Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 91

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold Chapter 91
Everything felt like a breeze to Kiara. She had slept off as soon as her head hit
the pillow and the next morning when she woke up, she suddenly felt much
better. She guessed Levi was right, a change of environment was a good idea.
She was about to get out of bed when her phone rang. Her heart thumped in her
chest when she thought of the possibility of it being Zane but to her
disappointment, it wasn’t.

“Hey Heather” She muttered into the phone as soon as she picked up.
“Girl, I’ve been trying to call you for hours now. Are you just waking up?” Kiara
nodded but then she remembered Heather couldn’t see her.

“Yeah. Is there something you need?” Heather scoffed.
“Do I need something before I can call you now, Kiara?” Kiara rolled her eyes
then let out a sigh.
“You know that’s not what I meant,” Heather sighed.
“Well I just wanted to check up on you and make sure you were okay. So…
how’s the new place? Do you like it?” Kiara chuckled.
“I know that’s why you called me in the first place so I can talk about the house
“Well… I’ve never seen the place before and with the way Levi was describing it,
it sounded like it was beautiful” Kiara giggled.
“It is beautiful and it’s very spacious for just me and you. It’s a fully furnished
house with three bedrooms. Get this, all the rooms are ensuite” Heather
“Oh my that sounds so amazing! I can’t wait to start living there. That sounds like
our dream house” Kiara smiled.
“It really is. Is Levi there? I’d like to thank him. Yesterday, I didn’t get to thank
him properly because I was not in a good mood”
“He’s not around right now but he’ll come soon though because he didn’t want to
leave me here alone”
“Tell him I asked for him, okay?”
“Or you could just call him? I’m sure he’d appreciate that” Kiara bit her lower lip.
“Okay, I’ll think about it. Goodbye, I have to think about what I’ll eat now”

“Okay, goodbye my love and also, I’m taking the master bedroom” Kiara rolled
her eyes.
“Are you the one Levi is in love with or me?” Heather gasped playfully.
“You…” Kiara giggled as she ended the call then she glanced around and let out
a sigh. He did feel weird being alone here and not with Heather. He felt lonely.
She shook off the feeling and walked over to the kitchen, hoping that Levi had
bought some food stuff and he did. She couldn’t help but smile at how thoughtful
he was. The kitchen cabinets and fridge was full to the brim with food. She
wasn’t even sure her and Heather could eat this much.
Since she was tired, she decided to make a cheese toast which won’t take much
of her time. After some minutes, she was done and ate it within seconds
because she was so hungry.
After she was done, her eyes trailed towards her phone and a frown appeared
on her face. She was surprised that Zane didn’t call her not even once. She knew
he had other numbers so he could easily text her with that but he didn’t, why?
She shook off the thought and decided to go on a stroll to clear her head. That’s
why she was here in the first place, to think of the way forward but even after
going outside and walking in the cool breeze, Zane was on her mind every
second. She couldn’t help but wonder if he had given up on her and did she want
“Cancel the meeting, I have to go home” Levi muttered as he stood up from his
chair and arranged his suit.
“I’m sorry sir but they refused to leave” Levi paused then turned to the make
secretary he had recently hired.

“Excuse me?” Just then, his brother Sebastian walked into the office with a
dozen men in black behind him.
“Hello brother, it’s nice to see you again” Levi’s eyes and Aura immediately
turned cold.
“You can leave, Michael” His secretary nodded then immediately walked out of
the room, closing the door behind him.
“What’s with this surprised visit?” Levi’s questioned with not a single warmth in
his voice as usual making Sebastian chuckle.
“Now, why are you being so harsh with me, brother? I’m not father so you don’t
have to be so formal. Can I at least have a seat?” Levi sighed then sat down
back on his seat as Sebastian took a seat in front of him.
“I know you have come with bad news so don’t waste my time and just say it
out” Sebastian chuckled.
“Father wanted to come on his own but I didn’t want him hurting you so I came in
his place but you’re not being very nice to me brother” Levi groaned.
“Sebastian, non sono dell’umore giusto per questo, quindi parla(Sebastian, I’m
not in the mood for this so speak!)” Levi boomed and Sebastian’s eyes widened
slightly with fear but it was gone in a flash. Levi only spoke Italian when he was
very angry.
“Father said your time is running out and if you don’t keep the end of your deal,
Kiara will be harmed and just a word of advice, brother, she’s being watched by
his men and with just a single go signal, she’ll be dead” Levi clenched his fist.
“There’s a monster on the loose here, Sebastian. I know it sounds insane but it’s
the truth and that monster has to be caught before I do anything” Sebastian

furrowed his eyebrows.
“A monster? I don’t know what to say about that but if you don’t want the girl you
love getting hurt then find a way to let the men in” Levi frowned.
“He better not hurt her,” Sebastian smiled at his tone.
“He won’t as long as you do what he says” Levi sighed.
“Tell him I’ll get the men into Zane’s pack by the end of this week”…

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