Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 7

Zane didn’t know why he was nervous when he called her. He hadn’t expected
her to pick up because he knew she normally didn’t answer strange calls so
when she picked and heard her voice, he froze a little, forgetting everything he
wanted to say.
“Kiara” He breathed out because that was the only thing in his mind at that point,
She paused but then her cold voice came through.
“What do you want and why do you have my number?” He sighed then suddenly
got angry at himself. Why was he acting like love sick puppy when she obviously
didn’t give two fucks about and had already moved on?

“I wanted to warn you, Kiara” He heard her scoff and silence passed between
them before her voice came through again.
“You don’t have to warn me about anything, Sir. You said you never wanted to
see me again and I’d like to keep it that way, Goodnight” Before he could say
anything else, she hung up and he was sure she had already deleted his number
which made him frown.
In their situation, he shouldn’t even be the one calling her, she should be calling
him begging for his forgiveness.
Zane scoffed then threw his phone aside before letting out a sigh. What was
wrong with him? Why was he suddenly acting this way?
He stood up from his bed and walked towards the window and stared at the full
moon in the sky.
His mind suddenly wandered off to two years ago and his eyes hardened as he
remembered the pictures that had been given to him of her in bed with another
male wolf in his pack and kissing another. He knew her features and that had
been her, not a Photoshop.
He sighed then closed his blinds before going back to bed. He stared at his
phone for a while as if thinking, wishing she would call back but after some hours
past, he finally fell asleep.
After the strange call from Zane, Kiara’s mood was immediately dampened. She
sighed then deleted his number before leaving her room and walking up to the
Kitchen to make herself a little dinner.
She yawned as she rubbed away the sleep in her eyes and was about to reach
the cupboards when her phone rang.

She glanced at it and she saw it was another strange number, her nose flared
up. She picked it up and without waiting for the other person to speak, she
“Would you fucking leave me alone for goddess sake?!” She was about to hang
up when Levi’s voice came through.
“I don’t know if that was intended for me but it’s me, Levi. I’m sorry if I disturb
you” Kiara immediately calmed down then let out a sigh.
“I’m sorry, that wasn’t for you” She placed him on a loudspeaker just in time to
hear him chuckle, then placed the phone on the kitchen counter then began
making her dinner.
“Phew! That’s a relief, I almost thought you were angry at me for something”
Kiara chuckled lightly.
“And why would I be angry at you? You haven’t done anything to me…. Yet”
“And I don’t plan on doing anything to make you angry at me or even if I do end
up making you angry, I hope you’ll tell me so I can change” Kiara rolled her eyes.
“If anyone heard what you just said, they would think we were dating” Kiara
uttered which made Levi laugh.
“And would that be such a bad thing? I think if we really think of it, we make a
perfect fit” Kiara rolled her eyes.
“Get out of your imagination, Levi”
“Ouch, you wound me, my guardian angel. Anyway, I just wanted to check on
you. I didn’t like the state you seemed to be in when we went our separate
ways” Kiara smiled.

“Don’t worry, Levi. I’m doing much better now. I was just about to make myself
“Really? Can I come? I haven’t eaten anything and I would like to taste my
guardian angel’s food” Kiara rolled her eyes.
“Good bye, Levi. I want to eat now”
“Wait… Do you want me to pick you up tomorrow or can you find your way to my
company?” Kiara clicked her tongue.
“I’m sure I can find it, don’t worry about it”
“Okay, goodnight guardian an….” She hung up before he could complete his
sentence, then she laughed and shook her head before serving herself the
noodles she had just cooked, then she sat down and ate it quietly.
She was really excited for tomorrow because interior designing was her passion.
She had even been the one that Designed and Decorated the interior of Zane’s
She smiled slightly as she suddenly remembered how happy she was when he
had asked her to decorate the office then she suddenly shook her head to get rid
of the memory. Those were nothing but memories, memories she wished she
could get rid of.
Zane sat in his office, tapping his pen on the desk with a lot of thoughts running
through his head. After calling Kiara last night, he couldn’t sleep peacefully
without her popping up in one of his dreams.
Just then, Daniel walked in and closed the door behind him.

“Zane, Your secretary has been trying to tell you about your schedule today but
she said you haven’t bussed her in. Is something wrong?” Zane sighed then
glanced at Daniel.
“Where’s Liam?”
“He’s handling something right now and will be here soon,” Zane nodded slowly.
“Levi Medici, is he coming in today?” Daniel sighed.
“That’s what your secretary was trying to tell you. He rescheduled saying he
wanted to show the interior designer around his office” Zane’s ear immediately
shot up.
“Interior designer?” Daniel furrowed his eyebrows as he nodded.
“Yes” Zane clenched his fist as he tried to fight the urge to ignore it but it couldn’t
be a coincidence, could it?
Zane sighed as he stood up from his chair.
“Call Levi and tell him we’re coming to give his company a surprise visit and he’s
not allowed to say no because we are on our way”…..

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