Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 84

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 84
“Home sweet home I guess” Zane muttered as they walked into his mansion.
Kiara’s mouth laid agape as she took in the sight in front of her. This house
reminded her of the house they always used to talk about when they were
planning on building a house together. Could it be…
She turned to Zane and he immediately flashed her a smile.
“Do you like it? I made sure to include everything you wanted but still make it
have a homely feeling to it” He mind linked while taking slow steps towards her.
She stared at him for a while then took a deep breath before glancing around.
She hadn’t thought this through at all.

Only the goddess knew when they would be able to catch the monster. It could
take months, how was she going to get over Zane if he was beside her 24/7?
“This place is nice… decent but not better than my mansion” Levi suddenly spoke
up as he walked over to Kiara. Zane rolled his eyes at him.
“I don’t remember asking for you opinion, pretty boy and if you must know, Kiara
over here designed this house as well” Levi’s eyes widened slightly then he
glanced down at her.
“Really? You did?” She nodded with a smile.
“But I get what you mean, it’s so out of style now and your mansion is much
better” Zane frowned. That had to be a joke right? Was she doing this purposely
to rile him up because it was working too well.
“Are we really going to staying here in the meantime?” Heather questioned with a
frown on her face.
“Yes Heather just until they have caught the monster” Heather turned to Zane.
“It’s just going to be me, you, Kiara and Levi, right?” Zane nodded and she
heaved a sigh of relief.
“With Daniel and Liam” He added, making Heather frown. Just then, Daniel
walked into the mansion with his usual nonchalant look on his face.
“I can’t get to Liam, he isn’t picking up” Daniel reported making Zane frown.
“Track down his location and drag him back here. I won’t tolerate such behavior
from him” Daniel nodded and was about to walk away when Heather spoke up.
“I just talked to him and he said he’ll be here soon” Daniel turned to her with a

“How come he didn’t reply to me?” She ignored his question and just dialed
Liam’s number. He picked almost instantly.
“Hey” She smiled when she heard his voice.
“Hey, When are you getting here? Zane is already ordering Daniel to track you
down” He sighed.
“I’m right outside” Just then, he walked in and refused to look anyone in the eyes.
Heather walked up to him and grabbed him by the shoulder.
“Hey, is everything okay?” He smiled at her then nodded.
“Yeah I just need to speak with Zane and Daniel for a while” She frowned.
“Why? Did they do something to you? Because if they did, I…”
“No, it’s nothing like that, don’t worry about it, okay?” She frowned but didn’t
question any further.
“Who’s going to take us to our rooms? I’m getting kind of tired” Kiara muttered
as she stared at Zane.
“I’ll lead you to your room. Daniel, lead the rest up to theirs” Zane muttered then
immediately grabbed Kiara’s hand and led her upstairs before she could protest.
Levi watched them walk away then let out a sigh before turning to Daniel.
“How am I going to get my things and I do have to go to work tomorrow and the
day after that” Daniel nodded.
“Don’t worry. Everything will be discussed tonight. I’ll show you both to your
rooms” He muttered.

“Don’t worry, I’ll show Heather up to her room. I want to make sure she settles in
perfectly” Daniel frowned at Liam’s words.
“I can do that on my own,” Daniel muttered.
“But I’d feel more comfortable if Liam showed me up to my room. Let’s go, Liam”
Heather uttered then grabbed Liam’s hand and led him upstairs, neither of them
turning back.
Daniel sighed as he ran his fingers through his hair.
“So you have something going on with Heather I assume” Daniel turned to Levi
as soon as he heard his voice.
“Excuse me?” Levi chuckled.
“We are the only ones here, are we not? We seem to be having the same
problem” Daniel scoffed.
“Our situation is nothing alike. Unlike you, Heather still likes me, I know she does
whereas Kiara loves Zane but you’re just forcing yourself into their relationship”
Levi frowned then his eyes suddenly turned cold.
“Juat because I tried to be friendly doesn’t mean you can talk to me however you
please. If I’m forcing myself into their relationship, she won’t have been the one
who suggested I come along with them, would she? I get that Zane’s your Boss
but do you really have to condone his Ill behavior? Even if Kiara doesn’t end up
falling in love with me, I’m going to make sure she doesn’t end up with someone
like Zane and that’s a promise”
Kiara yanked her hand out of Zane’s as soon as they got to the top of the stairs.

Can you stop grabbing me without my permission?” He turned to her with
furrowed eyebrows.
“I just… it’s a habit. I’m sorry if you don’t like it” She frowned at him then glanced
at the door behind her.
“Is this my room?” He noded then moved closer and opened the door for her.
When she glanced inside, her mouth laid agape. She walked in and she couldn’t
stop gasping.
“This doesn’t look like a guest bedroom, Zane” He smiled.
“That’s because this is my room” She paused then turned to him with a frown.
“This is your room? Then why am I in here?” He walked up to her and grabbed
her arm.
“Because I want you to lay with me. Don’t you miss waking up and seeing me
next to you?” She shook her head.
“No. Let go of me, Zane” But he didn’t. Instead, he caressed her face.
“Do you have feelings for Levi?” He questioned softly while still caressing her
“Zane, let me go”
“Please, do you have feelings for Levi? Be honest with me” The words were
stuck in her throat. She wanted to tell him no because she could never love
anyone as much as she loved him but instead, she said;
“Yes, I do have feelings for Levi”…

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