Loving my Rejected Luna chapter 6

Levi awkwardly nodded his head at Zane then led Kiara out of the lounging area.
After they left, Daniel sighed as he turned to Zane who was still staring at the
“Why did you have to approach her like that? You could have been more gentle
“And why should I?” Zane interjected, his voice as cold as ice.
“That must have been one of the men she was sleeping with so why should I
speak to her gently?” With each word, Zane’s voice grew higher but he could
care less.

He clenched his fist as the image of her running toward Levi and throwing her
arms around him played over and over in his head. For goddess sake, why was
he so affected by that?!
He was about to storm out of the lounging area when Heather walked in. She
furrowed her eyebrows as she glanced around but when it landed on Zane, her
green eyes turned cold.
“Did you drive Kiara away because I swear to the moon goddess, I’ll beat your
ass till you go running back to your fucking pack!” Heather muttered threateningly
as she stalked towards him but Daniel immediately jumped in the way to stop her
from getting to Zane.
“He didn’t do anything to her, she left by herself” Heather yanked her arm out of
Daniel’s grip then threw one last glare at Zane before storming out of the room.
Daniel sighed as he massaged his temples then he turned to everyone staring at
“The show is over so why are you all still standing here?!” Daniel boomed and
they all immediately walked away and went about their duties. He turned to say
something to Zane but before he could get the words out, Zane walked past him
and out of the room without turning back which made Daniel sigh.
He had alerted Zane about Kiara’s appearance in the company hoping they could
talk and patch things up at least but he should have known better.
Zane resisted the urge to glance out his office window that overlooked the car
park but the urge was greater than his will power.
He walked over to the window and the minute he glanced down, he caught sight
of Kiara’s black hair that glittered in the sun. Gosh, she was still as breathtaking
as he remembered.

He instantly frowned when Levi came up behind her and grabbed her arm. His
heart did a little flip when Kiara pushed Levi away but Levi quickly grabbed her
face and leaned closer as if he was going to kiss.
Zane immediately turned away from the window then grabbed the nearest object
which happened to be a vase and threw it at his office door.
Daniel opened the door at that instance and swiftly moved his head to the side
as the vase flew past his head, missing him by a mere inch.
He let out a sigh as he closed the door behind him and turned to face a raging
“Why are you so angered?” Daniel questioned.
“I’m not angry, I’m just annoyed” Daniel tilted his head at him.
“And why are you annoyed? She’s not your wife, she’s not your Luna, she’s not
even your mate so why are you annoyed?” Zane glared at Daniel as he clenched
his fist so hard that it poked into his skin.
“Get the fuck out of my office, now!” Zane thundered which would make anyone
else run away without looking back but Daniel was used to this.
“I’ll tell you why you’re annoyed. It’s because you didn’t expect her to move on so
quickly. You believed she was a cheater so why are you angered by the fact that
she’s with someone….” Before Daniel could complete his sentence, Zane
Grabbed him by the neck and slammed on the wall so hard that it cracked a
“And so what? You want me to tell you how much it hurts to see her with
someone else, right? Shut your fucking mouth Daniel or I’ll make sure you never
speak again” Zane muttered warningly before letting go of Daniel’s neck and
moving away from him.

Daniel slumped down on the ground, coughing while Zane walked towards the
window and peered down. He clenched his jaws when he noticed they were no
longer there then turned to Daniel.
“Find out everything you can on Levi and find out where Kiara has been staying
and doing for the past two years” Daniel scoffed slightly which made Zane raise
an eyebrow at him.
“What?” Daniel shook his head at him.
“For a man who threw the woman he loved out of his pack, you sure do care a
lot about her” Zane glared at him.
”Do you really want to die by my hands today?” Daniel chuckled then stood up.
“I’ll be back with the information you need tonight” With that, Daniel walked out of
the office and Zane let out a sigh before resting his head on his fist.
The image of the anger and sadness in her face when she saw him flashed
through mind and he hated the way his heart clenched with pain. Why was he
feeling this way when he had been the one betrayed?
As Levi drove Kiara and Heather to his company, he couldn’t help but glance at
Kiara through the rear view mirror. Heather was comforting her but a frown was
still on her face.
“Are you sure you’re okay, Kiara? I can drive you home and we can go over the
interior designs tomorrow” Levi suggested which made Kiara sigh then she
“I’m sorry, I’m not just in the right frame of mind now” Levi immediately shook his

“Don’t be sorry, I just hate seeing that frown on your face so when you come visit
me tomorrow, you should be all smiles, okay?” Kiara flashed him a small smile
before leaning her body into Heather.
Levi parked in the same spot he had yesterday and Kiara and Heather
immediately got out after saying their goodbyes.
As soon as they got into their apartment, Kiara went to her room and closed the
door behind her. She just didn’t want to be around anyone and she knew Heather
would understand.
She laid down on her bed to rest for a little but by the time she woke up, it was
already night time. All the emotional stress must have made her extremely tired.
She yawned as she stretched and was about to get out of bed and make herself
dinner when her phone suddenly rang. She furrowed her eyebrows as she at the
unknown number popped up on the screen.
She glanced at the time on her phone and saw that it was already past seven.
Who could be calling her?
She answered the call then placed it against her ear.
“Hello?” She called out but got silence in return. She furrowed her eyebrows and
was about to hang up when a deep husky voice that she could recognize from a
mile away came from the other side.
“Kiara” She froze as her eyes widened. Zane?….

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