Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 77

Loving my Rejected Luna by Blossom Harold
Chapter 77
After what happened, Kiara wanted to go back home because she wasn’t in the
mood for anything at the moment but when she saw how eager Levi looked
waiting for her, she flashed him a smile and sat back down at the table.
“Are you okay?” He questioned with a soft voice and she nodded.
“I’m sorry I kept you waiting, I just…” Levi grabbed her hand.
“You don’t have to apologize because I understand. I’m just glad that you’re okay
now” She smiled at him then from the corner of her eye, she watched as Zane.

said something to the manager and then, he was gone.
She sighed slightly as a frown settled on her face. Had he given up and why was
she sad about it?
Just then,her phone dinged and when she glanced down at it, her heart raced as
she read the message.
“I’m never going to give up on you but the least I can do is give you space and
rectify my mistake. I know you’re mad and you have every right to be but even if
we are toxic for each other, it doesn’t matter because you’re my other half. We
were made for each other Kiara and the love we share was something I took for
granted in the past but not this time. If I have to fight for your heart then I will. I
love you and I’ll always love you” A small smile appeared at the side of her lips
but it was gone in a flash when she heard Levi’s voice.
“Is everything okay?” He questioned and she nodded with a smile.
“Everything will be okay. Shall we order? I’m starving” Levi nodded then called
the waiter over and they placed their order.
Kiara wasn’t surprised that she actually enjoyed her time with Levi. They talked
about anything and everything and he always found a way to make her laugh.
She always felt free in his presence and he was a lovely guy so why… why
couldn’t she forget about Zane and fall in love with Levi instead?
After they had their dinner, they drove back home and on the way, Kiara ended
up falling asleep.
Levi would sneakily glance at her with a smile on his face and as soon as they
got to the Villa, he ordered everyone to be quiet as he gently carried her out of
the car and up to her bedroom. He had given her the second biggest room in the

house and although she tried to refuse it at first, Hannah was very good with
He carried her into the room then gently placed her on the bed before taking off
her shoes and tucking her into the bed. When he was done, he let out a sigh as
he stood over her, watching her sleep.
He knew he probably looked like a lunatic staring at her but she was
breathtaking. The moon light fell on her face making her even more ethereal than
normal. He wanted her, God knew how much he wanted her to be his but there
was only one problem and that was Zane. He needed to get Zane out of the
He was never one to play dirty but for Kiara, he was going to use all the dirty
tricks in the book to win her heart.
He leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead.
“Sleep tight, Kiara. I love you” He murmured then straightened up before walking
out of the room. As soon as he was far away, he brought out his phone from his
pocket and with coldness in his eyes, he dialed a number.
“He’s back and now we can carry on with the plan but the only way I’ll do this is if
Kiara is spared” His skin immediately began to crawl when his father began to
“Are you giving me an ultimatum, son?” Levi bit his lower lip as he began to
tremble. He remembered what Kiara had told him when he had been in Paris and
a sudden wave of boldness surged through him.
“Yes, Father. If she’s harmed, the deal is off and I’ll reveal your whole plan to
Zane” His father went silent for a while.
“If you tell him, you’re going to lose the girl and your life. Do you want that?”

“No but I’d do anything to protect her and you know I could care less about my
life. Promise me that you’ll leave her out of your revenge plan and I’ll carry on
with your dirty work, okay?” His father laughed again but this time, it was not a
menacing laugh but an amused one.
“Okay, son” His father hung up and he let out a breath he hadn’t remembered
holding. He hoped he won’t regret going this later on and he hoped Kiara won’t
hate him for what he was about to do.
“Wake up, Zane” Daniel muttered as he walked into Zane’s room but Zane totally
ignored him and continued sleeping.
“Oh don’t act. I know you hardly got any shut eye last night. By the looks of it,
your plan to get Kiara back didn’t work”
“Shut up” Zane muttered then slowly opened his eyes to stare at Daniel.
“Any lead on Samantha?” Daniel shook his head.
“It’s almost like she disappeared off the face of the earth” Zane scoffed.
“That’s just an excuse for your incompetence. I want everyone that has been in
touch with her before she disappeared to be brought to
me Immediately. Bring her family also” Daniel furrowed his eyebrows.
“You still want to go after their parents? You’re already on thin ice with Kiara
“I didn’t ask for your opinion, Daniel. It’s an order so don’t dare question it” Daniel
sighed then bowed his head.
“On it, Alpha” Daniel turned around and was about to walk out of the room when
he paused and turned back to Zane.

“Are you okay though?” Zane nodded.
“Why won’t I be?” Daniel sighed.
“I know you’re used to bottling your emotions in you but I’m here, Liam is here so
if you want to talk or vent, we are always here” Zane stared at him for a while
but didn’t say anything before closing his eyes and going back to sleep. The only
place where he could be with Kiara without any troubles or past mistakes was in
his dreams and he never wanted to wake up

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