Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 89

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 89
Liam stood there speechlessly for a while, not knowing what to say to Daniel.
“Why did you break up with her in the first place, Daniel? I remember that after
Zane and Kiara, you guys were the next golden couple and you could talk about
her for hours even though most of them were complains but I’ve come to notice
that that’s how you express yourself when you love someone so what
happened?” Daniel sighed then ran his fingers through his hair.
“I can’t say it because I’m… I’m not still sure how I feel and I broke up with her
because I knew she was going to be hurt by what I did. You all are going to be
hurt, especially Zane so I just… I just felt it was better if I let her go and she

found someone else to love her fully like she deserved but… I can’t… I can’t
stand the sight of her being with you because she’s supposed to be with me,
she’s my mate” Liam frowned.
“If you can’t tell me what you did then I can’t sympathize with you Daniel. What
did you do that’s going to hurt her?” Daniel shook his head.
“It’s not just going to hurt her but it’s going to break her so I’m just not ready to
say it and I wish I never have to but Liam, I’m still in love with Heather and as my
friend, aren’t you supposed to let me be with her? Come on, she’s my mate”
Liam scoffed.
“Listen Daniel, you had your chance and now it’s my turn and I don’t want you
getting in the way. I can be nice all the time but you should know what I’m
capable of. Leave Heather with me so she doesn’t get broken by you, isn’t that
what you wanted?” After saying that, Liam turned around and walked away
leaving a frowning Daniel Standing all alone.
Daniel sighed and was about to walk away when he heard Leo’s voice in his
[Beta Daniel, are you there? I can’t seem to reach the Alpha]
[What’s the situation?]
[You might want to come see it yourself, Beta Daniel. I can’t explain it over the
phone] Daniel let out a sigh. He knew Zane wouldn’t answer him and Liam was
angry at him now so he had to go on his own.
[I’m on my way]

When Daniel got to the location Leo had given him, he was surprised by it. He
expected a much darker scene but instead, they were in a park filled with
children and their parents.
He searched through the crowd and finally found Leo with some other men from
the pack and he walked up to them.
“What’s the situation and why are we at a park?” They bowed their heads at him
“Morning, Beta Daniel. We found something very strange in the park. It’s like an
underground basement” Daniel frowned.
“Come with us, we’ll show you” He nodded then followed them towards the far
end corner of the pack where no one was.
“There’s the door. I don’t know why but I’m getting an ominous feeling from it but
we can’t seem to get it open” Daniel glanced down at the door with a thoughtful
expression then he bent down slightly and waved his hand in front of the door.
“That’s because there’s a strong spell placed on it, a spell that even a wolf can’t
break” He muttered then straightened up with a sigh.
“That means there’s definitely something down there for a witch to have it
locked” Daniel nodded.
“It appears so. Don’t leave this spot just in case whoever has this locked is
watching. Call me or mind link me if anything happens” Leo nodded.
“Where are you going?

“Zane knows a witch and he’s the only one she’d answer to so I have to make
him get out of that house somehow. Don’t wait up for me, this might take long”
Daniel muttered before walking away.
A thrill ran through his body as he imagined just what could be Down there. It has
been so long since he, Zane and Liam went on a thrilling adventure.
Kiara sighed as she stood in front of a beautiful small house. Small in the sense
of its height but it was very beautiful and grand.
“Levi, why are we here and who’s house is this?” Levi had shown up in front of
her apartment earlier this morning and no matter how many times she told him to
leave, he disregarded her and helped her pack her stuff then in a blink of an eye,
they were in front of this House.
“Now I know that you said you wanted to be alone and you’re going to be alone
here in this house” She turned to him with a frown.
“Why?” He grinned.
“This is your new apartment! I hope you like it” She furrowed her eyebrows.
“Levi, this is a house not an apartment” He nodded.
“Yeah but isn’t it pretty?” She sighed.
“Heather told me that you went through your depression stage in that apartment
and I just thought you’d feel better in a cleaner space. I promise, I won’t disturb
you here because even though Zane’s trained guards are watching you, this
estate has guards that protect everyone so I feel much better leaving you alone”
She tilted his head.

“Why didn’t you get us a house in your estate?” He smiled.
“I know you won’t like that and I didn’t want to cross the line and make it seem
like I’m forcing things. Plus, this house was just too beautiful and when I saw it, I
thought of you” She smiled at him then turned to the house before letting out a
She knew no matter what she said, he wasn’t going to listen and the house did
look nice. It looked very comfortable unlike the old apartment she was staying in
with Heather. Plus, Heather would love it here.
“Where’s the key to the house?”…

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