Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 88

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 88
Liam slowly turned to him with a frown.
“What?” Daniel turned to him as he folded his arms.
“I still have feelings for Heather. Now that you know, can you leave her alone?”
Liam stared at him for a while then let out a scoff.
“Are you being serious right now? I don’t care if you like or love her even, she’s
with me now and it’s better if you accept it already” Liam retorted making Daniel
“But she was mine first”

“Then you fucking broke her heart and now, she isn’t. She’s a free woman and
you’re a free man. I can be with whoever I want and I choose her. You lost your
chance so don’t bug or guilt trip me into leaving her because it’s never going to
work” Liam uttered and was about to walk away when Daniel spoke.
“But how does it feel knowing you’re just a rebound? How does it feel knowing
you’ll always be second choice compared to me” Liam froze, then slowly turned
back to Daniel with wide eyes.
“What?” He hadn’t expected those words to come out of Liam’s mouth.
“If I wanted to, I could get her back in an instance because no matter how much
she tried to deny it, her heart beats for me and it always will” Daniel muttered
then flashed Liam a humorless smile before walking away.
Liam was left speechless. He clenched his fist and gritted his teeth before
storming off.
The first thing Zane saw when he woke up the next morning was the bright sun in
the sky making him frown. Who gave the sun the permission to be so bright and
happy when there was nothing in this world to be happy about?
He tossed and turned on the bed, trying to go back to sleep but he just couldn’t.
His body and head were aching and he needed to get up and be active for them
to go away but he had no motivation to do that. He wanted to sleep forever and
continue dreaming of Kiara.
As soon as he thought of her, his eyes trailed towards his phone and bit down
the urge to grab it and call her. Yeah, she had blocked him but he had other
phones he could call her with but he didn’t want to disturb her. Maybe a break
from one another would do them some good and he needed to respect her
choices but that didn’t mean he was going to let her go, he was going to fight till
the end because she was his.

He let out a sigh before slowly getting out of bed. He really didn’t want to do
anything today so he just went downstairs to grab himself breakfast and was
about to walk away when Liam appeared behind him with a cheeky smile.
“Zane, how was your night?” Zane rolled his eyes at him and was about to side
step him but Liam moved and stood in front of him again.
“Please wait, I’m just here to apologize for the way I spoke towards you
yesterday and the words I uttered. They were so uncalled for and…”
“Everything you said was true, Liam” Liam’s eyes widened slightly at his words.
“I did hurt Kiara, I hurt her so badly that I feel like she’s never going to forgive me
for them but am I going to give up? No, because I love her and I’m the only man
permitted to make her happy, that’s my Job. I’m going to make up for everything
I’ve done towards her and get my girl back” Liam’s phone rang the minute Zane
walked away but Zane immediately froze in his tracks when he heard Heather’s
voice on the other side of the phone.
“Guess what? I was able to convince Levi to take Kiara on a vacation. She
needs it since she wants to be alone and maybe she can grow to love him there.
What do you think?” Liam bit his lower lip as he glanced at Zane’s back. He had
totally heard everything Heather had just said.
“I thought she said yesterday that she didn’t want to be disturbed in the
meantime and that she just saw Levi as a friend?” Liam uttered then briefly
glanced at Zane and saw that he wasn’t as tense as before after hearing that.
“Well Kiara doesn’t know what she wants and as her best friend, I’m going to
make her fall in love with Levi because he’s a better choice” Zane clenched his
fist then let out a sigh before walking up the stairs.

“Can’t we just let them solve this on their own? If we butt in, it might make it
worse and besides, Zane is not that bad. Yeah he made poor choices but he
regrets them now” Heather went silent.
“My best friend lost her child and went into depression. He wasn’t there, I was.
She cried every fucking day and night and almost tried to kill her numerous times
that I lost count. He regrets it? He should but that doesn’t mean she should get
back together with him and if you think she should then maybe it’s time I give you
space” His eyes widened but before he could say anything, She hung up.
He sighed then ran his fingers through his hair. Why had he said that?
He turned around and paused when he saw Daniel. He frowned and was about
to walk away when Daniel spoke.
“Wait…. I want to talk to you” Liam harshly turned to him.
“Why? So you can tell me just how much Heather loves and will always love you?
I’m not in the mood for your bullshit, Daniel” Liam muttered.
“I’m here to apologize. I… we are friends and we shouldn’t let a girl come in
between us….”
“She’s just not a girl, Daniel. You claim you like her yet you can’t respect her. Do
you really like her or do you just hate the fact that she has moved on?” Daniel
“I’m not good with words, Liam, you know that. I like her and I… I don’t think I
ever stopped”…

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