Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 83

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 83
The three of them stared at Zane with wide eyes, unable to phantom what he
had just said.
“Heather, I and Levi should stay with you at your mansion?” Kiara questioned like
she hadn’t heard him well the first time. He tilted his head at her then nodded.
“Yes, that’s what I just said” She frowned.
“No” He raised an eyebrow.
“No?” She nodded.

“I don’t think Levi will get comfortable moving into your mansion while he…” Zane
suddenly groaned, cutting her sentence short.
“Can you please stop talking about him in front of me? I’m worried about you and
I could care less what happened to him” She sighed.
“Well I care about him and I know he’s going to be very uncomfortable staying at
that mansion especially with the kind of person you are” Zane scoffed.
“The kind of person I am? And what’s that supposed to mean exactly?” Daniel
and Heather just stood still, watching the pair bicker like old married couples.
“Oh? You really want me to tell you? You and I both know that you’re going to
make him so uncomfortable that he’ll be begging to leave” Zane grinned.
“Oh my Love, you know me so well” She rolled her eyes.
“I don’t want him to be uncomfortable because I’ll be uncomfortable as well and
everything is just going to be a mess. The three of us can’t live together under
the same roof” Zane opened his mouth to say something but his eyes Suddenly
trailed behind her and it turned cold when he saw Levi behind Heather.
“What roof? I’m sorry I couldn’t get here quicker, the road is a mess right now.
Did something happen?” Heather turned towards Levi with a smile.
“Great, you’re here. I was getting bored anyway. Let’s go, Kiara” Heather
uttered then made a move to grab Kiara’s hand but the look Zane threw at her
made her blood run cold.
“Kiara, I suggest you get your friend in check because she’s really starting to
annoy me” Kiara raised an eyebrow.
“She and I are a package deal so if you want to be close to me, get used to her
attitude” Heather smirked then folded her arms as she stared at Zane. He

couldn’t do anything to her as long as Kiara was here.
“Can someone please tell me what’s going on?” They all turned to Levi who had
a confused look on his face.
“Since Levi is here, why don’t we let him speak for himself for a change?” Kiara
furrowed her eyebrows as she turned to Zane.
‘What are you going to tell him? That there’s a scary monster out and about in
the country killing anyone in its path?’ She immediately mind linked Zane and he
tilted his head. Well that was the truth, what else did she expect him to say?
“Listen, Levi. I’m going to try saying things as slowly as I can so you can
understand me properly” Everyone rolled their eyes except Levi who still seemed
“Is something going on?”
“There’s a monster running loose in the country” Levi paused for a while, trying to
comprehend what he had just heard.
“I’m sorry, did you say a monster?” Zane sighed as he massaged his temples.
“Gosh, I’m losing brain cells talking to this guy” Kiara rolled her eyes then walked
towards Levi and grabbed his hand.
“I know you won’t believe it but there’s a monster on the loose, we were not the
only ones who saw it, can’t you see the way everyone around us is panicking?”
That was when he took in the scene in front of him. Even a news station’s van
had pulled up and was asking questions around. A monster? Monsters were
“Are you in danger?” That was the first thing he asked as he held onto Kiara’s
hand tightly. She was all that mattered to him.

Zane’s eyes trailed towards their interlocked fingers and without thinking, he
walked up to them and yanked Kiara’s hand out of Levi’s and pulled her closer to
“I’m here. She’s never going to be in danger with me around” Kiara was so taken
aback by his actions but when she regained her senses, she pushed Zane apart
and gave him glare.
“Now is not the time for you to be possessive, Zane. Listen Levi, this monster is
very strong and we are going to need Zane’s help to survive right now” Levi
frowned as he briefly glanced at Zane before turning back to Kiara.
“I have guards that can…”

“No, Levi, your guards can’t protect us against this monster. Zane has… he has
trained guards. They’re trained to fight off monsters like this and that’s why we’ll
be needing his help” Levi sighed as he massaged his temples. This was all
confusing to him.

He hadn’t even wrapped his head around the fact that there was a monster on
the loose now Zane had guards that were trained to fight monsters? How?
“So what are you trying to say?” He questioned as he stared into her eyes. She
bit her lower lip then let out a sigh.
“Will you be willing to stay in his mansion with Heather and I for a while?” Levi
frowned then glanced at Zane.
“In his mansion with him? Kiara you know…”
“I know, I know, it’s going to be awkward because of the situation we are in but
for now, it’s what we must do to survive. I know this is all confusing to you and I
wish I could explain further but I can’t. I just need you to trust me” Levi’s frown

deepened then he turned to Zane and when he saw the taunting look on Zane’s
face, his nose flared.
“I’m not sure he and I can survive in the same house” Zane smirked.
“I can but you won’t” Kiara groaned then turned to Zane.
“You’re not making this any easier” Zane rolled his eyes.
“Listen to me, I don’t care If he comes with us or not, I’ve made that super clear
and I don’t care if you hate me or hate the sight of me right now, Kiara because
no matter what you say, I’m dragging you over to my house because I need to
keep you safe” Levi frowned.
“Why do I have to go? If he can keep you safe then… then you can go with him”
She shook her head then grabbed onto his hand.

“I didn’t save you that day to leave you all by yourself especially when something
like this is running around in the country. Yes, I know you have thousands of
guards but they can do so little for you right now. You were there for Heather and
I from the first day we met you and It won’t sit right with both of us if we left you
all by yourself” Levi stared at her for a while.
“You… care about me?” She smiled.

“Did I ever say I didn’t?” A bright smile appeared on his face. It was so bright
that Zane wanted nothing more than to punch his face. He didn’t understand why
Kiara always seemed to care about others too much.
It didn’t bother him before because he knew she was his and his alone but now,
he wasn’t sure where he stood and with the way Kiara cared about Levi, he was
beginning to feel insecure.
Had she begun to have feelings for Levi?…

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