get hurt?” He asks icily.
“I don’t really like to share my secrets.” I reply icily, “Now, do you want to join me or do you plan to leave?”
He’s refusing to look at me and my stomach twists when his gaze falls on the bathroom door. The broken glass… I see his gaze go to the ground, his frown deepening. There are bits of dirt but I hope the dark wood flooring disguises it somewhat… He seems to be thinking something over before he looks at me sharply, clenching his jaw as he reaches down and yanks my gown together.
“Have a little respect for yourself.” He says coldly, his words making irritation flash through
“Excuse me?” I say, not missing the anger in his eyes as he ties the gown sash tightly. I gasp as the belt digs into my waist.
“You heard me. Do you have a habit of throwing yourself at any bl*ody man that you see?”
I clench my jaws, my own anger rising. “Oh, don’t forget the women. You have no right to question my self-respect, if I want to go f*ck ten men right now, that’s my choice, and it doesn’t take away from my self-respect just because we don’t fit into the mould that you men have made for us.” I growl. 2
His eyes flicker to the bathroom door again, but those cold eyes are on me again within seconds.
“Then please, go find those men. I really don’t care.” He says. “But if you think I’m going to be one of your games… you are sorely mistaken, love.”
“I’m not asking you to put a ring on my d*mn finger, and it’s not like you don’t want this.” I say, looking pointedly at the impressive shaft in his pants.
“I already made it clear that from this day forth we’re teacher and student. I am not about to break the trust one has in that position, no matter what, no matter how much either of us wants to.”
Clearly you don’t want it as much as I do.
Scoffing, I nod. “Yeah, who are you trying to please, my Daddy?” I mock. “Nothing else new
His eyes flash and I knew I had hit a nerve. “Not everyone cares for the King’s acknowledgement, especially not someone like me. I don’t see you as his daughter, I-” He turns away with irritation and for a second I think he’s about to punch the wall, instead he
takes a deep breath and closes his eyes. “I see you as someone entrusted to me… I’m in a position of trust. I’m not about to break that, no matter who wants me to…”
Can someone really be so… decent? Well, yeah I guess we have a few respectful men in the family, but most of them are arrogant and were definitely f*ck boys until they met their mates. … it’s different to come across someone who doesn’t see me as the quick passage to Dad. It’s refreshing but at the same time it stings that he values his position and ethics so d*mn much.
“Wow, did Selene drown you in a bucket of righteousness and good before dunking you on earth golden boy?” I ask. “You know I’m not asking for your virginity… Wait, are you a virgin? Is that why you are so-
“No, I’m not.” He growls.
“Great, then I don’t get it, and Dad wouldn’t say anything. I mean he can’t, he was entrusted to look after Mama, with 16 years between them might I add and he knocked her up, so.” I shrug.
Why am I holding on? I mean, now I’m sounding desperate. There’s plenty of men out there… or was it the fact I liked to be refused and then getting that man was so much more satisfying? “Karma? So you’re saying I should do the same simply because he didn’t make the best of choices and that he deserves it?”
Not exactly… kinda? I nod, folding my arms and looking at him defiantly.
He shakes his head and I think I see the faintest of emotions in his cold eyes. “They say a man should be the kind of person that he would want his daughters to be with… that is the idealism I will stand by, because when that day comes, I’ll proudly be able to tell my kids that I treated others right, so whether it suits you or not I really don’t care, but I’m not changing my stance.” 4
I don’t know what to say, for a strange crazy moment he reminds me of Reign, the sweetness and that m*ntality… I hate that it makes my heart flutter strangely… It’s rare to find a man who actually won’t take advantage of someone, especially one he clearly desires…
He’s about to walk out when something on my face seems to make him hesitate. To my surprise, he reaches over, brushing his fingers through my hair, and I can’t help but close my eyes as his touch makes tingles dance across my skin.
“I didn’t mean to be harsh. I am a man and regardless of what I believe, it does get hard for me, too. I’m only saying you’re worth more than a one-night h*ok-up.” My green eyes stare into his grey ones and for once I’m blank. I can’t think straight…
How do you respond to that?
He doesn’t wait for a reply and swiftly turns, heading to the open door, about to step out, when a shadow appears in the door.
“What are you doing here?” Royce growls.
