Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 85

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 85
Zane stared at her silently for a while and she was starting to think he was
“Get me another room, I can’t stay in here with you” She murmured then walked
past him and was about to walk out the door when he wrapped his arms around
her and placed his head on her shoulder making her gasp.
“Zane? What do you think you’re doing? Let me go, now” But his arms just
tightened around her.
“I don’t believe you, I don’t believe you have feelings for Levi” She took a deep
breath then sighed.

“But I just told you I did, didn’t I?”
“You’re just saying that to spite me and even though I don’t want to admit it, it
hurts to hear you say you like him even though I know you’re lying, it still hurts. I
love you so much Kiara and it pains me when I wake up every morning and
remember that I can’t call you mine anymore. When are you going to give me a
chance to redeem myself?” She sighed.
“Please let’s not do this, not now” She murmured but he shook his head.
“No, I want you to know that I love you so much and there’s not a single day
where I open my eyes and regret every single thing. I know it’s hard but
please,just this once, give me a chance” She squeezed her eyes shut.
“I tried giving you a chance but you did the same thing again. I can’t and I don’t
want to risk it” He pulled away from the hug then moved over to stand in front of
“I was a fool, there’s no excuse for my foolishness but I want you to know that I
never stopped loving you, I always thought of you and wanted to hold you but
you have to know that I was trying to protect my sanity and my heart. My head
was filled with so much doubt that I refused to see the truth that was in front of
me the whole time and that cost me you” She stared at him for a while then
sighed as she dragged her palm across her face.
“Listen Zane, I’ve decided to put myself first now and that also means I’m cutting
off anything or anyone that’s going to make me unhappy because I deserve
happiness, Zane” He nodded immediately.
“You deserve the world, Kiara and I’m ready to give you that if you’d let me…”
“You lost your chance, I think it’s time we both move on” She murmured and was
about to side step him but he wrapped his arms around her and she squeezed

her eyes shut when she felt the wetness on her shoulder.
“I’m begging you, please. Please just give me a chance,I’ll never be able to move
on from you because you’re all that I want” She took in a shaky breath then
gently pulled herself away from the hug.
She wiped away the tears that slipped down her cheeks hurriedly as she
watched him silently crying in front of her. She was this close to giving up on
everything and running into his arms to calm him down, to tell him how much she
loved him and was willing to start over again but wasn’t she just playing with her
own heart? She didn’t want to take any risk anymore.
“I don’t think we’ll be able to stay here. I’m going to tell Levi and Heather. We’ll
leave” She murmured then immediately walked out of the room before he could
stop her.
She wiped away the tears that were streaming down her face then came to a
halt when Levi appeared in front of her. He stared at her worriedly then grabbed
her face gently.
“Why are you crying? What did Zane say to you this time?” She sighed then
shook her head before taking two steps away from him. Just because she was
done with Zane doesn’t mean she should lead Levi on.
Hurt flashed through his eyes but it was gone within a flash.
“What’s wrong?” She sighed.
“We can’t stay here. You, I and Heather are leaving now” She murmured and he
frowned. They hadn’t even been here for an hour. Just what did she talk about
with Zane that made her change her mind?
“Is something wrong? You can tell me” She shook her head  “Nothing is wrong. I’ll go get Heather” She murmured then immediately walked
away leaving Levi confused.
When Kiara got downstairs, she glanced around and frowned when she only saw
“Has Heather been taken to her room?” He nodded at her then folded his arms
with furrowed eyebrows.
“What happened?” She ignored his question because it was pretty obvious. The
only reason she ever cried was because of Zane or it had something to do with
“Can you take me to Heather’s room?” Daniel nodded slowly.
“Yeah” He led her upstairs and towards Heather’s room without any of them
saying a word to each other. When they got there, Kiara knocked on the door
before walking in and they both found Heather and Liam laughing at something.
The smile slipped off Heather’s face when she saw Kiara’s face and she
immediately dropped what she was doing and walked up to her.
“Kiara? What’s wrong? Why do you look like you have been crying?” Kiara
“It’s nothing. I’m sorry but we cannot stay here anymore” They all frowned at her
“What? Why?” Heather questioned making Kiara sigh again.
“Just because we can’t, I can’t…. I just can’t ” It was too much for her and she
knew Zane was never going to drop coming to her as long as she stayed under
his roof.

Heather seemed to understand what she was trying to say and immediately
“I’d go anywhere with you, even if you wanted us to stay under the bridge. What
about Levi?” Kiara smiled.
“We’ll talk about that later”
“I’m afraid I cannot let you both leave unless Zane allows it” They both turned to
Daniel with a frown as soon as he said that.
“Well Zane doesn’t control us and we can leave if we want to” Kiara spoke up
with a sneer. Daniel opened his mouth to say something but before he could,
Zane’s voice came from behind.
“You can leave, I’m not holding you back anymore”…

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