Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 87

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 87
Kiara immediately regretted every word that came out of her mouth the minute
she saw the hurt in Levi’s eyes but it was too late to take it back.
The drive back to their old apartment was silent because no one knew what to
say at the moment. Kiara kept glancing at Levi with guilt in her eyes but Levi
didn’t one glance at her.
When they finally got to the apartment building, she let out a sigh then turned to
“I’m sorry for the harsh words I uttered towards you, I just… I’m just really tired
and all” Levi smiled slightly.

“You were much more rude to me the first time we met so I wasn’t offended.
Maybe I am crossing my boundary with this but just know that I’m worried about
you and would hate myself forever if something should happen to you” She
smiled at him then suddenly wrapped her arms around him, catching him off
His eyes widened slightly then he wrapped his arms around her tightly.
“I’m actually glad I saved you that day, Levi. You’re a good friend” His face
instantly turned sour and she didn’t need to see his face to know his mood had
been dampened. She had to cut off whatever they had going on now before his
heart got broken.
She pulled away from him then turned to Heather who was pretending to not
listen but Kiara knew she could hear every word.
“Can you both give us some space? I need to talk to Levi alone” Liam nodded
then immediately climbed out of the car but Heather was still seated which made
Kiara roll at her.
“I said you both, Heather” Heather pouted as she stared at them.
“Why can’t I stay? I want to listen to” Kiara sighed as she massaged her
“Please just go” Heather frowned then let out a sigh before climbing out of the
car. As soon as she was gone, Kiara turned to Levi but before she could say
anything, he spoke.
“You don’t have to explain yourself, Kiara because I know you see me as a friend
but I’m not giving up on you. I’m going to make you mine, it’s going to take time
but I’m willing to wait” She frowned.

“But why? They’re million girls out there that would be willing to give their heart to
you in a second. Why me?” Levi sighed.
“I don’t want any girl, I want you. Ever since I laid my eyes on you, I knew you
were the only one for me and I’m not giving up till I have you” He muttered and
the determination in his voice scared her but she didn’t say anything, instead she
“Trust me, I want to be in love with you, Levi but….”
“Zane still holds your heart, doesn’t he?” she pursed her lips.
“It’s complicated” He chuckled.
“It really isn’t, you don’t have to lie to me. You love him and he loves you too,
there’s no two ways about that. The reason why I took so long to get down is
because I bumped into him in the halls and we talked a little…. Well I talked and
he listened. He looked so broken exactly the way you looked some minutes ago.
I know the situation between both of you is not an easy one but I think you both
have to sit down and talk about it properly for you both to get able to move on
because trust me, dodging the situation won’t help at all” She listened to his
words with a thoughtful expression then she smiled.
“You sound like you want me and Zane back together. I thought you wanted me
to yourself?” Levi chuckled.
“Well I do but I also want you to be happy and free” She smiled then wrapped
her arms around him again as she let out a sigh.
“I’ll see you later” She uttered then climbed out of the car, waved him goodbye
before walking over to Heather and hugging her.
“I know you’re not going to stay here for long but I’ll miss you. If you need
anything, call me okay?” Heather murmured, making her smile.

“Of course, you’re the first person I’m always going to call,” Kiara murmured then
kissed her on the cheek before pulling away.
“Bye Liam and take care of my friend, okay?” He smiled then turned to Heather
who’s cheeks had turned red.
“Of course I’ll always take care of her” Kiara grinned then wiggled her eyebrows
at Heather before walking into the building laughing but as soon as she got inside
the apartment, the loneliness and gloominess dawned on her.
She slid down the door and sat on the ground for what felt like hours before
finally falling asleep.
Liam took a deep breath before knocking on Zane’s door. After saying goodbye
to Heather and Levi, all he could think about was how he was going to apologize
to Zane. He was dreading it but he also knew what he had said was wrong
especially with the problem Zane had with Kiara.
“Zane, Can I talk to you please?” He murmured but got no reply back which
made him sigh.
“I didn’t have any right to say something like that to you and it has been bugging
me ever since I left so I’m here to apologize and I hope you’ll forgive me” When
he still didn’t get a reply, he was about to knock again when Daniel spoke.
“Don’t bother yourself, he’s sulking so he’s not going to answer you” Liam turned
to Daniel and watched as he walked towards him.
“Should we let him be alone? You know what happened last time he was like
this” Liam muttered making Daniel sigh.
“Let’s just play it out till tomorrow. If he still doesn’t open up then we’ll let
ourselves in” Liam nodded slowly then sighed and was about to walk away when

Daniel spoke.
“I still have feelings for Heather”…

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