Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 95

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 95
Kiara stretched her entire body as she woke up the next morning. Gosh, she was
so sore.
“Good morning, my love” She opened her eyes slowly and saw Zane staring
down at her with a smile. She smiled back.
“Good morning. How long have you been up?” She questioned and he leaned
down to kiss her lips.
“I didn’t sleep. I was afraid you’d disappear by the time I wake up” She giggled
then pinched his cheek slightly.

“Well this is my house, isn’t it?” Zane suddenly frowned.
“Was it Levi that gave you this house?” She sighed.
“Zane please let’s not do this” His eyes widened as he grabbed her hand.
“No no no, I didn’t meant it they way. I just…. I want us to live together and even
if we don’t live together, I eoukd like to give you a house” She frowned.
“Zane, why would you give me a house? You think I can’t afford a house myself?”
He was panicking now. Why couldn’t he choose his words properly.
“I didn’t mean… i …”
“Levi gave me this house and said I could repay him with my salary” He furrowed
his eyebrows.
“You have a Job? I thought you were taking a break?” She sighed.
“Well Levi asked me to be his interior designer and of course I couldn’t pass up
the opportunity” Zane frowned but didn’t say anything because he didn’t want to
upset her but she already knew what was going on in his mind.
“Say what you have to say Zane. What? You don’t want me working with him so I
won’t be spending time with him?” Zane pouted but nodded.
“Yeah, I… you know he likes you and I don’t want you to think I don’t trust you
because I do but I don’t trust him” She sighed.
“Well you have to learn to trust him because I’m going to work for him. Look, Levi
would never do anything to hurt me or rush me, he now knows that I can’t see
him as anything other than a friend and he’ll stick to his lane” Zane Scoffed.
“He got you a house, Kiara. That doesn’t seem like he’s sticking to his lane” She

“I’m not having this conversation anymore. I’m hungry” She murmured as she sat
up and was about to climb out of bed but Zane stopped her by wrapping his
arms around her.
“You can do whatever you want because I trust you, okay? I know you love me
and not him” She scoffed with a smile on her face.
“And how exactly are you so sure that I’m still in love with you?” He chuckled then
kissed the tip of her ear which immediately sent chills down her spine.
“Were the I love you you uttered when we were making love not enough proof or
do I have to be inside you for you to tell me you love me again?” She sucked in
her breath as her core suddenly began to ache.
“Let me go, I don’t want to have sex again. I’m still sore” He chuckled.
“I wasn’t going to make you have sex with me, my love but if you want to, my
body has always belonged to you” She was about to cave in but she immediately
jumped out of his arm and took a deep breath.
“Your seduction isn’t going to work on me this time around, Zane” She muttered
but he couldn’t hear a word because his eyes were on her body. Why did she
have to be so perfect?
Noticing the lust in his eyes, she gasped and immediately ran into the bathroom
before he could grab her then she heaved a sigh of relief as she closed the door
behind her. Zane was going to be the death of her.
She was about to turn on the shower when the door bursted open. She gasped
as she turned around and her eyes widened when she saw the prominent desire
in Zane’s eyes.
“Za…Zane” She called out softly. He rushed towards her and slammed his lips on
hers while his hands feverishly roamed her body.

“Fuck, I’m obsessed with you. Every inch of you” He murmured against her lips.
She let out a whimper when he spinned her around and before she could even
breath, he plunged into her from behind and she let out a loud cry.
“Zane Zane, oh fuck” She moaned as he plunged into her without mercy.
“Oh fuck yes, I love you, I love you so much” He murmured as he fucked her then
he leaned closer and began squeezing her boobs and playing with her nipples.
“I can’t…” She moaned out as her legs began to shake. He noticed and
immediately spinned her around then pressed her against the wall and wrapped
her legs around his waist.
“Look into my eyes okay my love?” He murmured as he grabbed onto her face.
After that, everything was like a breeze to her. Pleasure after pleasure because
Zane won’t let her go till he had had his fill and he never seemed to be satisfied.
He really was going to be the death of her.
Heather woke up with a groan as she stretched her sore body. Gosh, what
happened last night?
She immediately froze when her hand connected with something warm like… like
a body. Her eyes widened slightly as she turned to see who it was. When she
saw who it was, her heart thumped in her chest.
What the fuck happened last night?!!
“Good morning, Heather” She screamed as she jumped out of the bed.
“Da…Daniel, what are you doing in bed with me?” He ran his fingers into his hair,
trying to smoothen it out and damn, she couldn’t help but admire his

handsomeness. Why was he so hot?
“I’m guessing you don’t remember anything from last night?” She shook her head
and a smirk appeared on his face. What was that supposed to mean? What
happened last night? Wasn’t she with Liam?…

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