Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 78

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 78
As soon as Kiara opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Heather staring
down at her eagerly.
“What do you want now, Heather? Are you trying to give me a heart attack?”
Heather grinned.
“How did the date go last night? Levi thought he was slick but I saw him carrying
you up to your last night but I just didn’t want to say anything” Kiara furrowed her
eyebrows then glanced around. She really was in her room.

“I didn’t even know when I fell asleep, I must have been too tired” Heather
suddenly frowned then grabbed onto Kiara’s face.
“What is it?” Kiara questioned with furrowed eyebrows.
“Did you cry last night? What did Zane do this time?” Heather questioned through
clenched teeth and Kiara sighed before pushing her hand away.
“It’s nothing, I was just reminded of Nikolas” Heather sighed as she sat down on
the bed.
“What happened?” Kiara sighed.
“Can we not talk about that? Just know that the date with Levi went well and I
enjoyed my time with him” Heather smiled.
“Even with Zane there?”
“He left shortly after” Heather’s eyes widened slightly.
“Really? I didn’t expect that. I thought he was going to breath down you and
Levi’s neck for the rest of the night. That explains why Levi was the one who
brought you home” Heather muttered and Kiara couldn’t help but sigh.
Just then, her phone dinged. She picked it up and was surprised to see about
five messages from Zane.
“You still have his number?” Kiara turned to Heather as soon as she asked that.
“I saved it last night after the message he sent me. We might not get back
together but must we be enemies?” Heather rolled her eyes.
“Can you hear yourself, Kiara? There’s no way you and Zane can just be friends
and if you don’t cut him off now, you’ll not be able to cut him off later. You know

what,give me your phone” Heather tried reaching out for the phone but Kiara
moved her hand away.
“Wait, let me read what he has to say first” Heather sighed.
“Please, let me just read it, okay?” Heather stared at her for a while then sighed
before nodding.
“Okay but after that, we’ll delete and block his number, okay?” Kiara nodded
slowly then sat up with the phone in hand. She took a deep breath before
opening his message.
‘Good morning, my love. I hope you slept well because I did’
‘My dreams were filled with you and I honestly never wanted to wake up
because of that. I miss you so much, my love’ She only noticed she was crying
when Heather wiped away her tears with her thumb.
She took a deep breath before Reading on.
‘I’m finding it so hard to get up from bed because there’s nothing I look forward
to anymore. I know I sound stupid since I was the one that pushed you away and
destroyed what we had and that guilt and regret is going to haunt me forever’
‘Just know that I love you and I’ll never stop begging you for a chance, a second
chance is all I ask for’
‘And please don’t delete or block my number. Even if you don’t reply to me, I’m
happy with the fact that you at least read my messages because I’ll never stop
sending them’ She sniffled after reading all his messages because she could feel
the emotions in them.

“Are you okay?” She turned to Heather and saw the sad look on her face. Kiara
shook her head.
“I’m not okay, Heather. Why is this happening to us? We used to be so happy.
We were so happy in Paris but then… everything fell apart so easily” Heather
immediately wrapped her arms around her with a sigh.
”Sometimes, things like this just happen for no reason” Kiara shook her head.
“I love him so much. Heather. You don’t understand how much it hurts” Heather
“I was abandoned by the man I loved too, Kiara. Yes it does hurt but all we have
to do is move on. Even if you decide to forgive Zane now, who’s to say he won’t
be manipulated again and turn on you? Don’t take chances with him, Kiara when
they’re thousands of men out there that would love to have you as theirs and
treat you like a queen,just the way you deserve. Yes, it’s hard to move on, I’ve
not totally moved on from Daniel but it’s a slow process and no one is rushing us.
I’m not going to interfere anymore because I can’t control your heart but until
Zane begins to trust you, your relationship with him can never work out” Kiara
cried on Heather’s shoulder for almost an hour. She was just overwhelmed by all
the emotions but one thing was for sure, she had to think of herself. What would
benefit her? What would make her happy?
Yes, Zane did make her happy and did make her feel like a queen…. Literally but
could he keep her feeling that way forever or was something else going to push
them away again?
After what felt like hours, Kiara pulled back from the hug, squeezed her phone in
her, then just like that, she deleted Zane’s number and blocked it so he could
never reach out to her again.

He had hurt her and ruined her life. As much as she loved him to death, she
needed to rearrange her life again before getting into a relationship. She wasn’t
going to lead Levi on as well because she knew she would never love him as
much as she loved Zane so why use him when he was a good person?
“Let’s start over, Heather. I’m done with relationships for now. I just want to get
back on my feet and do the one thing I love the most, interior designing” Heather
nodded slowly at her.
“If that’s what you want then I’ll always be here for you and I’ll always be with
you every step of the way” Kiara smiled. Heather would always be her pillar, a
pillar that could never be broken.

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