Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 86

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 86
Zane and Kiara held each other’s stare, both of them refusing to back down or
breathe while the others just stood there in silence, watching them.
“Okay then” Kiara finally breathed out then turned to Heather.
“Let’s go” Heather nodded then walked over to carry the small luggage she had
brought with her before following Kiara from behind as they walked away.
“Daniel, drive them back to Levi’s house and make sure you place the best
warriors we have around to protect Kiara. If anything happens, I’ll hold you
responsible” Daniel nodded.

Okay… are you okay?” He didn’t like the look on Zane’s face. He looked…
defeated. Zane didn’t say anything, he just turned around and walked away
making Daniel sigh.
“Do you think he’s going to be okay?” Daniel glanced at Liam as soon as he
heard his voice.
He rolled his eyes then walked away making Liam sigh. He shook his head
before following behind Daniel.
As soon as they got down to the living room, Kiara dialed Levi’s number and he
picked up immediately.
“Kiara? Why are you calling when I’m…”
“Can you come down? We are leaving” Levi went silent for a while.
“Okay” Kiara was surprised but grateful that he didn’t ask her any questions over
the phone because her emotions were all over the place.
“Are you okay? You’re looking a bit pale” Heather commented as she placed her
hand on Kiara’s shoulder. Kiara flashed her a small smile then nodded.
“I’m okay, don’t worry about me” They both turned towards the steps when they
heard footsteps and Kiara had to hide the fact that she was disappointed that
Zane was walking down the stairs with Daniel and Liam.
“Do you guys really have to go? You just got here and what about the monster? I
think it’s safer here” Liam muttered as he walked over to Heather.
“Believe it or not, nowhere is safe. We just have to be careful and vigil. We can
take care of ourselves, don’t worry” Liam sighed then pulled Heather into a hug.
She gasped slightly because she hadn’t expected it and she hated the way she

subtly glanced at Daniel. Why did she do that? Why did she care If he was
She didn’t want to admit but seeing the annoyed and jealous look on his face
made her heart pound. To anger him further, she pulled away from the hug, stood
on her toes and pressed a kiss on Liam’s cheek.
“Call and text me later?” Liam’s eyes were wide open. He hadn’t expected that at
all. A smile appeared on his face and he immediately nodded.
“Of course” Daniel scoffed lightly then walked away which made Liam frown.
Heather had a wide smile on her face as she watched him walk away. Was it all
in her head or was he actually jealous?
“Why do you care? He doesn’t want us” She frowned when she heard her wolf’s
voice in her head. It was true, he didn’t want them so why was she caring so
much? She sighed then shook her head before turning to Kiara who seemed to
be in deep thoughts.
“Where’s Levi anyway?” Just then, Levi appeared in front of them as he walked
down the stairs. He immediately walked up to Kiara and held her shoulders with
a worried look on his face.
“Are you okay?” She nodded with a small smile.
“Yes, let’s just get out of here” Levi nodded then brought out his phone.
“I’ll just ask my driver to bring the car here” Liam shook his head.
“Don’t worry about that, I’ll drive you home” He walked over to the table and
grabbed one of Zane’s car keys before nodding at them.
“Let’s go” On the drive back to Levi’s Villa, Only Liam’s and Heather’s voices
could be heard. Levi tried to speak with Kiara but he figured out she didn’t want

to talk because of her replies.
“I won’t be following you guys back to the Villa” Everyone immediately went quiet
as soon as she spoke.
“What?” Heather questioned while Levi turned to her with furrowed eyebrows.
“I’ll stay at our old apartment for a while, you can stay with Levi though, Heather”
Heather turned towards her from the back seat.
“But why? Weren’t you the one that said you didn’t want Levi to be alone?
Because I’m coming with you” Kiara sighed then turned to Liam.
“Can you please not tell Zane that I will be staying at my old apartment? If he
doesn’t know then the wa.. the trained guards will be sent to Levi’s Villa and
Heather and him can be safe” Levi scoffed.
“You really think we are going to let only you live in that apartment when there’s a
monster on the loose? Hell no, Kiara. You’re staying at the Villa” Levi muttered,
making her sigh.
“I just… I need some time to myself right now to think things through. I just want
to be alone even if it’s just for two to three days but I need to be alone” She
“I have a little house behind my Villa, you can be alone there and…”
“Levi, you don’t understand. Please, just for a few days and I’ll be back at the
Villa before anyone even notices. I just want to be alone, away from everyone
and everything. Please” Levi was about to argue but Heather spoke up.
“How about this? We’ll have some of the men come with me and Levi while some
will go along with Kiara. That’s possible right, Liam?” Heather questioned as she

turned to him.
“Yes, it is. We have a lot of wa… I mean we have a lot of men now so I’m sure I
can get at least twenty men to watch over Kiara and another twenty to watch
over you and Levi” Heather nodded slowly then let out a sigh before turning to
“Please be careful and know I love you. If you need anything, I’m just a call
away” Heather uttered making Kiara smile.
“I’m not in support of this. I don’t want you getting hurt, Kiara. Let’s just stay at
the Villa, I’ll give you your own space and ask all the workers not to disturb you.
You’d hardly know that…”
“With all due respect, Levi, you’re not my father neither are you my boyfriend. If I
say I don’t want to stay at your Villa then that’s final and I don’t want to hear
anyone else fight me on this”…

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