Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 96

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 96
They both sat in silence, staring at each other. Heather wasn’t sure if she wanted
to know what happened last night but she could already guess because they
were both naked and that only meant one thing.
She sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair out of frustration.
“What the fuck happened and please don’t say we had sex” Daniel tilted his
“Okay, we didn’t have sex…” She heaved a sigh of relief, “We made love” Her
eyes widened. She held the sheets up to her chest as she shook her head

“I must be having a nightmare because I was with Liam last night, not you,”
Daniel nodded.
“I don’t know what happened but you called me last night to come pick you up at
Levi’s house and I immediately came. You didn’t seem drunk or anything so I’m
surprised you don’t remember” As soon as she heard that, her memories came
rushing back and she gasped with her hand over her mouth.
After Liam had dropped her off, for some reason, she began to think of Daniel. A
wave of courage had hit her and she found herself calling Daniel, asking him to
come pick her up. Everything else after that was like a breeze.
Daniel had come to pick her up and she had been in her feelings when he was
driving her away and when he kept telling her how much he wanted her back and
how he regretted ever letting her go, she had initiated a kiss and things got
heated after that. She gasped loudly.
So everything was her fault? How could she do that? Most importantly, how
could she do that to Liam when all he did was shower her with love and care?
Why did she still love this man next to her?!
Daniel furrowed his eyebrows and grabbed her hand when he saw that she was
about to get out of bed.
“Where are you going?” She snatched her hand out of his hold and glared at him.
“Where does it look like I’m going? I’m going home. I don’t know what sort of
witchcraft you used on me but this was a mistake, a mistake that’s never going
to happen again” He scoffed.
“It wasn’t a mistake and you know that. You called me last night because you
missed me, didn’t you? You wanted this and so did I, how is that a mistake?”
She groaned as she tugged at her hair.

“Because I hate you and I’m with Liam now. Liam’s the man that you can never
“Yet, I’m the one you love” She frowned. She hated that he always had an
advantage over her. She hated that he could see right through her and she hated
that he was right. She did want this, she had been dreaming of having sex with
him ever since they broke up.
“And that’s something I would give everything to change. Leave me alone and
don’t ever speak of this especially to Liam because he’s the one I want to be
with” She muttered and climbed out of the bed. She gasped when Daniel got out
of bed, walked over and stood in front of her.
She tried her best to keep her eyes leveled with his but she had already got a
sneak peek and he was heavenly. Gosh, why did he have to be so sexy?
“Don’t spout out lies, Heather. No matter what, I’ll always have your heart and I
know I’m the one you want. You are just using him as a rebound to forget about
me” She scoffed.
“Everything doesn’t revolve around you, Daniel. I won’t deny the fact that I still
love you but that doesn’t mean Liam is a rebound because I like him as well.
Liam treats me like a human with feelings whereas you… you don’t even care
about my feelings at all” Daniel’s eyes softened. He quickly grabbed her hand
and shook his head.
“No, I care about you Heather, more than you know. It’s just… you know i say
mean and horrible things without thinking but that doesn’t mean that’s how I feel.
That day when I said you weren’t my problem anymore but Liam, I didn’t mean to
say that because you were never a problem to me. As a matter of fact, I was a
problem to you because I…

“Why did you leave me, Daniel? Why did you make me reject you?” She
questioned, cutting him short and he pursed his lips.
“I don’t want to say it, Heather. Please don’t make me” She frowned.
“What did you do that was so bad? Did you sleep with someone else? Fall in
love with someone else?” He frowned.
“I…” Just then, her phone rang interrupting their conversation. She wanted to
ignore whoever was calling but when she saw the caller Id, she immediately
grabbed her phone.
“Shut your trap” She muttered to Daniel before running into the bathroom and
closing the door behind her.
“Liam, hey” She uttered Into the phone and tried her best not to let him know she
was panicking.
“Hey, I missed you last night. I wanted to come back and stay with you for the
night but I thought you might have wanted your space but I miss you too much
now, can i come visit you? I’m almost there and…”
“No!” She screamed and he paused.
“No? Why?” She but her lower lip as she ransacked her head for a lie.
“Well… well because I… I’m not home right now. I went out.. I went to visit
Kiara. She said she was lonely” Liam didn’t say anything for a while.
“She’s with Zane” Heather’s eyes widened.
“What?!… I mean… yeah, yeah she’s with Zane but you know their relationship
isn’t the best right now so she called me to keep her company so she won’t
focus on Zane”

“Oh… that makes sense” She inwardly heaved a sigh of relief.
“But I will soon leave so we can meet at maybe the beach or something? I
missed you too” She hated the way guilt clenched her heart. She felt like a
monster for doing this to Liam.
“Okay, I’ll meet you there then. Remember Heather, I love you” She frowned as
she glanced at the bathroom door. Who did she love? Liam or Daniel?…

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