Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 81

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 81
Zane grimaced while Daniel covered his nose and mouth as they took in the sight
in front of them.
“What the fuck happened here?” Zane questioned as he squatted down and tried
to find any clue on the bodies but that was impossible because the bodies had
Been torn and shredded into pieces.
“I have no idea, Alpha and I can’t even identify the bodies but I don’t think they
were killed by the same group of hunters tormenting wolves. This seems so much more bigger” Zane slowly straightened up and with a sigh before turning to
“Or whatever they have been trying to create has been created and it did this”
Daniel frowned.
“This isn’t good, this situation is getting out of hand and we need to do something
about it now” Zane nodded slowly.
“But first, I need to know how many bodies are in this pile and their gender
immediately,” Leo nodded.
“I’ll get right on it, Alpha” With that, Leo ran away leaving Zane and Daniel
together. They both stood there for a while, each of them with their own
“We have to search every nook and cranny of this Country, especially this city
because it’s here now and we can’t afford a killing spree” Daniel nodded.
“I’ll have some of the team searching the whole country while we’ll focus on here.
Whatever that monster is, it’s obvious something menacing and strong. I’ve
estimated that the amount of bodies here should be about five and it looked like
they weren’t even given a chance to fight” Zane turned to Daniel and grabbed him
by the shoulder.
“Relax, okay? We shouldn’t be thinking about how strong this creature might be
but about how we can catch and defeat it” Daniel took a deep breath then
“Okay” Zane was about to turn away when he heard Leo’s frantic voice in his

‘Mathew just mind linked me and he said the monster in the city and that many
other wolves and even humans have died but it seems to be going towards

something and practically kills anything that’s standing in it’s way’ Zane’s eyes
widened slightly then he turned to Daniel.
“Kiara, I have to protect her,” Daniel grabbed his hand before he could run away.
“What’s going on? Did Leo say something to you just now?” Zane nodded.
“The monster is in town and it’s killing any being that gets in his way. I have to
protect Kiara” Before Daniel could get the word out, Zane dashed away without
even turning back, making Daniel sigh.
“Kiara is always the first person on his mind” Daniel muttered as he ran after him
but he couldn’t help but worry about Heather too. He hoped she was okay.
Heather squealed then twirled as they stood in front of the mall.
“Oh how long has it been since I’ve been here? I miss this place” Levi chuckled.
“Well I hope you ladies can find your way around. I would have loved to stay but
I have work to do” Kiara turned to him with a smile.
“You have done more than enough for us, thank you” He grinned.
“After I’m done with work, we’ll go shopping for the apartment next, yeah?”
“Yes!” Heather screamed from behind them with bright eyes making them
“I’ll take my leave now but when you’re done, give me a call and I’ll be right here
to pick you both up, okay?” He murmured to them and they nodded. All of a
sudden, he leaned in and was about to place a kiss on Kiara’s cheek out of
impulse but she immediately took a step backwards as her cheeks turned pink.
“Erm…” He scratched the back of his neck awkwardly as he let out a nervous

“I’m sorry, I just got carried away with the moment” She smiled at him.
“It’s okay. See you later” He nodded then wrapped his arms around her in a
warm hug and she didn’t move away this time. After some seconds, he pulled
away with a bright smile on his face before he climbed into his car and drove off.
Heather whistled lowly as soon as he was gone.
“Is it just me or was I feeling some kind of tension between you two?” Kiara
rolled her eyes as she turned to her.
“There wasn’t any kind of tension, Heather. We are just friends and I’d like to
keep it that way” Heather sighed.
“Have you told him though that you just want to be friends with him?” Kiara shook
her head.
“I haven’t gotten the chance yet but I’d tell him tonight” Heather reached into her
bag and pulled out a black card before waving it in front of her Kiara’s face with
a bright smile on hers.
“See what he gave me! I’m about to become the most fashionable lady in the
country thanks to him. It’s a good thing you have two billionaire’s fighting over you
because I’d always benefit” As soon as Heather said that, Kiara’s mind trailed
towards Zane.
The feeling of loneliness seeped into her but she immediately pushed it away.
She wasn’t lonely, she had Heather by her side and that was more than enough.
“Let’s go in?” Heather questioned and was about to walk into the mall when they
heard people screaming not too far away from them.

“What is going on?” Heather questioned and without answering, Kiara walked
towards where the commotion was going on with Heather behind her and they
both gasped when they saw the creature before them. Was that supposed to be
a wolf?
It had some features of a wolf but the teeth and the large thorns coming out of
its body made it look like a whole different creature.
“Kiara, I think we should leave, now” Heather murmured as she grabbed onto
Kiara’s hand and began taking slow steps backwards.
Kiara nodded but before she could turn away, her eyes connected with the
monster and her breath hitched. She could have sworn she saw it smirk.
It was like the whole universe paused for a while but in a second, the creature
came running towards her with full speed and due to shock, she was fixated on
that spot with her wide eyes on the creature.
Just when it was about to claw at her, someone yanked her out of the way,
bringing her out of the trance she had been in.
“Kiara? Are you okay?” She looked up when she heard Zane’s gentle voice and
tears immediately filled her eyes. Her life had flashed before her eyes for a
second and that was when she realized she didn’t want to die, not yet.
She clung onto Zane tightly while he kissed away the tears falling Down her
”What…. What is that?” Before he could answer, they heard Daniel’s voice.
“It vanished, Zane. It’s gone” He furrowed his eyebrows then glanced down at
Kiara. Why did it suddenly disappear after attempting to attack her?
Had she been its target? Had it been coming to her?

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