Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 94

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 94
There was a full blown smile on Zane’s face as Kiara let him into her house. She
pulled him towards the kitchen and had him sit down on one of the chairs then
she walked out of the kitchen and came back with a towel.
“You are such a fool, you could have died out there! Did you forget what
happened the last time you stayed in the rain?” She scolded as she cleaned his
body with the towel.
She gasped slightly when he grabbed both her hands. She slowly glanced down
at him and their eyes locked instantly.

“How can I forget when it was one of the most memorable moments of my life.
Remember? We had our first kiss under the rain” She pursed her lips.
“Let go of me, Zane” He shook his head.
“You still care about me and love me” He stated like it was a well known fact
making her sigh.
“I never stopped Zane but I… what happened to us in the past was too much for
me to just move on from and we are toxic for each other. I just… I just want time
to figure out what I want and where my feelings for you lies” Zane pouted.
“I know I did you wrong and I’m ready to do anything to correct them. Yes, you
cry when you’re with me, sometimes you’re sad but don’t you remember the
happy times? We are not toxic for each other, we are made for each other.
Remember? You use to say that to me all the time”
“Yes but that was before you decided to throw me out of your pack, Zane” He
“You don’t know how much I regret that. I could give everything up just to go
back in time and change the damage I created. I’m sorry my love, I’m so sorry”
Kiara’s eyes melted when he bowed his head and cried silently.
She bit her lower lip to stop her from crying with him.
“Please don’t push me away again, I’m begging you. I can’t… I don’t want to live
without you. It has been torture so please, I’m begging you” She wiped away his
tears with her thumb because she couldn’t stand seeing him cry.
“I lost our child and I feel like I would be letting him down because I forgave you
so easily” He nodded

“And I get that, I would have felt the same way if I were in your shoes and I don’t
want to think about our child’s death because it’s going to make me hate myself
and I might just fall into depression if I think of the family we could have had
together but baby, I’m selfish and I can’t live without you anymore. You are all I
think about, you are what my world revolved around” Her heart melted when she
saw the sincerity in his eyes.
Without thinking, she leaned down and crushed her lips on his. Zane was quick to
react as he wrapped his arms around her waist and deepened the kiss. Slowly,
Kiara placed herself on Zane’s lap and wrapped her arms around his shoulders.
She moaned into his mouth and he groaned when she began grinding on his
“Fuck baby” He murmured against her lips then pulled away to stare into her lust
filled eyes that certainly mirrored his.
Without saying a word, she took his hand and placed it in front of her core while
staring into his eyes. His eyes widened and he sucked in his breath when he
could feel how wet she was.
Without thinking, he stood up with her in his arms while kissing her feverishly. He
kissed every inch of her lips then moved down to her neck.
She moaned uncontrollably and kept grinding her core on him, making him grow
harder. He groaned then pulled away to stare into her eyes.
“Where’s the room?” She pointed down the hall then placed her lips on his. She
had missed him so much. His touch, his kisses, his lips, everything.
Zane kissed her back with the same amount of urgency as he walked towards
the room. He opened a door and heaved a sigh of relief when he saw a bed. It

didn’t seem like this was the room Kiara was sleeping in because her things nor
her smell was in there but it would have to do in the meantime.
He closed the door behind him with his leg then walked over to the bed and
placed her down. He didn’t waste a second and began peppering kisses on her
face down to her neck. She felt her toes curl when his hands began to roam her
body while his lips were still on her. Gosh, she missed this!
She decided to help out and took off her clothes then helped Zane take off his as
well. He paused what he was doing so as not to stress her but as soon as his
pants fell to the ground, he kicked them away and climbed on top of her.
He stood in that position for a while as they stared into each other’s eyes.
Something shifted between them in that moment and Zane couldn’t determine if it
was for good or bad.
Kiara suddenly whined impatiently as she pouted at him.
“Fuck me already” He let out a chuckle then placed his lips on hers. The kiss
wasn’t fast and rough like their usual kisses, this kiss was like he was sealing a
promise with her.
His hand trailed towards her core and as soon as he began rubbing her clit,
Kiara’s body jerked forwards and a soft whimper came out of her mouth.
“Zane” She moaned out his name and his dick twitched. Gosh, he just couldn’t
control himself around this girl.
He placed two fingers inside her and she cried out as she frailed around. He had
to use his arm to hold her down while his pace got quicker.
“Oh Zane!” She cried out and he lost it. He couldn’t take the pain anymore so
without warning, he settled in front of her core and plunged into her without even

giving her time to breath.
She moaned loudly then buried her fingers into his hair and tugged on it.
“Fuck, that feels so good” She moaned and his pace quickened. He leaned
closer to her and whispered in her ear.
“Scream my name like your life depends on it, my love”…

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