Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 90

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 90
Daniel walked straight towards Zane’s room and knocked on the door.
“Zane, stop sulking and answer the door. We have a situation” Daniel uttered but
Zane didn’t reply making him sigh.
“If you don’t answer me in the next ten seconds, I’m breaking the door open” He
called out then sighed before he began to count.

7… just then, The door opened up and Zane stared at him with a bored look.
“The only reason i opened this door is to hand you this” Daniel furrowed his
eyebrows as he took the piece of paper in Zane’s hand.
“What is this?”
“The receipt for the door. When you’re done breaking it down, have it fixed
before I see it” Zane muttered and was about to bang the door in his face but
Daniel threw his whole weight on the door to stop him from closing it.
“I need you to contact that witch you know. We need to open something and it
might have the information we need to capture that monster” Zane furrowed his
“Did you just say you need me to contact a witch to open something up?” Daniel
“There’s something like an attic or a basement in the park and it has an ominous
feeling to it. It’s also locked by a very powerful spell” Zane raised an eyebrow.
“A spell? That means something is down there then” Daniel nodded.
“I didn’t want to disturb you because I know you’re sulking and all but you’re the
only one that witch will answer to and we need her help” Zane rolled his eyes but
nevertheless nodded.
“I’ll contact her and I’ll be out in five minutes. Maybe something like this is what I
need to get Kiara off my mind” Zane muttered before walking back into his room

and slamming the door behind him.
True to his words, Zane was done changing his clothes in five minutes and
walked out to meet Daniel in the living room.
“Where’s Liam?” Zane questioned as he buttoned up his wrist.
“He might be with Heather” Zane raised an eyebrow when he heard the anger in
Daniel’s tone.
“You guys are still fighting?” Daniel Scoffed.
“I’m not fighting with anyone, I could care less” Zane sighed.
“You see, that’s what’s going to make you loose the girl because you talk without
listening to yourself” Daniel groaned and ran his fingers through his hair.
“You know it’s like a defense mechanism, I can’t stop it” Zane shrugged.
“Well you have to learn how to stop it. Come on, let’s go. I’ve not got all day”
Zane muttered then walked out of the house.
Daniel stood there for a while then let out a sigh before following behind Zane.
By the time they got to the pack, the sun was already setting in. They walked
over to where Leo and the others were and they immediately bowed their heads
when they saw Zane.
“Alpha, we weren’t expecting to see you here” Leo uttered and he nodded.
“I didn’t expect I’d be here but here we are” He muttered then glanced down at
the door below them.

“It’s a Cellar” He muttered as he squatted and waved his hand in front of it, “And
it has a barrier spell around it so outsiders can’t get in” Zane muttered then
straightened up and dusted his hand before turning to them.
“So where’s the witch? Daniel said…”
“Patience is a virtue, Leo. She’s already here” Leo furrowed his eyebrows but his
eyes suddenly widened when a woman wearing a black cloak walked out from
behind Zane. She removed the black hoodie and smiled at them.
“I’m Anastasia, Zane’s shadow” They all immediately became confused including
“Your shadow?” Daniel questioned and Zane nodded.
“For saving her life, she pledged her loyalty to me and for some reason, she
decided to become my shadow but that’s not why she’s here. Anastasia, can you
open up the door for us?” She bowed her head then walked over to the door and
glanced down.
“Whoever casted this spell is very Powerful Indeed” She muttered making Zane
“You can’t open it?” She turned to him then let out a scoff before smirking.
“Don’t underestimate me, Zane. I was next in line to becoming the Queen of
witches. They were afraid of my power and that’s why they all turned on me”
She muttered scornfully then turned back to the door and began her incantations.
Because it was getting dark, everyone else had left and they were the only ones
remaining in the park. After a few seconds, the door opened up and Zane smiled
proudly before placing his hand on her shoulder.

“Job well done again, Anastasia. You can return back” She nodded but before he
could walk away, she grabbed his hand.
“The new Queen of witches was the one who placed this spell on this. Whatever
you find in there, she has a hand in it” He nodded slowly then released his hand
from hers before going down into the attic and the rest Immediately followed him.
As soon as they got down to the very depth of the attic, a stench so strong hit
Zane’s nose. He covered his nose with his arm and so did the others. The place
was dark so they couldn’t see but luckily, Daniel was able to locate the switch
and as soon as he turned on the light, they were surprised by what they saw.
They didn’t see any dead bodies like they thought they would but instead, they
saw torn clothes on the ground covered in blood and seemingly flesh.
“What do you think happened here, Alpha?” Leo questioned as they all glanced
“The monster is definitely the one who uses this attic” Zane muttered.
“How do you know that?” Daniel questioned.
“See the foot prints on the ground, it can only be made by that monster” They all
glanced on the ground and were surprised they hadn’t seen it before.
“So what does all this mean?” Zane folded his arm.
“A, either the monster keeps the clothes if it’s victim of B… the monster changes
in a human just like us”…

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