Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 9

Chapter nine
Heather clenched her fist at his words.
“But she didn’t even cheat on you and you….’ Heather’s eyes almost bulged out
of its socket when Zane grabbed her by the neck and slammed her against the
“Zane!” Daniel screamed then ran over to them and pushed Zane away from
Heather then grabbed Heather as she coughed.
“I saw the pictures, Damnit! So don’t you fucking give me that bullshit!” Zane
shouted with his red eyes blazing with anger. That was what hurt him the most,

the fact that Kiara acted like she hadn’t known what she had done but there was
evidence. What was the use of lying?
“Zane, calm down’ Daniel muttered as glared at Zane while patting Heather’s
back gently.
“Don’t fucking tell me to calm down. You all are to stay in here till I say
Otherwise and that is an order from your Alpha” Zane uttered in his Alpha Tone
and Although Heather had left the pack with Kiara, She wasn’t banished so Zane
was still her Alpha.
They all bowed their heads at him and Zane stormed out of the office Furiously.
As soon as he was gone, Heather pushed Daniel away then walked over to a
chair and sat down, totally ignoring Daniel and Liam.
“Well that was rough. What the heck is his problem?” Liam questioned with a
“He’s in denial and that’s why he’s acting up” Liam sighed then turned to Heather
with a smile before walking over to her and sitting in front of her.
“Hey, long time no see” Heather narrowed her eyes at him.
“And I wished we all never met again. Gosh, I should have just made us move
out of the fricking country then all this won’t have happened” Heather muttered
then ran her fingers through her hair.
“What about Daniel? You just left without a word? Didn’t you….”
‘That’s enough, Liam,” Daniel uttered with a stern look on his face.
“Daniel and I have no connection anymore, I rejected him before I left the pack”
Heather explained which made Liam frown. He turned to Daniel with a

questioning look. Why was he just learning of this?
“Can I know why? I thought you both were madly in love’
“Drop it, Liam,” Daniel muttered with a scowl on his face. Heather bit her lip.
“He was the one who fell out of love with me. I’m leaving, I don’t care what Zane
has to say” Heather muttered then stood up from her chair while Liam furrowed
his eyebrows at Daniel.
“Heather, wait…” Heather swatted away his hand before he could hold her then
she walked out of the office without looking back.
“What the? I’m so far behind on everything. When did you fall out of love with
her?” Daniel sighed as he kept staring at the door.

As they walked around the office, Zane kept rolling his eyes anytime Levi would
tell a joke and Kiara would laugh. It wasn’t even that funny, Jeez!
“Why don’t we check out the lounging area first? I really want it to be a Cozy
area for my staff and all. I want it to be welcoming, do you know what I mean?”
Kiara nodded, then kept glancing back. Where was heather? They were
supposed to do this together.
“Isn’t this place too small for a lounging area?” Zane questioned as he glanced
around the room they walked into.
Kiara rolled her eyes, “It’s a lounging Area, it doesn’t need to be big” Zane turned
to her with an amused smile.
“Really? That’s not the same thing you said when designing my Company’s
lounging Area, Kiara,” Levi’s eyes widened.

Oh that’s how you both know each other? You worked for him?” Levi
“No, I didn’t,’ Kiara muttered and Zane raised an eyebrow at her before letting
out a chuckle.
“She’s right, she didn’t work for me because she was my woman” Levi’s eyes
“What? Really?” Kiara shook her head.
“He’s delusional, I was nothing to him”
“You became nothing to me when you betrayed me, Kiara” Kiara sharply turned
to Zane then walked towards him.
“I’m not doing this with you. Two years, it took me two years to get over the
trauma you cost me and if your goal is to fucking make me angry then it’s
working and I’m this close to loosing it. Stop with your petty attitude and leave
me the fuck alone. You left me once and I’m sure it’s not that hard to do it again”
Zane stared down at her and before he could say anything else, Kiara moved
away from him then turned to Levi.
“I need to use the restroom,” Levi nodded, still processing everything he just
“Do you…. Do you want me to take you there?”
“No need, I’ll find it myself” After saying that, she walked away leaving Levi and
Zane alone.
They both stood in the silence, Levi not knowing what to say and Zane not
wanting to talk to him.

“I didn’t know you had some history with her’ Levi finally said and Ares turned to
him. 1
“Now that you know, will you leave her alone?” Levi furrowed his eyebrows.
“Why would I do that?”
“Because she still loves me and you’re just wasting your time. I’m trying to save
you from the trouble’ Levi raised an eyebrow then scoffed which made Zane
narrowed his eyes at him.
“From what I just saw, she doesn’t want anything to do with you so I don’t think
I’m the one that needs to back off’ Zane frowned then moved closer to Levi and
because of how tall he was, he towered over him. i
“I’m just going to warn you for the last time, break up with her and leave her
alone before she ends up betraying you too” Levi smiled slightly.
“I don’t mind. You were the past and I’m her present so refrain from butting into
my business with her, Mr Black” Levi muttered, not bothering to correct the fact
that Zane thought he was dating Kiara. Zane furrowed his eyebrows then
straightened up. This Levi was getting on his nerves.
“I’m going to find the men’s room,” Zane muttered.
‘Til go find Kiara” Zane paused in his tracks then turned towards him before
walking closer to Levi.
Levi folded his arm as he kept eye contact with Zane. Even though Zane was
intimidating, Levi could be intimidating when he wanted to be. He needed Zane’s
help for his Business to prosper and that’s the only reason he didn’t want to start
a fight with him.

“If you don’t want her to find out about you being a Mafia King then you better
stay out of my way because the minute she finds out, that’ll be the last time you
see her. Take this warning from someone that actually knows her best’…

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