Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 93

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 93
Liam sighed as he watched Zane chug down another glass of alcohol.
“Zane, can you stop this?” Liam murmured but Zane just ignored him and kept
chugging down glass after glass.
“Fuck it” Liam uttered then brought out his phone and dialed Daniel’s number.
After several rings, Daniel finally picked up.
“What is it?” Liam sighed.
“Zane is drinking again. He has already drunk ten glasses of whiskey” Daniel

“What happened? Let me guess, it has something to do with Kiara?” Liam
“He saw her hugging Levi” Zane suddenly scoffed.
“She should be hugging me, I’m the only one she’s allowed to hug. Me and me
alone” He slurred then chugged down the glass in his hand. Liam sighed then
turned his attention back to Daniel.
“I hope you heard that”
“I did. Share me the location, I’ll be there as soon as possible” Liam nodded then
hung up before sharing his location. After that, he walked over to the bar Zane
was sitting at and sat down next to him.
“Zane, don’t do this to yourself. You are going to hate the consequence
tomorrow” Zane turned to him.
“Are you Kiara?” Liam furrowed his eyebrows.
“Then don’t fucking tell me what to do” Zane muttered with a pout then went back
to his drink making Liam sigh.
Just then, some ladies walked over and began touching Zane’s arm and
“Do you want some company? We couldn’t help but notice you from afar” One of
them murmured sexily as her hand slid up and Down his arm. He slowly turned to
her with no emotion in his eyes.
“If you don’t get your hands off me in the next five seconds, you won’t be leaving
here with your limbs” The lady gasped as she jumped away from him while Zane

just went back to his drink like he hadn’t just threatened someone’s life.
The ladies muttered something under their breath before walking away.
“Sorry, he’s going through heartbreak” Liam said as they walked away then
turned to Zane.
“Can you not threaten anyone, at least for today?” Zane ignored him, making him
“What did I miss?” Liam turned towards the voice and he has never been so
happy to see Daniel. He walked over to Daniel and wrapped his arms around
“Oh goddess, you don’t know how happy I am to see you here” Daniel grimaced
and tried pushing him away but Liam was holding on to him tightly.
“Okay I get it, now can you leave me alone?” Liam nodded as he let go of him
then they both turned to Zane who was muttering Kiara’s name as he drank.
“Gosh, it’s really bad,” Daniel muttered.
“Yes and he’s your problem now. I’ve got to go now, bye” Daniel grabbed Liam’s
hand before he could get away.
“Where the fuck do you think you’re going?” Liam scratched the back of his neck
“Erm… I have to go see someone but you can take care of him right? Okay bye”
Liam yanked his hand out of Daniel’s hold and immediately ran out of the club
before Daniel could stop him.
Daniel frowned. Could he be going to meet Heather?

“I want Kiara, I want to hold her. I miss her so much” Daniel turned to Zane as
soon as he heard his voice then he sighed before walking towards him.
“If you miss her so much, go to her” Zane shook his head.
“She hates me, she doesn’t even want to look at me. I hate myself for destroying
what we had, I’m such a fool” Daniel nodded slowly.
“All that is true but don’t you want to do something about it or do you just want to
give up?” Zane turned to him with drowsiness in his eyes.
“Do you think that would make her happy, if I left her alone would she be happy?”
Zane murmured, making Daniel sigh.
“One thing I know is that Kiara loves you. She’s just scared that you’re going to
hurt her again” Zane shook his head like a child.
“But I won’t, I love her so much” Daniel raised an eyebrow.
“Well you also loved her so much when you hurt her in the past” Zane frowned.
“But I’ve changed. I trust her now with my life, how can I make her see that?”
Daniel smiled.
“Go to her and make sure she knows just how sorry you are” Zane thought over
Daniel’s words then he smiled.
“Will you drive me there?”
Zane stood in front of Kiara’s house door with a racing heart. He was sober
enough to know what he was doing and he was fucking nervous. Was she going
to reject him and push him away or was she going to let him in?

He raised his fist and knocked on the door. When she didn’t answer, he knocked
again and after some seconds, the door opened up and her eyes widened when
she saw him.
“Zane? What are you doing here and why do you reek of Alcohol? Have you
been drinking?” He smiled at her.
“My love, I missed you so much. Will you let me in?” She frowned.
“Zane, I don’t want any trouble. I came here to get away from everything and by
everything, I mean you so please leave” He shook his head.
“I can’t because Daniel drove away so I have to stay here till he comes back”
She rolled her eyes.
“You have warriors surrounding my house,I’m sure they can drive you home” She
was about to bang the door in his face when he grabbed her hand.
“Please my love, just let me in. You don’t know how much I’ve missed you. Can I
just hold you even if it’s for some seconds? Please?” She bit her lower lip then
yanked her hand out of his grip.
“Go home Zane and don’t make this more difficult than it is” Then she closed in
his face and rested against the door. She could feel his presence so she knew
he hadn’t gone.
“I’m not leaving. Even if I have to sleep out here, I will because I’m willing to wait
for you” He murmured and she let out a sigh.
Just then, the sky thundered and heavy rain began to pour. Kiara gasped then
walked over to the window and her eyes widened when she saw Zane standing
in the middle of the rain while staring at her house.

[It’s raining, go home Zane] She mind linked but he just ignored her and continued
standing there. She scoffed then walked over to her couch and sat down. If he
wanted to stand there and catch a cold then that wasn’t her problem.
She tried watching a movie but her mind was on Zane and since the rain seemed
to be getting heavier, she was getting worried.
She stood up from the couch then walked over to the window and saw Zane was
still standing in the same spot she had left him in but this time, he was shivering.
The rain made Zane sober so he was fully aware of what was happening now.
The rain won’t have been a problem to him but he was prone to catching a cold
whenever he was in the rain.
He wrapped his arms around himself and bit Down his Lower lip to stop them
from quivering. Kiara was worth it and he deserved so much more than this.
After standing there for what felt like an hour, his leg gave up and he fell to his
knees with a groan.
[Stand back!] He mind linked the warriors when he saw they were running
towards him. They immediately paused and just stood by the side staring at him.
After some minutes, his body began to shiver uncontrollably. He stared down at
the ground as he tried to stop himself from shaking but it was of no use.
“Zane” He heard a soft voice call out to him and when he raised up his head, he
saw Kiara running towards him with a blanket in her hand. She knelt down in front
of him and wrapped the blanket around him.
“You fool, are you trying to get yourself killed?” He grinned so widely that his
cheek began to hurt.
”I knew you would come for me, my love”…

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