My eyes widen as I find myself looking at none other than Aleric, like Royce he’s only in a pair of sweatpants, his are black, his long hair falls messily around his shoulders and I can’t help but appreciate his body. He’s not as bulky as his brother but he is equally toned… there’s a gracefulness to the way his body glistens with that perfect tan and side by side I realise despite them both being blond and tanned Aleric’s skin held a gold hue whilst Royce’s is more cool.
“Is everything alright.” Aleric asks, looking at his brother questioningly.
“Yeah, there’s nothing here to see.” Royce says quietly.
Aleric nods as he observes his brother before he notices his hard shaft, which makes him smirk in amusement, his eyes t*inkling as he looks at me. “Well, it sure is cold here tonight…” “Let’s head out Ric.” Royce says quietly.
“You go, I’ll catch up.” Aleric replies, looking at his brother. Royce glances back at me before giving a cut nod and jogs off. He doesn’t shift until he’s hidden away in the bushes, and I think I see light coloured fur, but then he’s gone pretty fast.
I frown as Aleric sighs, “Is everything ok?” He asks, running his fingers through his hair before he crouches down and beckons Malevolent over. He smiles at her and she looks up at me before she t*ots over to him and I can’t help but smile as he strokes her.
Somehow Royce’s words have still shaken me, and I just feel… awful.
“Yeah… I heard something but it’s fine.” I shrug, trying to focus on anything but his words. He smiles and nods, “Worried that your father will find out you were in danger and might pull you from here?”
My heart thuds and I freeze, making him chuckle.
“I was a teen once.” He says with a wink as he stands up and Malevolent t*ots back to me.
“Maybe that’s the reason, maybe not, but I do enjoy my own place.”
He steps closer and to my surprise I can feel the heat radiating off him. D*mn someone’s hot, in every aspect.
“You can tell me; I won’t mention it. You can trust me.” He says firmly. 2
“I didn’t see it properly. It looked like a huge snake… or something…”
He frowns, looking at me sharply, and I wish I didn’t speak. He genuinely looks shocked. “A snake? Did you actually see something?”
“Weren’t you two out here hunting it?” I ask uneasily.
“Yes… but we didn’t see it, it got away…” He says, trailing off as he steps back and closes the front door. “Would you be ok to tell me exactly what you saw, so when I report back, I can make it appear that I’m the one who saw it?” 2
I’m was about to refuse, but his words relax me, and I nod. “Sure, I can do that.”
“Perfect, how about we discuss it over something to drink, if you don’t mind me shamelessly inviting myself in.”
I shake my head. “Well, since you already have invited yourself in, we can do that,” I say, glancing down at his s*xy body, it’s crazy how s*xy he looks right now. He really is… beautiful. I look up into those grey eyes and his lips curl into a s*xy smile before they dip to my breasts. “You might want to go change… or this wolf might just want to devour you.”
I smirk, although a part of me wonders why both brothers have such an effect on me, but hey since one has clearly said no, I can enjoy this one. “Good plan… mind helping me with my sash. Your annoying brother tied it a little too tight.” I reply seductively, stepping closer to
him. 2
I need a distraction, and this was the perfect one.
“Then I really should help rectify his mistake.” He replies huskily. My core clenches when his eyes glow a gorgeous amber gold. They burn brighter than any I’ve ever seen… like the sun itself… I’m forced to look away, gasping.
He closes the gap between us, his fingers slipping into my belt as he tugs me closer, my breath hitches when his eyes remain locked with mine as he caresses my stomach with the back of his fingers. They glide along the belt, the fabric is between us but still it makes tingles rush through me. He tugs firmly on the end of the sash, freeing me from the tight binding. I let out a breath, feeling the silk sash slip from his fingers.
“I apologise on his behalf; I hope you’ll accept this sincere apology.” He says with a glint in his eyes.
“Depends exactly how you plan to apologise.” I whisper back, my heart’s thumping as my gown slips open.
A smile curls across those kissable lips as his hands slip under my gown, his fingers gently rubbing my skin where the belt had dug into me. The feel of his touch sends delicious tingles through me, and I can’t help but lean into his touch.
“Allow me to show you.” He murmurs softly, and I slowly look up into those gorgeous eyes. One hand leaves my waist as he cups the side of my face, leaning in as his gaze lowers to my lips before he presses his against them. 1
My breath hitches as pleasure rushes through me, his scent invades my senses and those soft lips caress mine so painstakingly slowly that I feel my senses heighten. And when he begins kissing me, I forget everything else, locking my arms around his neck and deepening the kiss…

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