Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 8

Kiara glanced at herself in the mirror with a smile on her face. She had on a pair
of washed out jeans and a baby blue crop top. Since they were going to be
working, there was no use dressing too formally.
She decided to let her dark hair flow Down to her waist then she wore her white
and blue Nike converse then grabbed her small black purse before walking out of
the room.
“Good, you’re done. I made you some sandwiches with extra ham” Heather said
with a smile then pointed at the plate which made Kiara giggle.
“Thank you but I should really cut down on the meat” Heather rolled her eyes.

“We are wolves, I don’t think anyone is going to judge us for eating too much
meat,” Kiara nodded slowly.
“True” She brought out her phone and dialed the number Levi used to call her last
night but he wasn’t answering. She furrowed her eyebrows then shoved the full
sandwich in her mouth.
“Slow down, I’m not taking you to the hospital when you choke on that” Heather
scolded and Kiara rolled her eyes.
“Let’s go so we can get this over with” Heather ate the last bit of her sandwich
then grabbed her bag and they left.
After asking around for the new Company that had just opened up, Kiara and
Heather finally found Levi’s company.
As soon as the gateman saw them, he led them into the Reception and the
receptionist immediately took them to Levi.
“Wow, this Levi guy is really leaving his mark on me. If you don’t want him, I
might just take him” Heather mumbled as they got into the Elevator and Kiara
“You can have him if you want” The Receptionist led them towards an office and
as soon as she opened the door, Kiara froze when she saw Zane, Daniel and
Liam together with Levi.
Levi’s eyes widened slightly when he saw her and he stood up from his chair then
glared at his Secretary who was at the side.
“I thought I told you to call her and Cancel our meeting today?” His Secretary,
Marian but her lip then glanced at Zane.

“I asked her not to. I won’t stay long here so what’s the use?” Levi turned
towards Zane with a frown but Zane just flashed him a smile before turning to
“Nice to see you again, Miss Kiara” Kiara clenched her fist and gritted her teeth
as she stared at him. She knew he was doing this purposely and she was this
close to losing her shit with him.
“If you want to reschedule, I can have someone take you back home” Levi
Suggested. It didn’t take a dummy to know that something was going on
between Zane and Kiara, he could obviously feel the tension.
“Does my presence bother you that much or is it your guilty conscience? That’s if
you even have one” Zane muttered with a smile that didn’t reach his eyes as he
stared at her.
She glared at him then turned to Levi.
“I can’t do this, not today. I’ll take my leave and we can….”
“You’re staying, Kiara. You don’t need to go, just behave like I’m not here” Levi
turned to Zane.
“She’s here for me and I can reschedule with her if I want, Mr Black” Zane turned
to him with a raised eyebrow.
“Is that so? Be my guest then but if she leaves, our deal and business together is
over” Everyone gasped including Daniel and Liam who hadn’t seen that coming.
“Zane, what are you….”
“Your Choice, Mr Medici” Zane interjected Daniel’s sentence without breaking
eye contact with Levi. The tension was so heavy in the office that no one could
even move or say anything for a while.

“I’ll stay,” Kiara said after a while, then turned to smile at Levi.
“Don’t let me ruin your business with him. I’ll stay” Zane smiled triumphantly then
he turned to Levi who was yet to say anything.
Levi stared at Kiara and only when she nodded at him did he sigh then turn to
“Okay. If you’ll excuse me, I’ll show Kiara around for a while so she can think of
what to do while we have our meeting” Zane glared at Levi when he reached
over and grabbed Kiara’s hand. Couldn’t she even hide her affair from him for
crying out loud?
“As a matter of fact, if you must know, I have a very keen eye for designing
myself. Maybe I can suggest one or two things” Kiara scoffed before she could
stop herself. The Zane she knew could hardly even decorate a box.
“I’m sorry miss Kiara, is something the matter?” She glared at him but said
nothing. He was trying to get on her nerves. Only the moon goddess knew how
much she wanted to rip his black heart out of his chest.
“Zane, can I talk to you for a second?” Daniel muttered.
“No. I have interior designing to do and won’t have time for petty chats” Zane
uttered as he stood up from his chair and buttoned his suit. He knew Daniel
wanted to nag him and he wasn’t in the mood for that. Today, he was going to do
whatever he wanted. Plus, it was nice seeing Kiara so affected by his presence.
“Shall we get started?” Kiara glared at him then walked out of the office without
replying to him. Levi sighed then nodded at Zane before walking out of the office
with his Secretary behind him.

Heather Immediately stood in front of Zane before he could leave and glared at
“What the hell is your problem? Was kicking her out of the pack not enough, you
want to torture her now?” Heather harshly muttered but Zane just stared Down at
her coldly.
“No one is allowed to question my actions, especially an Omega wolf like you.
Do not test me and think you can talk to me the way you like because of Kiara.
You think kicking her out of the pack was bad enough? Well now, I’m going to
ruin her life and make her wish she thought twice before cheating on me”…

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