Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 79

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 79
Daniel was walking past Liam’s room when he heard Heather’s name. He paused
then turned to the door with furrowed eyebrows.
“So I won’t be able to see you today?” Liam questioned.
“I have to be here for Kiara because she needs me. Besides, we are going back
to our old apartment. I don’t know why Kiara wants to leave this big mansion for
such a small apartment but I’d go anywhere for her” Daniel placed his ear on the
door and continued listening in on their conversation.

“Kiara has such a huge space in your heart, doesn’t she? I hope I’ll be able to
get a little space in your heart. Is there hope for me?” Daniel Frowned at Liam’s
words. Was something really going on between them?
“Keep trying and maybe I’ll create a space for you” Heather answered and Liam
“Okay, princess. Do you still want to talk for a while? I’ve got nothing to do”
“I have to eat breakfast. I’ll text you later?”
“Okay, goodbye princess” Daniel sighed but before he could walk away, Liam
called out his name.
“I know you’re there, Daniel. I can smell your scent” Daniel paused then turned to
the door. Seconds later, Liam opened up with furrowed eyebrows.
“Can I know why you were listening in on my conversation with Heather?” Daniel
“I don’t think I have to explain myself to you” Liam sighed.
“I don’t understand your new attitude with me. You have been shutting me down
and we hardly even spend time with each other anymore. Do you have a problem
with me? If you do, just say it” Daniel scoffed.
“And what makes you think I have a problem with you?” Liam shrugged.
“Because your behavior towards me has changed. Is this because of Heather?”
Daniel frowned.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Your attitude with me now all started when Heather was staying at the
warehouse with us. It’s because of her, isn’t it? You don’t like that I’m spending.

time with her?” Daniel scoffed.
“And why should I care who she chooses to spend her time with? Heather and I
have nothing together so she’s free to be with whoever the fuck she wants and I
could care less” Liam frowned.
“You don’t have to be so harsh you know?” Daniel snorted.
“Why won’t I be harsh when you keep assuming useless things? Do whatever the
fuck you want with her, at least she’s your problem now not mine” Daniel was
about to walk away when he heard Heather’s voice.
“Liam, you… you forgot to hang up” Daniel’s eyes widened as he abruptly turned
to the phone. Liam was just as shocked as he was.
“Oh I didn’t…. I didn’t know I’m sorry” Liam muttered and was about to cut the
call but Daniel grabbed the phone from his hand.
“Listen Heather, I didn’t mean it like that,I just…”
“Whatever you meant doesn’t concern me, Daniel. Sorry I was a problem to you”
Then she hung up leaving Daniel devastated. Gosh! Why couldn’t he control his
“I didn’t know the call was still on” Liam muttered drawing Daniel’s attention to
him. Daniel glared at him and without warning, he grabbed Liam by the neck and
pressed him against the wall.
“You did that on purpose, didn’t you?” Liam tried to pry his fingers off his neck.
“What do you think you’re doing, Daniel? Let go of me” Liam managed to say but
Daniel just tightened his fingers around his neck.

Admit that you did that on purpose. You wanted her to hear our conversation,
didn’t you?” Liam scoffed.
“How was I supposed to predict that you’d say something so stupid and hurtful?
You brought this upon yourself so stop trying to blame me and if you don’t care
about her, why are you behaving this way?” Daniel glared at him then raised his
fist and was about to punch him when Zane spoke.
“Stop that childish fight you both have going on” They both turned to his voice and
saw Zane walking down the hall dressed in black pants and a wine color button
down shirt that was only buttoned halfway through.
“I don’t care to know what’s going on between the both of you. You can do that
later when I’m not around” Zane interjected before Daniel could say anything.
Daniel glared at Liam one last time before letting him go. Liam coughed harshly
as he fell to the ground while Zane let out a sigh.
“I have to say I’ve never seen you and Daniel fight before, it’s always Daniel and
I. So what did Daniel do this time?” Daniel rolled his eyes.
“I thought you didn’t care about what was going on?” Zane smiled.
“I don’t but I’m in the mood for gossip” Daniel sighed.
“He’s mad because Heather finally got to see his true colors” Daniel glared at
“You know for a fact that I didn’t mean what I said” Liam scoffed.
“It doesn’t matter if you meant it or not, what matters is that she heard you and
I’m glad she did. Now she will finally get rid of those feelings she has for you”

Daniel was about to punch Liam but Zane grabbed his arm and stopped him.
“Daniel calm down and you, Liam, he’s your friend, why are you going for his
girl?” Liam scoffed then slowly stood up from the ground.
“His girl? He abandoned his girl claiming he had fallen out of love for her so why
is it a crime for me to go after her? I’ve always liked her, I liked her first and he
knew that but he still went after her. I’m not mad though because they were
mates but now that they’re not, I’m getting her back and if you don’t like that,
that’s your business not mine” Liam muttered making Daniel clenched his fist.
“Liam, you…” Zane began but Liam immediately shut him up.
“You are in no position to say anything, Zane because you’re just like him. You
both hurt the women you love and when another man tries to make them happy,
you throw a fit” Zane was taken aback by Liam’s outburst but before he could
say anything, Liam walked out on them.

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