Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 80

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 80
“I’m going to kill that boy” Zane muttered and was about to go after Liam but
Daniel held him back.
“Don’t, just let it go” Zane turned to him with a glare.
“Let it go? Did you hear the little fucker just said to me?” Daniel sighed as he
dragged his hand along his face.
“Can we forget about him for a while? I know you didn’t come all the way here
just because you heard us arguing” Zane closed his eyes as he inhaled deeply,

trying to calm down his anger.
“I got a call from Leo and there’s something we need to see by the border. I
didn’t want to get up but the tone of his voice was filled with fear and you know
Leo, the only thing that scares him is me and something utterly disastrous” Daniel
nodded slowly.
“Then we need to get there immediately” Zane nodded
“But first, I need to deal with Liam” He muttered and was about to run after Liam
but Daniel held him.
“You can do that later. I have a feeling this is more important than that” Zane
stared at Daniel for a while before letting out a sigh and nodding.
“Let’s go”
Kiara furrowed her eyebrows as Heather walked into the dining room with a
frown on her face.
“What happened? Did Liam say something to you?” Kiara questioned because
Heather had stepped out to receive a call from Liam earlier.
“I don’t want to talk about it” Heather muttered as she sat down on the chair
without sparing Kiara a glance which made her frown but before she could
question further, Levi walked into the dining room with a bright smile on his face.
“Good morning ladies, I’m sorry if I kept you waiting for long. I had to get ready
for work” Kiara turned to him with a smile but Heather just nodded at him.
“You look nice” Kiara complimented as he sat down making him chuckle.
“Well I have to dress nice now since there’s a certain someone I’d like to
impress” Kiara raised an eyebrow at him with a smile but before she could say

anything, Heather let out a groan.
“I know I’m in support of your relationship but can you both not flirt in front of
me?” Levi furrowed his eyebrows while Kiara frowned.
“Is something wrong? Did Liam say something to you? If he did, tell me and
“He didn’t say anything to me, Liam is sweet to me” Heather murmured then let
out a sigh.
“So it was Daniel then? What did he say?” Kiara questioned with her eyes filled
with curiosity.
“He said I’m Liam’s problem now, not his” Kiara and Levi both gasped at the
same time.
“Damn” Levi muttered while Kiara’s mouth laid agape then her shock suddenly
turned into anger. She banged her fist as she rose up from the chair.
“I’m going to make that bastard wish he had never been born” Kiara muttered
and was about to storm out of the room when Heather grabbed her.
“No Kiara, there’s no need for that” Levi scoffed as he stood up.
“Of course there’s a need. Why would he say something like that? Come on
Kiara, I’ll drive you over to him” Kiara nodded and was willing to go with Levi but
Heather stopped them.
“Could you both please just stop? Please? I don’t want this to turn into a bigger
situation. I knew he didn’t feel anything for me but I just didn’t think he saw me as
a problem. I’m glad I know now” She muttered then let go of Kiara’s hand as she
sat back down on the chair beside her.

Kiara pulled her chair towards Heather and sat down as well.
“Don’t speak like that, He’s just a jerk, nothing more. You’re not a problem to
anyone, right Levi?” He nodded.
“After Kiara, you’re the next person I adore” Kiara raised an eyebrow at his
words but smiled when she saw the little smile on Heather’s lips.
“Don’t stress yourself over it, he’s very unlucky to have lost someone like you,
Heather” Kiara murmured then wrapped her arms around her and hugged her
“I know what can make you feel better, Heather,” Levi said after a while. Heather
pulled away from the hug and furrowed her eyebrows at Levi.
“What?” He grinned.
“Shopping” Heather’s eyes immediately brightened as she squealed in her chair.
“You are serious? You’re taking us shopping?” Levi nodded.
“You can buy whatever you want without caring about the price, okay? This also
implies to you, Kiara. If you even want a new apartment then don’t be afraid to
ask for it” Heather opened her mouth to say something but Kiara quickly
“No worries, we can manage our old apartment” Heather frowned then she
grabbed Kiara’s hand with a pout.
“Please Kiara? Just let him buy us an apartment. Why would you want to stay in
that rickety old apartment anyway?” Kiara sighed.
“You know we don’t have money to pay him back right now and even if he says
he wants to give us for free, you know that I won’t let that happen. He has let us

stay in his home for long enough and I’d feel like I’m riding on his kindness” Levi
“How about this? I get you both the apartment then you’ll come work for me at
my company. I haven’t really had it decorated yet because no one else shared
the same mindset when it comes to what I wanted except you. I’ll get you the
apartment, the money I pay for your services, you can use from it to pay me
back, how does that sound?” Heather squealed as she grabbed onto Kiara’s
hand with wide eyes.
“Say yes, please say yes” Kiara sighed. It would be unrealistic for her to say no.
He was offering them a better place to stay and if they lived in a better
apartment, she could start her life over again with Heather from scratch.
“As long as you promise to tell me the real price the apartment cost” He grinned
then tilted his head to the side.
“Hmmm I’ll think about it”

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